5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair

By | 27.03.2018

Follicles already weakened, so masks for strengthening of roots of hair will help. They share on purchased and house. The plant contains a keratin – construction material for the accelerated growth of hair.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair Each woman dreams of dense beautiful ringlets, but they are given not all by nature.

If parents have limp fine hair, you shouldn’t hope to change them at yourself.

No masks, vitamins and pricks will be able to change an unsuccessful set of chromosomes.

But it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to lower hands!

In most cases we can improve given us by nature.

Reasons of negative changes

Daily laying by the hair dryer and electronippers, metal hairpins and elastic bands, continuous coloring, a chemical wave, circulation in a frost and under the scorching sun without headdress, improper feeding – all this gradually weakens roots of hair.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair Hair become fragile, lifeless and weak, lose the volume and gloss.

Of course, there are factors which it is difficult to affect:

  • diseases of endocrine gland;
  • hormonal changes at pregnancy and a menopause;
  • skin diseases;
  • problems with a digestive tract;
  • reception of tablets;
  • stresses;
  • bad ecology.

That will bring benefit to a limp hair

Nevertheless it is necessary to fight for strengthening of hair in all available ways. First of all, you shouldn’t be fond of diets as protein which contains in meat and fish, and also iron and zinc is necessary for health of ringlets. It is necessary to add a healthy lifestyle to healthy nutrition:

  • to get enough sleep;
  • to play sports;
  • to avoid stresses;
  • to refuse addictions;
  • more often to happen in the fresh air.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair

In principle, before going deep into fight for healthy hair, it is desirable to descend in policlinic and to make tests. Time of a problem are connected with diseases, it is necessary to concentrate on treatment, but not on cosmetic actions.

Reception of vitamins, in case of the conclusion of a problem can help with their shortage, and simple refusal of hard hairdresses and influence of the hair dryer.

That else it is possible to make

But there is not enough refusal of harmful factors and acquisition of useful habits. Follicles already weakened, so masks for strengthening of roots of hair will help. They share on purchased and house.

Purchased masks are usually filled with various chemical components which have outer short-term effect at rather expensive price.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair House masks allow to save and saturate roots with useful natural substances.

Effective masks for strengthening of hair influence directly bulbs and blood vessels, inducing to grow new hair and strengthening the old.

Burning components for strengthening of roots of hair

So, what popular house masks for strengthening of hair to cite as an example. Good means for roots are mixes with cognac. It is known that cognac possesses vasodilating action at application inside.

But cognac should be applied to strengthening of bulbs of hair outwardly. When drawing on head skin drink strengthens microblood circulation, inflow of oxygen and the necessary substances that causes improvement of a state a follicle respectively increases.

When locks break and split, mix of the following structure is useful:

  • egg,
  • fresh juice of a lemon,
  • any cognac drink.

The mask requires exclusively crude yolk. Add a little cognac and a teaspoon of juice. Ingredients mix, apply on head skin. To wind with a package and a big towel or a cap for warming. Mix hold half an hour. As a result of a similar mask hair grow more considerably, and become more dense to the touch.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair The same vasodilating effect renders burning red pepper on roots.

The interesting strengthening mask for hair with pepper which permissibly to make: it is necessary to pour

  • the pepper tincture (tablespoon) bought in a drugstore
  • to add a castor oil teaspoon,
  • burdock oil.

To connect ingredients and accurately to apply on roots as liquids will spread. To wind with polyethylene and a towel. It is necessary to sustain the received structure 1 hour.

This way is urged to strengthen hair and to improve appearance. And pepper tincture will provoke the accelerated growth, having awakened the sleeping bulbs.

From a kitchen case

As one more ardent component strengthening blood circulation in vessels mustard acts. It not only improves blood supply, but also dries as in passing is engaged in adjustment of sebaceous glands.

In more detail about masks with mustard read:

The simple recipe will be an active growth factor of hair:

  1. to take mustard in the form of dry powder (2 tablespoons),
  2. to fill in with warm water (not boiled water),
  3. to add 2 tablespoons of oil of olives,
  4. 1 egg yolk,
  5. 2 teaspoons of sugar.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair

To connect, apply on locks, having stretched structure at all length, to cover them with polyethylene and a towel. To sustain no more than 20 minutes. In case of feeling of strong burning mustard should be washed away at once and further to reduce time of its stay on the head.

Attention! It is necessary to handle with mustard with care. The plant is capable to burn skin the head that will lead to dandruff and fragility of hair, not to mention irritation and reddening. Mustard doesn’t suit for sensitive head skin.

House plants for fortress a follicle

For strengthening of the weakened and injured hair masks on the basis of onions are considered as much safer and very effective way.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair The plant contains a keratin – construction material for the accelerated growth of hair.

The plant needs to be consumed in the following look: to clear a bulb, to wring out juice, to add burdock oil (1 tablespoon) and to apply on roots of hair.

Further to wind with a package the head and to place under a thick towel. It is necessary to go in this mix at least hour. When there is time, won’t damage to take a mask on the head longer. Unlike mustard onions won’t do harm. Then everything should be washed away with shampoo.

It is desirable to repeat procedure every other day for achievement of fast effect. Will surprisingly observe how new hair appear where they weren’t earlier.

Onions will give to hair an unpleasant smell which won’t manage to be killed shampoo, balm or oil. Fortunately, the smell is felt only on wet ringlets and finally disappears in a month after procedure cancellation.

You look about masks with onions:

If to pay attention to the window sill, it is possible to find on it a well of vitamins – an aloe plant belief. The pulp of a plant contains vitamins A, C and E which help to fight against fragility of hair. Also it contains allantonin which activates growth of new hair.

5 most effective house masks for strengthening of hair

At home it is convenient to use aloe juice. It is necessary to tear off the fleshiest leaf, to wash out it, to cut in half and to clear pulp of a film. Then the pulp is wrapped in a gauze and juice which can be used as a part of masks is wrung out.

Council! Juice of an aloe is most useful in the first some hours therefore it is necessary to use it quickly.

It is necessary to take juice of a lemon and aloe of belief in equal shares, then to warm up as much honey and to connect. Lotion for moistening and nutrition of locks which is held on the head by about 20 minutes turns out.

One more recipe of the strengthening mask with juice of an aloe contains in this video:

It is required to apply the strengthening masks to hair in house conditions regularly, it is desirable few times in a week. It is much better if application is long.

The weakened hair demand to themselves close attention therefore the best results can be reached if to be engaged in them within a year. And after achievement of result, for support of effect, it is necessary to arrange himself a prevention course.

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