The best masks for growth of hair

By | 27.03.2018

The best masks for density and growth of hair. There are no women who wouldn’t care of a condition of the hair: about their laying, an ideal hairstyle or a state of health. What professional mask for hair the best? How it is correct to wash hair?

There are no women who wouldn’t care of a condition of the hair: about their laying, an ideal hairstyle or a state of health. Especially as women can look for and find effective masks for growth of hair, to be exact, their compounding. They not only do hair beautiful, healthy and dense, and both strengthen them and give the chance to grow. The best masks for growth of hair

How it is correct to grow hair by means of masks?

The best recipes for fast creation of a magnificent and long head of hear are masks from natural ingredients which will be in each kitchen or in each refrigerator. But it is necessary to use them correctly:

  • To find out action of a product. That is, for rapid growth of ringlets to use in what there is a protein, and for density – vitamin A, B9 and copper. For strengthening it is necessary to choose components with the sufficient content of B8 vitamin, biotin and iron.
  • Masks need to be done regularly, about 2 times a week: only then hair will reach density, will become stronger and will get healthier.
  • To use both the means, simple on structure, and difficult.
  • Not to apply the mask head which contain pepper, onions or garlic as they can cause burning or irritation on the injured skin.

The girls who decided on such procedures need to know that it is possible to define “the” mask only by practical consideration. You shouldn’t ignore also that fact that at the initial stage of application of means for strengthening of hair weak filaments will start dropping out. In 10-15 days it will end, and ringlets will be incredibly dense.

Thick hair forever

Not to be engaged in long searches of wonderful compoundings, girls with any type of hair can make a simple mask. It will clear fat ringlets, will strengthen fragile and will be suitable for their fast restoration after coloring or use of means for laying. And, of course, this means can be used that who wants to achieve density of a head of hear.

The best masks for growth of hair

Universal house mask

  1. It is easy to make a mask: to mix in equal proportions (10 g or 1 teaspoon) lemon juice, honey, burdock oil and pepper brandy. If the last ingredient isn’t present, to it usual vodka with a pinch of chili powder will become alternative.
  2. Then to add a yolk of 1 egg. These most usual components need to be mixed and to apply with the massing movements on head skin and on all length of hair.
  3. The following stage – warming. Locks need to be wrapped up food wrap or to put on a hat for a shower, and then to wrap up with a towel. Such mask for density of hair needs to be held within 40-60 minutes.
  4. Universality of its use that means is applied and on dry ringlets, and on the locks painted by chemical compositions, and on the hair which are washed up by shampoo.
  5. To wash away a mask warm water, it is possible to use hair conditioner.

The best masks for growth of hair

The structure is considered one of the most effective decisions for express growth of ringlets. Responses of many girls – to that confirmation. They note that:

  • It is easy to make a mask in house conditions. On it no more than 30 minutes will leave;
  • The combination of components is picked up so that, besides stimulation of growth of ringlets, the mask could be used and for strengthening.
  • Pepper brandy or red pepper warm head skin, accelerate work of the blood vessels supplying hair follicles and epidermis with useful elements.
  • Lemon juice contains the iron strengthening hair, and also protecting them from fragility and loss. Vitamins C, B9 and others stop a hair loss and accelerate their growth. Lemon juice is also suitable for density of ringlets.
  • Properties of honey as antioxidant studied long ago girls who want to achieve density of a head of hear. Thanking amino acids, to minerals, cobalt, iron, copper and lead ringlets look magnificently.
  • In a yolk there are enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins of group B, and also vitamins A and With, biotin and minerals. This component is ideal for strengthening of ringlets and their rapid growth.

The best masks for growth of hair

In spite of the fact that this mask – the easiest in production, is also other means which can provide a smart and healthy head of hear.

For a thick hair house mask

That ringlets reached the necessary density, it is worth trying a mask on the basis of bread, kefir and henna. She not only will return to hair gloss and softness, and and will give them sufficient volume and will make obedient.

  1. It is necessary to mix 1 glass of kefir, a teaspoon of henna and two slices of black bread without crust.
  2. The structure has to be drawn about 5-10 minutes. During this time it is worth washing up the head and to dry hair.
  3. Evenly to distribute mix on all length of locks. To wind ringlets with food wrap and to wrap up with a towel.
  4. To sustain structure about 30 minutes and to wash away warm water to which apple cider vinegar – about one teaspoon on liquid liter is added.

The best masks for growth of hair

Both brunettes, and blondes can use this means for density of a head of hear. However, it is better for last to get colourless henna that hair didn’t change a shade.

For growth of a head of hear house mask

That ringlets grew, by leaps and bounds, this ingredient and needs to be applied. Usual baking yeast not only will be suitable for creation of long ringlets, and and for their fast restoration and food.

  1. To mix 50 g or 5 tablespoons of dry yeast in kefir or warm water to a sour cream consistence.
  2. Mix has to begin to ferment is an indispensable condition of use of yeast. During this time it needs to be disturbed for prevention of the lumps preventing to comb hair.
  3. Before use of means for growth and density of a head of hear it needs to be washed up and to dry a little.
  4. It is best of all to put a mask in some stages. First – on skin the head, coating each its site with fingers. Further – on all length of locks, having carefully distributed a hairbrush. All movements have to be massing.
  5. The thermal effect is necessary for a barmy mask for bigger density and the most rapid growth. That is, hair are wrapped up with polyethylene and a dense towel.
  6. Means is maintained on a head of hear about 20-40 minutes, and then washed away by warm water with a lemon. If necessary shampoo is used.

The best masks for growth of hair

Girls should know that it is necessary to use a barmy mask once a week for two months. At individual intolerance of yeast you shouldn’t apply means.

All masks made in house conditions – unique means for density of ringlets, stimulations of their growth and prevention of fragility. They include only natural ingredients, and simplicity of preparation will be pleasant to girls who want to grow or strengthen hair quickly.

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