Cocoa hair color: options of shades

By | 11.05.2018

Possible shades: ashy cocoa, cocoa with ice and cocoa with milk. A cocoa hair color with milk. Most successfully they will decorate the owner of blue, blue, black eyes, and also snow-white skin.

The palette of brown shades is very great: chestnut, coffee, chocolate colors… And still there is a cocoa hair color. Than it differs? Not catchiness, and at the same time nobility, universality (will approach both the schoolgirl, and the lady is more senior).

Hair color of cocoa and possible shades

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
It meets both in cold, and in warm scale. And often everything depends not on paint type, and on depth of painting of hair, concrete option of a miksovaniye of flowers.

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
On each woman color of cocoa will look in a new way.

It can be seen in glossy star fotossesiya more than once. If too you want to look as a star, don’t choose color of paint simply according to the pleasant picture, and estimate a combination to your tsvetotip.

Warm shades of a hair color of cocoa

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
Best of all suit owners green (with brown notes), light-or golden-brown eyes, swarty, peach or ruddy (with a pink shade) skin.

If you have blue, gray or light green eyes, cocoa can not only not decorate, but also spoil your image. We will tell, will visually add some years, and appearance will make tired, exhausted.

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
Don’t forget: cocoa warm colors also on the girl’s hair with deep-brown (almost black) eyes, and also “paper”, snow-white skin will unsuccessfully lay down. Because in a palette of these flowers — copper, reddish or gold “threads”, such paint will create an imbalance in appearance so to the forefront there will be not shining eyes, and small problems of skin (wrinkles, heat-spots). And “mane” will begin to remind a wig that at the height of fashion on all natural will begin to look at all blasphemously.

Cold shades of cocoa

Thanks to grayish and nacreous “threads”, these tone look very deeply, is thin and is elegant. Possible shades: ashy cocoa, cocoa with ice and cocoa with milk.

Cocoa hair color with milk

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
Most successfully they will decorate the owner of blue, blue, black eyes, and also snow-white skin. In combination with similar beauty hair of color of cocoa look especially elegantly and aristocratically.

Cocoa with ice

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
The most popular shade from this palette is considered cocoa with ice. If your eyes blue or blue, and skin typical and winter, snow-white and marble, it is created for you.

How to choose a hair-dye of color of cocoa

Cocoa hair color: options of shades
It is a little simple to buy the necessary box. That paint was shown as you conceived, depends on a set of factors — including on a basic hair color, that is a shade of locks on which you will apply paint.

Blond or light brown. The simplest way for coloring. On these hair of cocoa lays down with a reddish or dark red modulation. Considerably, brightly and not troublesome!

Black, very dark locks. Unfortunately, on them this paint won’t undertake. What to do? The exit is: they can be lightened on 2 tones.

How to dye a hair in color of cocoa

Masters have secrets. We will tell, they impose on locks not one, and at once some half tones of cocoa. Of course, if in your hands the only box from shop, at you doesn’t turn out to make so. But if to use only monocolour, the result can turn out non-uniform or parikoobrazny.

There is no exact proportion which will suit each woman — in each separate case there will be to a place a certain byyuti-experiment. Someone needs more paint, someone has less, for someone it is worth mixing 5 shades, and for someone also two will be enough.

That the image turned out more nice, don’t paint all head of hear in color of cocoa — be limited to a melirovka, balayazhy or an ombra.

If you don’t like purchased ammoniac paints, buy a basma and henna. They can be mixed with ground coffee or the same cocoa. These means too won’t bad tint hair, besides, not only won’t overdry, but also will treat them.

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