Whether it is possible to dye hair paint after henna?

By | 03.04.2018

Whether it is possible to dye hair paint after henna? Such question excites all who uses such natural substance for strengthening of hair. In this article we will tell, whether stirs highlighting to drawing structure from henna and through how many to dye hair after.

Whether it is possible to dye hair paint after henna?

Beautiful well-groomed ringlets long since were considered as female wealth. Change of a hair color — is one of the fastest ways to make cardinal changes to the appearance. For change of a shade and tone of locks there are many various ways, for example, use of the tinting shampoos or masks, application usual permanent or the bezammiachnykh of paints. Among the young ladies wishing to give to the hair a fiery shade henna enjoys popularity. But there is nothing constant in this world, especially if it is about appearance of the woman. Therefore there can soon be a dilemma: Whether “It is possible to dye hair paint after henna? Let’s understand how to get rid of copper tone, result of putting henna and how to make it most without serious consequences, without having caused damage to ringlets and without having received undesirable result from coloring.

Why it is impossible at once?

Any specialist in hair or the hairdresser will tell you, it is impossible to chtokrasit hair paint after henna at once, differently it is possible to gain unexpected and not palatable effect of which it will be very difficult to get rid. Henna is made from a certain plant — henna leaflets. In spite of the fact that dyes of orange color are a part of this preparation for coloring, powder most of all reminds a marsh shade. Orange dye is released at contact with liquid, for example, by the acidified water (some beauties part it with kefir).

After coloring by henna its active ingredients-dyes get deeply into structure of a hair, reuniting with a keratin. Therefore bright juicy color which differs in high resistance turns out.

It isn’t recommended to use at once other dyes as a part of which there is an ammonia. Ammonia — this quite aggressive substance which at once comes into active contact with natural dye of a henna. As a result it is possible to gain very unexpected effect which won’t please you.

Here some such examples:

  1. At clarification or use of other dyes of light tones the violet or marsh shade of locks turns out.

  2. Putting paint of red color can give to a head of hear greenish outflow.

  3. Coloring in black color can lead to that the shade can lay down spots, and hair at a sunlight will have dark brown tone.

Almost always sharp change of a shade of locks, can cause non-uniform tone, locks will turn out multi-colored and to paint over, or it will be quite difficult to correct such effect. Therefore specialists in care of hair insistently advise to wait some time before carrying out procedure of highlighting, coloring or clarification.

To soften pronounced red color after putting henna, it is possible to use tonic or ottenochny balm. These cosmetic products will allow to smooth a little tone and to clean a redness.

But it is worth being extremely accurate and circumspect not to cause irreparable injury to hair. It is better not to risk and wait some time when saturated color a little grows dull.

Through how many to paint?

There are two opinions:

  • One experts consider that it is impossible to use other dyes till that time until hair completely grow, and the part of the locks painted by a henna won’t be cut off.

  • Other experts aren’t so categorical and allow implementation of painting to a full sostriganiye of hair which were painted by henna. But they insist on that, chtodolzhno to pass certain time, at least 2 months from the moment of use of means with a henna. Otherwise other color simply won’t undertake, and the received result will disappoint you.

The important role is played by your type of hair:

  1. Henna most long keeps on smooth, thin locks and with great difficulty from them is washed away.
  2. Fair and fair hair is very strongly subject to influence of a henna. Therefore after use of henna it will be very difficult to be recoloured in the blonde at once. Instead of clarification it is possible to receive a green, marsh or violet color.
  3. It is simplest to clean consequences of influence of a henna to brown-haired women and red-haired young ladies.
  4. Most quicker such shade is washed away from a curly-headed head of hear. If your locks curl and differ in high porosity, means to you it will be easiest to get rid of a reddish shade.
  5. The blondes and light-haired girls with a long straight hair differing in average density will return most long the usual color of locks. Therefore they should weigh seriously the decision on use of natural dyes.
  6. It is worth being ready to that not each hairdresser will decide to carry out coloring procedure, to clarify or streak locks after use of henna. We recommend to you to get rid gradually of brown and red tone, carrying out so-called procedure of decolouration, and over time you receive a desirable shade.

How to make houses a remover for henna?

There is a large number of national methods which will help to clean a redness. It is worth being ready to what completely to get rid of the painting pigment it won’t turn out. Depending on type of hair it is possible to use one of the following masks:

  • For the locks differing in fat content, you put the sparing masochka which main ingredients are curative clay and kefir or curdled milk. Clay needs to be diluted with dairy product before formation of a kasheobrazny consistence. It is necessary to take such means within 15-20 minutes.

How to make a masochka on kefir you look in the following video:

  • Means which part the chicken yolk and cognac is perfectly will be suitable for normal type. Take 1 egg which yolk mix from one fourth glasses of cognac. Carefully mix everything and apply on ringlets on all length. It is necessary to sustain such mask for 15-20 minutes.

Useful information about a mask, on the basis of a yolk and cognac, it is possible to learn from the following video:

  • It is better for the young ladies possessing dry locks to apply masochka which part various oils are. It is necessary to hold on hair such means for an appreciable length of time, about 2-3 hours. Oils are more slowly absorbed, than other ingredients. Before application of an oil mask the head needs to be washed hot water or to wipe locks alcohol. Such preliminary procedure needs to be carried out in order that hair scales “revealed” and the medical preparation got deeply into structure of each hair.

Recipes of various masks, on the basis of oils, it is possible to look in the following video:

Warm up one of the following oils on a water bath:

  • the olive;

  • the burdock;

  • kastorovy.

They not only will help to get rid of effect of henna, but also will carry out medical influence. As additional ingredients it is possible to add to such masks:

It is worth being ready to that all these masks need to be worn throughout a long time.

If you don’t want to wait so long, then ringlets can add beautiful dark tone, using natural svezhesmoloty coffee and henna. These components need to be taken in the ratio 2: 1.

As effective recipes which proved as fine result, allocate the next ways of disposal of action of a henna:

  • Rinsing of hair in a sour water. Dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar (9%) in 1 liter of warm water. All components it is necessary to mix and pour properly the formed mix in a bowl or other capacity into which you can dip the hair. It is necessary to take locks in such sour liquid within 10 minutes, and then to rinse, using usual shampoo. If to perform this operation 3 times a week, after 3 sessions you will notice considerable result — the fiery color will gradually pass and become less expressed. It should be noted that along with high effectiveness this way very strongly dries an integument of the head and locks. Therefore after this procedure surely it is necessary to use the special moistening and nutritious masks or balms.
  • Use of a kefiric and barmy mask. It is necessary to dissolve 40 grams of yeast in 1 glass of slightly warmed up kefir. Apply usual natural yeast, but not powder analogs to these purposes. It is necessary to stir very carefully all ingredients and to apply the formed mix on all length of hair. Take means on locks within 2 hours, and then rinse under flowing water. This mask differs in the sparing effect therefore at desire it can be put every day without negative influence on structure of hair.
  • Application of a laundry soap. Alkali which is capable “to open” hair scales is a part of such means. To clean consequences of use of dyes with a henna, you should wash the head with a laundry soap instead of habitual shampoo. After use of such means for washing of the head, ringlets can become very dry therefore surely you put a nutritious mask. In a month after the beginning of the use, you will be able to recolour ringlets in a desirable shade.
  • Will help to clean bright orange color also perekisshy sour cream. Apply such means on locks. After 1 hour it needs to be washed away warm water. After such procedure you will gain more reserved tone.
  • Fast way on henna washing off — use of alcohol. For these purposes you will need 70% medical alcohol. Wet a sponge in this liquid and you will carry out a wet sponge on the ringlets. Take alcohol on locks for 5 minutes, then impose natural oil. Put on a head a hat for a bathtub or a polyethylene bag and wrap up a warm towel round the head. Leave such mix for 40 minutes. After time you propolosnit a head of hear with use of shampoo for fat ringlets. This operation can be carried out repeatedly several times, and you will forever get rid of a color henna. The main lack of this means — it very strongly dries ringlets therefore with it extremely careful owner of dry type of hair should be.

Useful recommendations

The most important task to get rid of coloring by henna – to wash up the painting pigment. For these purposes use of shampoos of deep clarification is recommended. After you washed the head, it is necessary to rinse a head of hear with weak water solution which structure included apple cider vinegar, or a nettle decoction.

You shouldn’t delay process of washing off of henna. Even after the first month which passed since that moment as you painted ringlets, dye is so strongly absorbed in each hair what to get rid of it very difficult.

It should be noted that during removal of consequences of use of henna, you can overdry the ringlets. That they didn’t become dim and fragile, special leaving is required. For this purpose it is necessary to put regularly nutritious or moistening means, for example, masks or balms.

Before giving preference to some one means on reduction of a shade of a henna, it is necessary to carry out the simple test on an imperceptible site of hair. For example, it is possible to apply means on occipital part of the head. Impose means and wait certain time. Estimate the gained effect. If it satisfies you, and color became less saturated, then it is possible to apply this means on all ringlets. If the result didn’t satisfy you, and it is necessary to be recoloured urgently, then use other recipe.

Removers can increase chance only natural products which are better for getting in the market. Remember that after carrying out various operations on a washing of henna, it is necessary to look after your locks even more. To return them the former force, gloss and shine, it is better to use professional cosmetics.

Remember that it is better to wait some time before clarifying, recolouring or doing the Venetian highlighting not to gain undesirable effect.


The girls seeking to change a hair color after henna use leave various responses. Someone in a pursuit of fast result received a head of hear of a green or violet shade.

More patient young ladies methodically applied various ways of a remover and gradually got rid of negative influence of a henna. The girls differing in high endurance waited when their locks completely grow and only after that started coloring by permanent paints.

It is possible to dye hair paint after henna, the main thing – not to do it at once after use of a henna, and also to follow simple recipes on removal of this substance.

Professional advice on hair-dyeing after henna use – in the following video: