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To whom a red hair color to the person, its advantages

The red hair color possesses special attractiveness. Absolutely not incidentally several centuries ago it called magical: happy owners of this rare shade of hair are so attractive and are allocated in crowd that it seems magic.   The red hair color possesses special attractiveness. Absolutely not incidentally several centuries ago it called magical: happy owners… Read More »

Hair color for green eyes: what shade approaches best of all (red, chocolate, caramel, wheat, light, fair-haired, honey, chestnut and others), a photo

Emerald, olive, marsh combine modulations gray, brown, blue. Choosing a hair color for green eyes, it should be taken into account a set of factors. The structure of ringlets matters natural tipo de color, and also. In the Middle Ages of owners of green eyes considered as witches, healers. Allocated with special magnetism, they and… Read More »

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

The statistics on the basis of polls of men gives detailed answers. All parameters, including a hair color, an eye, nails, growth, growth, breast volume, the sizes of hips, feet, the description were considered. To the account that are pleasant to guys of the blonde more, than brunettes it agrees completely.   Each girl, since… Read More »

Hair color for blue eyes

From an intensive and cold blond to chestnut-colored, going to the black – what color resembles to you, easy to find out. Dark hair for the blue-eyed. If you wish to become a brunette, and you reflect on what color approaches to your cold, as. Blue eyes – one of the brightest features of the… Read More »

Hair color for brown-green eyes of a photo

If you have brown-green eyes, what hair color will approach? Winter to Kara – green? now I think it will be painted over in cognac color? Black there are no I fade, go natural and light but not the blonde. Ideal hair color for green eyes and light skin: photo of stars Gentle merge of… Read More »

100 councils — how to choose a hair color?

What hair color to choose? This question rises before each woman, sometimes – nearly every month, sometimes – at least once in half a year. To choose very light, almost white hair – a courageous step because such color will emphasize the slightest lack of skin. And to feel like unsurpassed beauties, we need to… Read More »

In what color to dye a hair of dark, red color

What color to paint the nutbrown, dark, red, decoloured hair. And here what paint to dye the decoloured hair and it will be how good to look such color on hair, it is possible to see on a photo in article. Girls adore changing the appearance, to experiment, look for the most suitable and stylish… Read More »

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Stylists claim that the fashionable hair color in a season 2017-2018 has to be fall-winter non-standard, as tendencies in coloring. A combination of basic and contrast colors – the best decision. At the height of fashion — rubio, fair-haired, ashy, red, dark. The beautiful hairdress and hair color are defining in any image. Well-groomed and… Read More »

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

Our article will help owners of brown eyes to learn, than they should be guided at a choice of new color for the head of hear. How by means of a shade of hair to emphasize successful lines of the appearance? Coloring of hair – business responsible. After all it is so simple to be… Read More »