Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

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Our article will help owners of brown eyes to learn, than they should be guided at a choice of new color for the head of hear. How by means of a shade of hair to emphasize successful lines of the appearance?

Coloring of hair – business responsible. After all it is so simple to be mistaken with a shade and instead of a fresh successful image to receive something inharmonious and absolutely unattractive! Our article will help owners of brown eyes to learn, than they should be guided at a choice of new color for the head of hear.

How by means of a shade of hair to emphasize successful lines of the appearance? What thus tone of skin matters? And, the most important how not to “go too far” and to make the new image unnatural? Slightly below we will answer these and other important questions.

Color of eyes and its communication with appearance type

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

By means of a shade of hair it is possible to emphasize depth of eyes

So widespread brown shade of an eye raduzhka is one of the main signs of “summer” type of appearance. In the theory it means that to the temnooky girl any soft colors from a so-called “warm” palette will go.

However in practice it becomes clear that if the lady at a choice of a shade of hair won’t consider the tone of own skin received after coloring result it can appear full bad taste. It isn’t less important to consider also a shade of the raduzhka. After all brown eyes happen such different! From dark, almost black, to dorado the copper …

To believe that to girls with such different basic data the same hair color would go, at least, would be naive. So, how not to be mistaken in a result with a choice? The answer is obvious: objectively to estimate the natural data!

For owners of very light skin

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

Brown-eyed blondes look effectively

Brown-eyed owners of white, “porcelain” skin by nature are, as a rule, allocated with slightly reddish hair color. And this fact needs to be considered before the future coloring.

After all on hair with a red pigment many (even very expensive) dyes behave is unpredictable. First of all you should solve: and whether such risk is justified?

If, having analysed a situation, all of you are solved on coloring, before you there will be the following question: and which color of a head of hear it is better to choose? The answer is simple: be guided by a shade of a raduzhka of the eyes! So, if you the happy owner of eyes of light amber or golden color, try to experiment with warm and bright, “solar” flowers.

Red (up to copper), the caramel, easy golden … Each of these flowers can become an ideal choice for you! If your eyes have more dark tone, try to find “” among other shades. Try to consider such options as color of milk chocolate, hazelnut or similar to them. However be careful.

Don’t forget that some shades will harmoniously not be combined with your type of appearance, and therefore coloring in them for you under a ban. For you treat category of the “tabooed” flowers:

For hot "dark-complexioned girls"

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

To pick up a hair color under brown eyes rather simply

Usually burning brunettes get smart dark skin color as “bonus”. Color of eyes at such ladies, as a rule, the almost black. Generally thanks to this line of the dark-complexioned girl in itself look very brightly and don’t need any courageous experiments with appearance.

Extreme coloring of hair (including – radical decolouration) along with bright dresses and an expressional make-up for such ladies – a terrible taboo. After all all above-mentioned won’t decorate the dark-complexioned girl at all, and, on the contrary, will make her image vulgar. So, sharp changes in appearance are forbidden such girls. But what remains to them?

Any color from a palette of chocolate or chestnut shades will become a good choice for dark-complexioned beauties. Both won’t spoil a final image at all and will look extremely naturally. For lovers of more unusual stylistic decisions there is a toning.

Separate locks of subtle shades (honey, caramel or even reddish) will refresh a hairdress and will help her owner to look, at least, originally.

Decolouration of hair – whether bad taste?

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

Brunettes in most cases — brown-eyed

We already mentioned above that the blonde head of hear at owners of brown eyes usually looks extremely unnaturally. However whether it means, what decolouration of hair for the temnookikh of beauties – a taboo? By no means not!

The most important – not to forget about the main restriction which imposes on brown-eyed ladies them tipo de color. Namely – about a strict ban on use of any shades from a “cold” palette. Too decoloured head of hear, certainly, will look tastelessly and artificially, it is similar to a wig.

And here warm and soft, it is possible to tell “solar” shades of a blond (sand, light brown and to that similar) in combination with brown eyes will already quite descend for beautiful exotic. However, not less originally also temnooky ladies with completely bleached head of hear will also stylishly look. The truth here to achieve such rare hair color (and furthermore, to support it) rather difficult.

On regular procedures for decolouration and toning the lot of time and at all not less money leaves simply. Therefore if you aren’t ready to similar expenses, to be the blonde — it simply not for you.

And anyway, full coloring in rubio is always very serious step. Decolouration is capable to do much harm seriously to hair so care of a head of hear too costs then a pretty penny. Also go light tone of not everyone.

So before irrevocably deciding on transformation into the blonde, try on a wig of the corresponding color. This simple procedure will help you to be convinced finally of correctness (or, on the contrary, a full inaccuracy) the decision.

Less radical measures for coloring

Hair color under brown eyes: we select together

“Chocolate” hair — under color of eyes

You can’t decide on full decolouration of hair, and to feel the real blond beauty, nevertheless, there is a wish? At your service – modern technicians of partial coloring, such as highlighting and an ombra.

And if about the first, that is about decolouration of separate locks, all for certain heard, on the description of the second, nowadays being, without exaggeration, a season hit, it is necessary to stop a little more in detail.

Ombre is the new fashionable trend which came to us from the West. This equipment means coloring only of one tips of hair. The effect arising thus visually bears a strong resemblance to the roots of a head of hear which grew after full decolouration. If clarification is made on only some tones, locks look so as if simply strongly burned out on the sun. The similar option is simply ideal for those ladies that naturalnesses prefer to adhere, at creation of the image.

Anyway, advantages of such decision as to an ombra are obvious. First, at such type of decolouration the head of hear not so strongly is exposed to harmful effects of dyes. And secondly, an ombra goes practically everything, regardless of an initial hair color, a shade of a raduzhka of eyes and lines of appearance in general.

By the way, the equipment to an ombra not necessarily means full decolouration of tips of hair. So, dark locks can be clarified, literally, on couple of tones, having achieved warm caramel color. Also use of unusual bright flowers is admissible. So, dark-eyed brunettes perfectly look with an ombra of saturated red color. Excellent option for those who got used to look brightly and originally!

How to pick up a hair color? Councils of the stylist in the video record:

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