Selection of color of eyebrows for itself

By | 12.05.2018

Fair hair. What color of eyebrows will suit you if you have a fair-haired hair color? For fair-haired to pick up color of eyebrows quite simply. For swarty girls it is possible to advise the colors of a chestnut sated tone. Black it isn’t recommended to choose tone, they on a body at.

Selection of color of eyebrows for itself

That do eyebrows for appearance of the woman, they frame a face and give to an image charm and completeness. At the wrong choice of color scale, the image which is thought over to trifles spoils even. To pick up correctly color of eyebrows — it is the most important task defining in general success of an image. What color of eyebrows will suit you?

Choosing color scale, first of all consider complexion and a hair. At eyebrows has to be natural, laconically fit in a look at image. The ideal shade — is natural color at roots of hair. Too light colors do a face not expressive. And at too dark shades, the person is given roughness and rigidity. Color of eyebrows is supplemented constantly with a bright make-up of lips.

Color for blondes

What color of eyebrows will suit blondes? Color at eyebrows for blondes has to be one tone higher, than a hair color. Light brown and brown colors will be suitable for blond girls better. If the woman has an ashy hair color, for eyebrows choose gray tone.

When natural color at eyebrows very light is also almost imperceptible, too dark tones don’t recommend to emphasize them. Blond women with light eyes with a greenish-blue tonality and light skin, can safely choose light brown and ashy shades.

For blondes, color of eyebrows can be chosen rather various — from light gray tones to chocolate saturated. As it was already told, blondes aren’t recommended to use too saturated and black tone. That to the girl not to look vulgar, color of her eyebrows shouldn’t be very bright.

Red girls

With red hair it is best of all for girls to use chestnut tone. When the hair color is approached to red, choose dark brown colors. In general, the ideal shade for red-haired girls — is color is one tone lighter, than tone of a hair color.

Fair hair

What color of eyebrows will suit you if you have a fair-haired hair color? For fair-haired to pick up color of eyebrows quite simply. It is necessary to adhere to the rule: difference of color of eyebrows from the natural shouldn’t be more, three tones. Ideal colors — it is chestnut and terracotta shades. For girls, the possessing blue eyes and light skin, choose the dark-golden shades giving to the face refinement and mysteriousness.

Moderated tone of brown color also suit the fair-haired. At a choice of color, be guided by the rule — eyebrows shouldn’t be the brightest site on a face. The main task of eyebrows — this harmonious underlining of eyes for creation of the general image.

To those women at whom the chestnut-colored hair color, is best of all to choose dark shades chocolate and brown. For swarty girls it is possible to advise the colors of a chestnut sated tone. Black it isn’t recommended to choose tone, they on a body at create a blue shade, not naturally look, creating a vulgar look.

Color of eyebrows for brown-haired women

What color of eyebrows will suit you, if you the brown-haired woman? Of course, brown-haired women will suit brown colors. To girls at whom a dark hair color, recommend to choose from color scale of tone which are one tone lighter than a natural shade at hair. At brown-haired women, color of eyebrows and color scale of hair have to be combined as much as possible, being in harmony with an image.

Brown-haired women have to know — saturated colors brown will suit only swarty girls, the hair having a light shade. Brown-haired women with light skin can use color scale, beginning from dark gray tones, and finishing with light brown tones. Girls with a light hair color, painting them in more dark shades, can choose tone which are close to the acquired color at hair.

What color of eyebrows to choose to brunettes

Brunettes can advise dark colors. For brunettes the choice of color for eyebrows is carried out to the rule: the darken a hair color at the girl, the darken choose tone of eyebrows. The shade which is chosen, shouldn’t differ more, than some tones.

Brunettes strongly depend on skin color. Owners of light tones of skin can choose dark brown tone. Swarty girls, as a rule use dark tones almost black, colors. If a hair color as a resin, coal shades are suitable for eyebrows. This shade well suits not all therefore with it it is necessary to be more careful.

What color of eyebrows will suit you — color at eyebrows and a shade of hair, surely have to be in harmony. Also, tone at eyebrows has to correspond to an image of the girl. When the woman wants to be allocated from crowd, uses more dark shades emphasizing features. To receive a romantic image, it is necessary to choose lighter of tone.

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