Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

By | 12.05.2018

Stylists claim that the fashionable hair color in a season 2017-2018 has to be fall-winter non-standard, as tendencies in coloring. A combination of basic and contrast colors – the best decision. At the height of fashion — rubio, fair-haired, ashy, red, dark.

The beautiful hairdress and hair color are defining in any image. Well-groomed and healthy ringlets draw attention, and in combination with an ultrafashionable shade inspire on interesting experiments. Stylists recommend to select paint taking into account a type, a shape of a face, length of hair, and also a season. The warm scale is ideally suited for the autumn and winter period.

Stylists claim that the fashionable hair color in a season 2017-2018 has to be fall-winter non-standard as tendencies in coloring significantly changed. Combinations of shades now not an exception, but rule. You want to be in a trend and to look modern? A combination of basic and contrast colors – the best decision. At the height of fashion — rubio, fair-haired, ashy, red, dark.

Choose the most natural basic paint in a new season. Win popularity and alternative, unusual tone: locks with effect of a brondirovaniye, soft transitions, for example, mixture gray with pink or ultramarine.

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Actual colors and shades of hair for an autumn and winter season 2017-2018

Color of a head of hear should be selected taking into account specific features and, of course, personal preferences. Fashionable shades of hair in the 2018th year differ in bright connections, imperceptible transitions and soft modulations. Platinum blondes safely adopt a sand variation of a blond.

  • The copper. Includes a rich palette of beautiful tones: brown, golden, straw, wheat. Copper perfectly are in harmony with swarty skin, they refresh the person, and do a look to deeper.
  • Antique rose. It is ideal for courageous girls who like to draw to themselves attention. Feature that strawberry (“pink quartz”) approaches not only young, but also to the women of average years preferring short hairstyles.
  • The platinum. Silvery-ashy goes to ladies of a winter tsvetotip. Platinum demands high-quality coloring, only in this case it will refresh. The new tendency will be pleasant to women with non-standard appearance and faultless skin.Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018
  • The gray. Popular shades gray in a season 2017-1018 huge set. Among them a combination of platinum and ashes. Stylists mix light and dark tone, achieving interesting transitions.
  • The caramel. Harmonious combination gold and light brown. Such coloring means causing base – beige paint, then tone with a golden modulation.

Fashionable in the fall of 2017 a hair color — it not only alternative options of painting, but also a combination of natural shades. Pay attention on cold chestnut-colored, nut, caramel, light brown, red gold, coffee, a tandem canela+champán.

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Short hairstyle

The women preferring short hairdresses should pay attention to shades rubio. The characteristic hairstyle “the extended bean” will sustain the saturated pink. Dense color bangs one more trend of future season. Tone get out depending on basic color. Perfectly on short hair look the muffled bright palette, for example, nacreous with pale blue or gentle-pink.

The short hairdress is perfectly combined with smoky color. If you prefer an accurate hairstyle, try to add ashy with saturated shades. Comes back to fashion cherry and a rich palette of the red.

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Long ringlets

Fashionable trend of coloring for long ringlets – rubio, chestnut-colored, red if they are executed in equipment of a brondirovaniye or a kolombra. Combination of basic and additional paint looks advantageously on a light and chestnut-colored head of hear. In light tone stylists advise to add a honey, cream, platinum, caramel tonality.

Light ringlets can be diluted in the dark natural color. Long-haired girls are recommended to experiment with equipment to a sombra, an ombra, bilage. If hair light brown, similar coloring looks most advantageously. Blondes were lucky more, than to brunettes as the kolorirovaniye of locks by nonconventional cold shades – violet is shown the first, pearl, pink.

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018

Popular technicians of coloring

Today a fashionable hair color for the fall and winter 2017-2018 that best of all suits the woman, irrespective of tendencies is considered. Depends on the correct equipment as the chosen shade on hair will look.

  • Brondirovaniye. Popular reception: ringlets are painted by smooth transition from light to dark tone. The interesting option turns out if to connect chestnut and light brown. In the course of work of the master always use some shades.
  • Highlighting. Favourite female reception in coloring. In a new season will be suitable for it pink, ashy, platinum scale. Smooth transitions, combination of color and dark locks – the main features of highlighting.
  • Kolorirovaniye. Difficult, but original equipment. In this case are used violet, crimson, cornflower-blue, and also the most natural palette.Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018
  • Balaj. The novelty in coloring, is a kind of highlighting. The result by means of a combination of contrast locks and basic color is reached. Balaj it is recommended to blondes, is suitable for ringlets of average length.Fashionable hair color fall-winter 2017-2018
  • Sombre. Soft, low-contrast visually gives to an ombra the volume, density, gloss. Hair look naturally as the border of transition of two paints is imperceptible. Sombre creates noble feeling of the burned-out locks on the sun.

All these technicians the hairdresser with a wide experience has to do. Address to professional salon if you want to receive beautiful and qualitative result. Don’t forget to examine the master’s portfolio. The photo of result will tell about this or that method of drawing.

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