Linseed oil for hair. Masks and reviews of application

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Advantage of linseed oil for hair. About the miracle force of this natural product legends since ancient times go. Frequent use of oil masks is useful for growth of hair, their force and is fine prevention of loss.

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Flax represents one of those cultures which is known to people since ancient times. This miracle plant was grown up in ancient India, Egypt and other rich prosperous countries.

Any one thousand years flax was used as a food product and as raw materials for production of clothes. From time immemorial the Russian people were fed, put on and treated by means of flax. Beauties since ancient times prepared for themselves linseed oil which helped them to keep gloss and force of hair. To the maximum to keep useful properties, the product is got by method of a cold extraction.

Advantage of linseed oil for hair

About the miracle force of this natural product legends since ancient times go. One women claim that using it could improve appearance and the general condition of the dim, whipped, overdried hair, and others tell how it helped to strengthen hair to intensify process of their growth.

Hair after linseed oil really become healthy, poured and strong. Why? The matter is that the ultrahigh amount of fatty nonsaturated acids, and also vitamins E, B, K and A, various microcells and acids is its part. Linseed oil is unique that in it is twice more alpha linoleico than acid, than in cod-liver oil.

Linseed oil for hair. Masks and reviews of application

Oil of seeds of flax makes salutary impact on head skin: eliminates feeling of dryness, irritation, removes an itch, feeds with active agents. This natural cosmetic very fat, but, despite it it brings work of glands of head skin which are responsible for production of fat into norm. Thanks to this property, it is successfully applied in treatment of hair of fat and dry type. Oil quickly relieves of dandruff.

Besides, the huge advantage of linseed oil was noted at treatment weakened, slowly growing, overdried, with the whipped tips of hair more than once. And for achievement of result it isn’t required to wait for a lot of time. Literally 3-4 drawings are enough that hair ceased to be confused, gained silkiness and smoothness. For the short period fragility decreases, tips are restored, there is a healthy gloss and feeling of moisture content. Frequent use of oil masks is useful for growth of hair, their force and is fine prevention of loss.

It is possible to get oil in the market, in a drugstore or a supermarket, to know the main thing how to choose a natural product, but not a fake:

  • first of all it is necessary to study color, at the real oil yellow beautiful color without impurity and dregs;
  • further it is necessary to pay attention to a smell, the high-quality product shouldn’t have a smell;
  • as for an expiration date, at a qualitative product it quite big.

Use of linseed oil for hair

There are two options of use of this product for appearance of hair: outwardly – means is applied directly on head skin and/or hair depending on problem type; inside together with food.

Application of means means in the external way a covering of head skin and hair the warmed-up oil the massage movements of all surface. If it is required to treat only tips, it is possible to grease only them, trying to stick together the whipped places as if. It is necessary to wash the head later a couple of hours after drawing.

Linseed oil for hair. Masks and reviews of application

In hold time of structure on hair it is best of all for voice to cover with a polyethylene film and a thick terry towel that allows to increase properties of this remedy considerably.

For full removal of structure from hair it is recommended to wash the head with shampoo not less than 2-3 times. The resistant result is reached 2-3 months of treatment later.

To strengthen the thinned, overdried hair oil of seeds of flax should be rubbed at first in skin, and then carefully to cover hair. The structure can be kept till several o’clock, having covered the head with a towel.

For disposal of dry seborrhea the oil warmed to room temperature is recommended to be rubbed directly in roots of hair. The medical effect is reached after a month of application during which it is necessary to do masks each two days. The course can be prolonged or repeated safely after small rest.

To return force and it is necessary to saturate hair with vivifying energy approximately in a month, each three days to use the linseed oil diluted with glycerin: the last ingredient undertakes in number of two tablespoons on 50 ml of oil. After rubbing in of mix in roots, it is necessary to be wrapped up properly with a towel and to leave for night or at some o’clock. Rescues a combination of yolks of eggs, juice of a lemon and oil of seeds of flax from a hair loss.

Masks for hair on the basis of linseed oil

This natural means can be used both without addition of any components, and as a part of different masks. Anyway it promotes fast restoration of skin and acceleration of cell renewal.

The recipe of medical structure for pasting of split ends

We suggest to dilute flax oil in equal parts with other miracle oil: burdock or kastorovy, then the turned-out mix slightly to warm up, distribute on all surface of hair and to leave for a couple of hours. It is possible to strengthen effect from medicine for tips of hair by means of a steam bath. For this purpose the oil basis is applied on hair which have to be over a pair bath at this time. Thanks to heat of a time of hair reveal, and the mask gets deeply into structure.

Mask for growth of hair

For those women who long ringlets wish to grow quickly, mix of linseed oil with onions juice perfectly will approach. To make a mask it is required to mix in a proportion 1:2:1 honey, juice of the onion crushed on a grater and oils. The mask has to be on hair no more than 30 minutes as on skin the irritation can develop. The first visible results will appear already a month later that to appreciate them it is recommended to make a photo before procedures.

The recipe of treatment of the fragile, thinned hair

It is necessary to take one average cucumber, a tea spoon of linseed oil and a big spoon of dense sour cream. Before mixing of a cucumber with other ingredients it needs to be crushed on a grater. The mask is recommended to be applied on clean ringlets approximately for 15-25 minutes.

Mask against a hair loss

For reduction of loss of hair it is necessary to use regularly mix from two yolks of eggs, two tablespoons of juice of a lemon and one spoon of oil of flax. The listed components carefully mix up and applied on skin at roots and on all surface of hair. Hold time of a mask makes 25-45 minutes. It is enough only one application that locks began to look more healthy and well-groomed. Regular use of a mask not only stops loss process, but also intensifies growth.

The recipe of a mask for disposal of excess greasiness of hair

To prepare a mask one egg white, a big spoon of cottage cheese, a spoon of sour cream and the same amount of linseed oil will be required. Components carefully mix up in gruel which should be distributed on the washed-up, wet hair on half an hour. This procedure normalizes activity of sebaceous glands and it is possible to enjoy purity of hair long.

Linseed oil for hair. Masks and reviews of application

All listed masks for hair from linseed oil proved the medical efficiency and advantage in practice. Despite progressively developing technologies, millions of women around the world remain are faithful to national recipes of beauty which help them to solve any problems quickly.

Reviews of use of linseed oil

Maria, 33

I always pay to the hair much attention, but several months ago I had a dandruff which I couldn’t cure in any way. All modern shampoos from dandruff help only temporarily, and after their cancellation the problem starts overcoming with a new force. I already despaired to see the hair beautiful as suddenly I read in one of magazines about advantage of linseed oil. In a week of application for me the quantity of dandruff was reduced, and hair started becoming stronger and shining. Only a month later I forgot about the problem. Now always I hold houses this miracle oil.

Elena, 37

For a year I went to salon and spent money for beauty of the hair, but didn’t achieve the desirable. Having tried different recipes on the basis of linseed oil, I understood that became their admirer forever, my hair and radiate vital force.

Vladlen, 24

My mother since the childhood looked after my long hair by means of flax oil, but having matured, I forgot about all national recipes on the basis of this fine ingredient and began to buy ready masks in professional shops. Once from a mask rash went and I remembered that linseed oil can quickly cope with it. Now I look after hair only masks with natural components.

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