Hair color for blue eyes | Online the magazine about Just Hair hair

By | 12.05.2018

We define tipo de color skin. A hair color for blue-eyed women at warm type of skin. As a rule, by nature blue-eyed girls are allocated with a fair or fair hair, but skin color can differ very strongly.

Hair color for blue eyes | Online the magazine about Just Hair hair

Hair in an image of the woman play an important role. Incorrectly picked up color is capable to add to the woman of age, to open minor defects of the person and to spoil its color. At the same time well picked up paint will refresh, will make appearance brighter and will rejuvenate. Owners of blue eyes were lucky more than the others as they suit almost any color gamut and their shades. But blue eyes very light therefore selecting a shade of paint it is important to pick up it so that eyes became brighter, but didn’t disappear from a face. For this reason for a right choice it is required to know precisely the tipo de color.

We define tipo de color skin

As a rule, by nature blue-eyed girls are allocated with a fair or fair hair, but skin color can differ very strongly.

Depending on to what tsvetotip you belong, will be defined, what shades most of all will approach. Allocate the following types of skin:

  • cold, representatives who will be suited winter and summer tone treat it;
  • warm, it is women and girls for whom ideal flowers are autumn and spring.

Without the assistance of the expert it is sometimes difficult to understand the tipo de color. Not to trouble itself campaigns in salon, it is possible to resort to one cunning and to use blue and yellow scarfs. It is necessary to carry out the test strictly at day natural lighting.

Spring and autumn tipo de color. The blue scarf will make skin pale, slightly cyanotic, lips also get a blue shade and become lifeless. And here the yellow scarf will give to the face of freshness and health, and skin will get golden color.

Winter and summer tipo de color. The blue scarf will give to such type brightness, will make complexion equal and pleasant, then, as the yellow scarf will make skin tired, and under eyes circles and small vessels will become noticeable.

Having defined the type of skin, it is possible to pass to selection of a hair color.

Hair color for blue-eyed women at warm type of skin

Hair color for blue eyes | Online the magazine about Just Hair hair Skin of representatives of spring and autumn types has attractive olive, easy golden and sometimes swarty skin color, and in eyes it is possible to consider small impregnations of the orange.

Ideal option for girls of such tsvetotip with blue eyes are fair-haired, caramel and honey shades. Aren’t bad combined with warm type of skin golden rubio and wheat. They will add to brightness and mood to all image. Feature of these shades also is that blue eyes will become brighter, and skin more saturated swarty shade is acquired. The caramel and golden hair color does a face by more expressive hides age.

The saturated red will be suitable for owners of more swarty skin color. If to stop on light red color, is great the probability of that skin will get pale color. Be careful of too light tones. Blond will make you too ordinary-looking and ordinary. Also all scale of bright brown shades will be suitable for swarty beauties with blue eyes. Having chosen such color, you receive a serene look, and color of eyes will get a shade closer to the blue.

Hair color for blue-eyed women at cold type

Hair color for blue eyes | Online the magazine about Just Hair hair Light shades will be suitable for skin of this kind more. Skin of the girls and women belonging to this tsvetotip also differs special light, and sometimes in almost porcelain color.

Owners of cold type can also recommend very dark and contrast shades. They will suit the next colors: chestnut, milk chocolate, fair-haired and black. Feature of these flowers is their ability to do a look expressive without application of a pencil, thus eyes will become closer to a saturated gray shade. Choosing dark color, avoid a bluish-black shade. It will give out all your shortcomings and will add age, and eyes will take a dim and tired form.

Red hair will also go to cold type of blue-eyed girls. Red will also make a look more expressive, but color of eyes will become closer to the blue. Owners of blue eyes of this type will be suited cold tone. Cold rubio will emphasize lines of your person, and also will give to freshness, but danger of this color is its feature to decolour eyes. Therefore blue-eyed girls should do a look to more expressive by means of a pencil and shadows.

Trends of summer of 2015

For bigger appeal it is possible to combine some flowers, for example, dark brown with red or color of mahogany. Such combination is very popular in this season. In order that hair worked for all image and did it stylish, the hairstyle in the form of the cascade will be ideally suited for such combination. If you the owner of short boyish or long hair, then it is worth choosing monophonic coloring.

In this season stylists advise to stop after all on one separate color and to make it the most saturated. If there are doubts in, whether paint will suit you, use the painting tonic, it can be washed away.

We pay attention to trifles

After you decided on color of the hair, pay attention to important points.

  1. Color of eyebrows has to be closest to a hair color. Now there are special paints capable to paint your eyebrows in the necessary shade. At desire use of a pencil is admissible.
  2. Choosing for hair a combination from several flowers, it is important to understand that it is more pertinent on hair of average length.
  3. Women at age and in the presence on their face of deep wrinkles should avoid too dark tones. The burning brunette and the woman aged – a dangerous combination.
  4. For those who dyed a hair in bright red, black, red shades, it is worth avoiding a bright make-up in the afternoon. With a saturated hair color of a bike probability of to seem vulgar and tasteless. Use reserved and natural tone or place emphasis only in the eyes or lips.
  5. If in the summer you quickly burn out on the sun, choose scale from average and bright and lighter tones. Burning out of a fair hair won’t be so noticeable therefore it isn’t necessary to resort to frequent colourings.

Having used simple recommendations, you will achieve excellent result and emphasize natural beauty of the magnificent blue eyes. Open identity, and the world will play bright paints!

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