Honey mask for hair: efficiency, rules, the best recipes

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Honey mask for hair: sweet, beautiful, useful transformation of ringlets of any type. Honey + red pepper = for growth of hair. To mix 4 spoons of tables. honey and 1 Chayn. a spoon of red pepper in powder.

Honey possesses not only medical, but also cosmetic properties. The house honey mask for hair is capable to solve the majority of problems which modern women face with addition of various ingredients. The lock shreds which are getting out whole, abundance of dandruff, the whipped ends, thin and absolutely lifeless ringlets — sometimes don’t cope the even advertized branded means from shops with all this. That big need for application of natural products for reduction of hair in an order: and honey doesn’t suffer the competition here. All didn’t manage to try it only yet because many are afraid of sticky effect which it will leave on locks. Anything similar doesn’t happen if to learn correctly to prepare from it miracle cosmetic masks.

Honey mask for hair: efficiency, rules, the best recipes

In a chemical composition of honey masks — any chemistry

Why honey is so useful to hair? It is unique that it contains the majority of vitamins known to medicine and many mineral substances. Well-known, what exactly they often aren’t enough for the affected head skin, weak roots and lifeless locks.

If to apply a honey mask to hair regularly, it will fill shortcomings of biologically active agents, and it will lead to the general improvement of a condition of ringlets.

Thus it is necessary to remember that one of properties of honey — to lose the salutary force under the influence of high temperatures. So don’t warm it to too hot state and along with that not to a soprikasayta with other too warmed up products. Only this way it is possible to take pleasure in efficiency of this unique natural treasury:

  • fruit sugar (fructose) restores split ends;
  • glucose (glucose) does ringlets smooth, obedient;
  • lactoflavina (Riboflavinum, B2 vitamin) regulates elaboration of grease allocations, allowing dry locks to be more humidified, and fat — to get rid of an unpleasant luster;
  • niacina (PP vitamin, niatsinovy acid, B3) sates color of ringlets, does it brighter, shining and natural, doesn’t allow follicles to die off and become to hair gray-haired;
  • pantotenato (pantothenic acid, B5 vitamin) it is used against loss, for strengthening of roots;
  • the pyridoxine (B6 vitamin) treats seborrhea, dandruff and other diseases of head skin, effectively humidifies dry locks;
  • B9 vitamin (folic acid) will allow not to be afraid of surplus of an ultraviolet in the summer and low temperatures in the winter as strengthens resilience to external aggressors;
  • the askorbinka (ascorbic acid, vitamin C) does locks elastic and elastic as regenerates the damaged cages and synthesizes collagen and elastin;
  • potassium (To) controls water balance and level of moistening in cages: thanks to it, you will have no problems with a dry, brittle, prickly hair;
  • iron (Fe) will help to grow long braids as, accelerating blood circulation, activates growth of hair.

Thanks to such vitamin mineral wealth, masks with honey for hair are shown all at whom is or only some problems with head skin are outlined. They both preventive, and medical, and cosmetic. The range of their action is so wide that trichologists recommend them to do even at the most serious diseases of head skin.

If branded store means don’t work, it is necessary to use magic effect of honey on hair. Transformation is guaranteed by the nature. However all this will be possible only in case to master art of use of honey as cosmetic for hair.

Honey mask for hair: efficiency, rules, the best recipes

There is a cocoa budlet? Indulge the hair with a tasty and useful mask:

To restore the thinned and brittle hair house masks for a fine hair will help>>

Art of house use of honey

Many don’t use honey for preparation of cosmetic masks for hair for two reasons. First, it very sweet and sticky that complicates not only process of preparation of masks, but their drawing and a remover too. It is the myth which can be dispelled easily if to adhere to the recommendations made below. If to make everything competently, no sticky effect on hair after honey masks remains. Secondly, much know, what strong allergy honey can cause. Sometimes people absolutely safely eat it and don’t experience any reaction from an organism for this product. But it is only worth using it for external application — as skin instantly becomes covered by rash. That it didn’t happen, it is enough to carry out the preliminary test for availability of allergens in honey for your skin. All this is also stated in recommendations about house application of honey masks for hair.

  • For cosmetic masks use fresh, just bought on an apiary (at beekeepers) honey. The product which stood, turned into pieces of sugar will be in this case inefficient. It is also desirable not to involve store jars in this process.
  • Honey it is possible and it is necessary to warm before mixing with other ingredients of a mask, but not to a hot state when high temperature liquidates in it all its useful properties. If in a compounding there are essential oils or eggs, the top limit of heating has to make no more than 35 °C that these auxiliary products also very important for health of hair didn’t lose curative properties. If they are absent as a part of a mask, safely warm up honey to 45 °C. On naked flame it isn’t recommended to put a cup with honey categorically: it is necessary to bring it to the demanded temperature condition by means of a water bath.
  • For mixing of ingredients as a part of masks it is desirable to use ceramic or glasswares, but not metal: it provokes formation of oxides which can spoil efficiency of a mask.
  • When mixing products all of them have to be room temperature or are warmed up to a warm state. Hour for 2 from the refrigerator it is necessary to reach all preparation of a mask necessary (milk, eggs etc.) that low temperatures didn’t prevent to prepare a miracle mask.
  • On a water bath, but in a separate cup, for masks it is possible to warm, besides honey, milk, kefir, all vegetable and cosmetic oils (but not radio and not vitamins!).
  • If before you never used honey as external medicinal or cosmetic, surely carry out the small test for availability allergens in it for your skin. For this purpose it is enough to pound a small amount of mix on clean skin of a wrist and to trace reaction within 1–2 hours. Lack of burning, an itch of characteristic rashes — an allowing signal to application of honey masks for hair.
  • That hands weren’t sticky after drawing a mask, put on thin latex gloves in which will work more conveniently. After procedure you remove them and you will throw out, and handles will remain pure and smooth.
  • Honey masks are rubbed by the massage movements in roots.
  • Then by means of a special brush (it usually enters sets for coloring of hair) to put a honey mask along locks, beginning from roots and finishing with tips.
  • To provide deep penetration of biologically active agents into head skin, it is recommended to make surely warming for all the time of action of a mask. For creation of hothouse effect it is possible to use a usual polyethylene hat for a shower or a cellophane package. The terry (warmest) towel will strengthen action of high temperatures on expansion of skin pores of the head.
  • Different honey masks need to be held on the head during unequal time. If in their structure there are such components as ginger, cinnamon, pepper or mustard, the maximum time of their action is limited half an hour, and that only in the absence of unpleasant symptoms of burning and an itch. Time, optimum for them — 15 minutes. The others can be held more long, especially if the procedure purpose — to clarify hair honey (it has also such effect).
  • That after a washing of honey masks on hair there was no sweet raid of stickiness, it is necessary to do it by means of shampoo under flowing (better filtered) water. The second secret of a successful remover — in acetic solution by which ringlets are rinsed the latest time. In 1 liter of water 50 ml of vinegar are diluted. It can be replaced with the concentrated lemon juice.
  • If the mask from honey for hair is used for treatment of any serious diseases, it can be done every other day. If only as cosmetic as prevention — once a week.
  • Through 10–12 procedures it is recommended to replace a honey mask on any other, and at desire it will be possible to return again to it in 3–4 weeks.

At observance of these of recommendations, simple, but very useful in practice, it is possible to achieve from masks for hair from honey of tremendous results.

With their help it is possible to put in order not only appearance of ringlets, but also the general state, health of head skin, radical a follicle. It is possible to choose from variety of recipes that is necessary for you.

Honey mask for hair: efficiency, rules, the best recipes

TOP of the best recipes of honey masks for hair

With what only products don’t combine in masks honey: eggs, milk, yeast, oils, spices, drinks, etc. It gives a scope for the imagination when it is possible to mix at own will the most different components with honey and to enjoy the received result. Beginners are recommended to begin with the recipes checked for years.

  • Egg + honey = food

Honey (50 ml) mixes up with crude egg (2–3 pieces). This egg and honey mask for hair is one of the most effective for restoration of the damaged locks.

  • Honey + oil = moistening

Mix up on 3 table l. honey and warm, surely not refined (it is desirable a cold extraction) olive oil.

  • Honey + cinnamon = clarification

To mix on 1 dining room of beds. honey with the olive not refined oil. Stirring slowly, to pour 1 tea beds. cinnamon powder to add oil tocopherol (about 5 drops).

  • Honey + cognac = growth of hair

To mix 1 spoon of tables. honey from 50 ml of cognac to add 2 yolks.

  • Honey + onions = from a hair loss

4 tables. to mix spoons of onions juice from 1 tables. honey spoon. The mask is rubbed only in roots.

  • Honey + yolk = moistening

To mix 2 table l. honey with 2 yolks to add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

  • Honey + mustard = growth of hair

To part to the necessary consistence of 1 tables. a spoon of mustard powder in kefir to add on 1 tea beds. honey, castor cosmetic oil, 5 droplets of air of a tea tree. Castor oil is freely replaced in this recipe with almond oil.

  • Honey + kefir = strengthening of roots

To mix 100 ml of kefir, 50 ml of honey, 2 eggs.

  • Honey + a lemon = against a hair loss

To mix the 4th table. honey spoons, 1 spoon of the Art. of olive oil. To add lemon half juice.

  • Honey + milk = against fat content of hair

To mix on 50 ml of honey and yogurt, to add 2 tables. beds. honey.

  • Honey + red pepper = for growth of hair

To mix 4 spoons of tables. honey and 1 Chayn. a spoon of red pepper in powder.

  • Honey + aloe = treatment of split ends

To mix 2 tablespoons of juice of an aloe, 2 h. l. honey, 1 h. l. castor oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

  • Honey + yeast = for growth of hair

2 tea beds. dry yeast to part to a kasheobrazny state in warm water, to leave for 50 min. Slowly to pour in 100 ml of kefir, the 50th honey.

The house honey mask for hair prepared by own hands — unique cosmetic which will allow to get rid of the majority of the problems connected with head skin and appearance of ringlets.

Surely use data above recipes to improve their state. Relieve yourself of need to poison own organism with synthetic chemistry when the nature makes available to the person such gift as honey.

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