How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

By | 12.05.2018

You dream to create a beautiful bright image thanks to hair? Learn how to pick up a hair color to the person. After all one of important points is the correct selection of color depending on a face type. Traits of character.

Creation of the correct, individual shape is capable to decorate any woman, but is it simple? Of course, always there is a wish to be bright, thanking only to a hair color it is possible to remain long time attractive and memorable. At someone hair beautiful and healthy by nature, but, despite it, many like to experiment. And what to do if a hair color too dim or the first gray-haired hairs started appearing? It is important to remember that sometimes it is necessary to face a problem of incorrectly picked up color. In this article we will make recommendations of creation of beautiful images depending on a face type. We will tell how it is correct to pick up a hair color to the person that the image always remained faultless.

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Whether it is necessary to change color?

Let’s understand for a start, and whether your native hair color is so bad.

Natural color which is given by nature always harmoniously looks according to a form and appearance of your person and is ideally suited to color of eyes. If hair are healthy, they look silky and brilliant and speak about good health of the woman. Unlike a dyed hair, they don’t demand so many the restoring and feeding procedures since are less subject to negative impact.

How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

However if on the head began to appear more and more gray-haired hairs, painting becomes simply necessary. It is best of all to pick up color one in one coinciding with a natural shade. It will ideally look according to your type of appearance, regardless of a shape of a face, be it round or on the contrary made narrower.

If all of you wanted to experiment with a color, it will be most correct to address to the competent expert, he will pick up the image suitable you and will make it qualitatively, and, above all is professional. Correctly chosen shade will emphasize your advantages, face contours.

Face type: we select color

Important factor at selection of color is tone of skin, its feature, and also a head oval form:

  • the oval;
  • the round;
  • the rectangular;
  • the square;
  • the triangular.

How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

All know that the light clothes make look fat, and dark slim. Approximately the same happens and to a hair color.

Under a round face it is better to select dark shades since they will emphasize contours. With light shades – on the contrary, they wash away contours and do a face form much more widely. The important role is played also by the subsequent hair dressing. The girl with a round face is better to avoid magnificent hairdresses.

That it was simpler to be guided in a choice of the shade suitable you, it is necessary to choose, your appearance belongs to what tsvetotip:

  • winter;
  • spring;
  • summer;
  • fall.

Appearance type: Winter

“Winter” is most often girls with light skin and brown eyes, however, eyes can be and a cold blue shade. With such type of appearance it is possible to choose paints of dark tones safely. If you want to dilute dark color, it is possible to add locks of a red shade. Dark coloring well suits women with a round face type.

At very light skin you shouldn’t choose paint of snow-white tones.

How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

Appearance type: Spring

“Spring” is girls with a warm shade of skin, light eyes. The natural hair color varies from fair-haired to the chestnut. It is possible to dilute it with addition of locks one-two tones lighter. If there is a wish to reverse color, it is necessary to paint ringlets in golden and chestnut colors.

It is worth avoiding light and light-red shades of paint.

How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

Appearance type: Summer

Girls with light eyes and light skin. Hair most often fair-haired shade or easy blond. Quite often they are dissatisfied in the color since the image becomes inexpressive. Girls with such appearance can paint hair in golden tone or to add a dark and dairy shade. It will allow to emphasize the dignity of your person.

It is worth avoiding dark flowers: black, dark-chestnut or red. Color of eyes at such shades of hair simply is lost and becomes ordinary-looking.

How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance

Appearance type: Fall

It is characterized by a warm bright shade of the person, dark hair, eyes can be both light, and brown. For of this kind any dark options of coloring of ringlets will approach: black, chestnut-colored, red or chestnut. Most such option of coloring will suit girls with a round or wide oval of the head.

You shouldn’t choose light shades, rubio seldom approaches this type of appearance.

 How to pick up a hair color to the person: face types and appearance


  1. Define your shape of a face: oval, round, rectangular, square, triangular.
  2. Define your type of appearance: winter, spring, summer, winter.
  3. Take a professional advice into account.
  4. Avoid flowers which more than on 2 tones differ from tone of your skin.
  5. The round face suits paints of dark shades, and narrow – light tone more.
  6. If at you a round or wide oval of the head avoid magnificent hairdresses.
  7. Painting in rubio is undesirable to already injured ringlets.
  8. After coloring it is necessary to use the moisturizing balms, the strengthening masks since they give food, force and health.

Correctly picked up tone of paint will emphasize your advantages, will make eyes more expressive, will give to skin a fresh look, will hide its shortcomings. It isn’t necessary to seek for monophonic coloring, competent mixture of paints and will create to you original shape.

The competent stylist will be able to improve a shape of a face. For example, having added it is necessary a forehead light locks, it is possible to extend a round or square face visually. Even having diluted the clarified ringlets with several dark locks it is possible to emphasize the identity and not to remain unnoticed. Don’t forget that the expressive make-up and correctly picked up accessories will help to emphasize and add an image.

Follow recommendations, take advices of competent experts, and safely experiment the appearance!


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