How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman

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As well as what color to paint tips of hair in house conditions? 2. Contents. 1 Carrying out procedure. 1. 1 Process. 2 B what color is better to be painted. 2. 1 At a fair hair.

Constantly new styles do the woman more and more beautiful and mysterious. Quite recently in a trend there were painted tips. It seemed that in it such interesting, after all all got used to blondes at whom roots black, and the ends white, and it turns out at them spontaneously, several times missed painting and here such effect.

But with specially painted tips everything is slightly more seriously, there are some technologies of their painting. Besides, it is necessary to know for what what hair color looks more beautifully.

Carrying out procedure

It is possible to paint locks in any shade: classical black and to pure white, and for fans of experiments acid and neon shades are offered.

Now coloring can be carried out in two ways: radical and temporary. For one paint, and for another tonic is used.

How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman

At a radical method it is necessary to lay the processed locks on a foil which is applied when highlighting. Then over hair the clarifying structure is put, and ringlets are fixed by a foil. After endurance of a certain time it is washed away and the chosen shade of color is applied on tips. If the chosen shade bothers it it is possible to recolour or simply to cut off hair to clean unnecessary color.

Temporary coloring provides more sparing way of change of color of ringlets, tonic, a pastel, food dyes, ink, spray or crayons is for this purpose used. The most humane option for hair – multi-colored locks which are fastened to natural hair.

On video how to paint tips of hair in house conditions:


In the beginning it is necessary to prepare all necessary materials:

  • Elastic bands and hairpins clips.
  • The chosen paint shade.
  • Clarifier for hair.
  • Hairbrush or plastic crest with small teeth.
  • The foil hairdresser’s, but can approach and food.
  • Gloves. If coloring is made in some shades, then under each of them it will be necessary to prepare a separate copy.
  • Clothes for which it won’t be a pity if it is smeared with incidentally dripped paint.

At a choice of paint it is necessary to be guided by the cost and quality of dye, some of them already contain clarifier. Of course, it is possible to use only one paint without it, but it won’t keep so long as with it.

Coloring needs to be carried out step by step:

  1. It is good to comb ringlets that there were no the confused locks.
  2. To put on rubber mittens.
  3. To apply clarifier on tips, to sustain certain time, then to wash away it, but it doesn’t concern light shades of ringlets.
  4. To part each of the chosen shades in separate ceramic or glass capacity in the ratio, specified in the instruction.
  5. By means of a brush to distribute paint on tips no more than 5 cm long.
  6. In ten minutes after the first putting paint to repeat this process, only already taking the big length of hair. To leave paint for 10 minutes.
  7. To repeat drawing the painting structure for the third time, having again increased length of the processed part by 2-3 cm.
  8. After that time it is necessary to use a hairbrush and to comb paint on all necessary length. Then to wrap ringlets in a foil, and to leave structure on them for 15-30 minutes.
  9. To wash away dye under warm water and to apply the restoring balm or the strengthening mask. After their washing off to use shampoo.

On video what color it is possible to paint tips of hair:

Kolorirovaniye on a fair hair the main thing that transition to a natural shade was softer shouldn’t cause any problems, and here with dark ringlets everything is more heavy. The technology of coloring “bilage” at which smooth transition from dark color of ringlets to their light tips is reached will be ideally suited for them. Process consists in the following:

  • To wash up the head and to dry it.
  • To comb ringlets, it is necessary that after drawing the painting structure they didn’t fall under its weight.
  • To divide a head of hear into equal bunches, to record elastic bands.
  • To miss the mark tips of the received bunches with paint at the length of 3 cm.
  • To sustain 10 minutes.
  • To put the following layer, having increased coloring length by 3 cm.
  • To leave the painting structure on ringlets for 20-30 minutes, depending on that, how much time you need to maintain it is specified on paint packing.

Independently it is simple to execute coloring, but the result can be not absolutely what it would be desirable if not to follow the instruction of drawing.

How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman As it is correct to use the Italian hair-dye, what to achieve the maximum effect, it is in detail described here in article.

On the palette of a hair-dye a garnyer a kolor sensei how many is wide, is in detail described here in article.

And here is how the palette of a hair-dye of Brilians looks, it is possible to see here:

It will also be possible to you it is interesting to learn, what reviews of paint one million a kolor Shvartskopf exist. It is possible to read all information in more detail here.

In what color it is better to be painted

It is natural that natural color of ringlets will influence a choice of a shade of tips.

At a fair hair

On such ringlets natural shades best of all look, but for extravagant persons it is possible to choose any shades. Teenagers experiment the hair and sometimes receive unusual combinations of flowers. How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman

For example, the combination from blue passing in light-turquoise and coming to an end with lemon tone interestingly looks. Young ladies are more senior can choose simply blue shade which with a fair hair smartly looks against jeans clothes.

Women with fair-haired ringlets choose chocolate shades, copper, amber and coffee.

At red hair

Such ringlets have golden, brown and red shades therefore they very much suit red-brown colors. Shades of the violet will look also interestingly. How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman

At dark hair

Violence of paints is welcomed, but nevertheless girls prefer classical option with light tips. And, generally, brown-haired women and brunettes can paint the tips in red, copper, violet, blue, crimson. In fashion yellow and platinum shades. Transition of tone on long hair begins around cheekbones.

On a photo — coloring of tips of dark hair: How to paint tips of hair in house conditions to the brunette, the brown-haired woman

At a choice of a shade of the painting means they need to be guided by color of the eyes and a shade of skin.

Kolorirovaniye in hairdressing salons

Addressing to professionals it is necessary to decide on the hairstyle in the beginning or to do coloring of tips at the available length of hair. Before a campaign in salon you shouldn’t wash the head in two days prior to coloring process.

For short hair

Process consists in the following steps:

  1. Pile of locks on all length. Eventually, to turn out the sticking-out locks, they need to be recorded a varnish.
  2. Tips are wrapped in a foil with paint, the master carries out it accurately not to get on roots of ringlets.
  3. After the expiration of time the foil is deleted. Hair wash out.

Such “bilage” costs about 140 USD.

According to the link the paint palette Loreal Ekselans is described.

On a video kolorirovaniye in hairdressing salons:

For long ringlets

It is longer procedure, than in the previous case. Process consists in the following:

  1. Slightly dirty hair comb carefully hair and clarified their tips.
  2. Under each lock it is necessary to enclose a foil and a film, and then by means of a brush to paint hair in a certain shade. Paint is applied on the chosen length, and can reach cheekbones. Use of a special film is caused by preservation of naturalness of hair which don’t participate in coloring, in other words, for their protection against paint.
  3. After endurance of time hair are washed away and dried up.
  4. Then their laying follows.

For dark ringlets coloring is made in two stages: in the beginning clarify tips, then tint them.

On video what color to paint tips of dark hair:

The cost of “balayazh” depends on length of ringlets:

  • To 30 cm – 267 USD.
  • Over this length – 334 USD.

And here is how to use a hair-dye Loreal correo, it is in detail described in contents of this article.

What names of firms of a hair-dye the most popular, it is in detail specified in this article.

As there is a toning of hair Estelle’s paint so that it was more effective, in detail specified in this article.

What professional hair-dye the best, it is specified here in article.

It will also be possible to you it is interesting to learn, whether the hair-dye kills louses.

Coloring of tips – the ideal decision on change of the appearance. They change an image of the girl, and in too time don’t influence her hair and if the shade bothered, always it can be recoloured or returned itself natural color of ringlets, for this purpose it is necessary to cut tips simply. Contrast shades of tips will be suitable for those who likes to change often the image, it is possible to experiment with unusual tones.

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