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How to choose the most beautiful hair color and to remain young and attractive, to emphasize with that the advantages? Choosing color in which you would like to recolour the head of hear it is necessary to consider such features of appearance as

People seek to change color of the hair by means of coloring for various reasons. One simply don’t like the shade given them by the nature to another there is a wish such to begin in a way a new stage in the life, and the third simply want to be fashionable and attractive. And it is valid, change of a hairdress as any other change in appearance, is capable to reverse an image (apart from, of course, plastic surgeries).

Correctly chosen shade can make texture of the person more exactly, and eyes – are brighter. However, happens absolutely on the contrary – unsuccessful color can make old you for some years and show all defects of skin and a wrinkle.

How to choose the most beautiful hair color and to remain young and attractive, to emphasize with that the advantages?


Before to go to shop behind paint or to a hairdressing salon, become in front of the mirror and attentively study the reflection. How to achieve a beautiful hair color and to avoid disappointment? Choosing color in which you would like to recolour the head of hear it is necessary to consider such features of appearance as:

  • natural color,
  • skin shade,
  • color of eyes.

Coloring of hair in warm colors will give to the face a flush that an excellent way will become attractive by at whom skin differs in special pallor. If your skin already has a pink shade, it is best of all to give the preference to more cool paints.

Color of eyes is also important at a paint shade choice. If you have brown, green or nut eyes, you will suit reddish, red and warm golden shades. And it is better for blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls to choose cold ashy and fair-haired shades because they in the best way will reflect beauty of your eyes.

Except division of all women into blondes, brunettes and the ryzhenkikh, it is possible to use conditional division according to types also:

  • winter,
  • spring,
  • fall,
  • summer.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR COLOUR Owners of this low-contrast type have light blue, green or nut eyes, light face skin with warm yellow or golden subtone and a head of hear from very light to the brown-haired woman.
Beautiful hair color for blondes of spring type — from a honey and golden blond to light and chestnut. Such girls can use any light warm golden shades, except light reddishness which will make the person too pale. It is also necessary to avoid cold platinum and ashy tones and very cold blond, they don’t approach a warm shade of the face of “spring” girls at all.

If you have a light skin, nut eyes and natural light brown hair, warm red tone will help to emphasize your beauty. Paint for coloring at all not necessarily has to be chemical, henna quite will be suitable for these purposes. As option, it is possible to make the native color more volume at the expense of golden or copper locks.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR COLOUR  The summer type of the beauty also is low-contrast, his representatives have light blue or gray eyes, natural tone from a blond to the brown-haired person, light face skin, with cool bluish or pink subtone.
Representatives of this type perfectly will suit ashy-fair-haired, ashy and platinum shades, they can also use for coloring others cool tone and subtone. Too dark tone “summer” girls aren’t suited.

If in the childhood you were a blonde and with age darkened a little, you can safely be recoloured in the blonde, the main thing is correct to pick up tone. If skin at you pink, inclined to emergence of a flush, and green or blue eyes, a fair hair it is perfectly underlined this beauty except for pinkish shades. Most likely paint can not be necessary for you at all: in the summer your hair very quickly burn out on the sun therefore beautiful fair-haired color turns out.

If skin has a yellowish shade – golden tone to you are forbidden.

Sometimes “summer” women have a head of hear of muffled light brown, slightly mouse tone. Light shatenovy tone which will recover a hairdress will help to correct this situation and will refresh skin. And here too dark chestnut shades can make old the woman of “summer” type therefore it is worth steering clear of them. The beautiful brown hair color for brown-haired women can be picked up a trial and error method, using coloring shampoos or unstable paints.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR COLOUR To girls and women of this type has the luck to receive by nature light or dark green, blue, light-brown, black eyes, hair from the brown-haired person to the brunette, skin of a warm golden or yellow shade.
“Autumn” ladies need more saturated kolor of a head of hear in comparison with “summer”. They will be suited perfectly dark chocolate, chestnut, brown tone, and also the beautiful dark hair color which is most approached to the black.

Besides, women of this type can choose easily red color — they will organically look both with red and with chestnut-colored hair in warm golden and copper shades. And here the blonde it is best of all for them not to become — skin will look in this case too dark, unnatural.

Dark eyes and nut or nutbrown hair, perfectly look with mahogany locks, chocolate or chestnut impregnations. It is better to avoid gold, copper and orange tones, beautiful shades of red color most of all suit “summer” women.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR COLOUR At “winter” women dark or light blue, gray, brown or even black eyes, with pronounced contrast between proteins and a raduzhka of eyes, a hair color from the brown-haired person to the brunette, very light or on the contrary too dark tone of the face, skin of cool bluish or pink subtone.
How to receive a beautiful hair color to women of this type? The ashy fair-haired and chestnut-colored shade is recommended to such women, it is necessary to avoid all shades of a blond and warm, golden colors. Besides, “winter” women with their contrast appearance can safely dare to be recoloured in the burning brunette.

Lovers of extravagance can emphasize depth of black braids by means of several blue or bluish-black locks. However, you shouldn’t forget that beautiful a hair color for brunettes are well combined only with faultless skin.


Oriflame cares of the clients and consultants therefore to a big variety of the offered hair-dyes the company offers the excellent online tool — a resistant hair-dye of “HairX TruColour”. In this catalog it is in detail described not only quality of paint, but also professional recommendations about selection of a shade depending on your shape are made.

Its firmness and absence as a part of ammonia belongs to undoubted advantages of our paint. Availability of oil of seeds of flax does means not only resistant, but also useful to hair. The adaptive smart system allows to determine individually prokrashivaniye depth even in the presence of a gray hair quality of coloring was the highest.

Despite rather recent emergence of this paint in the catalog its popularity is already high, customer reviews very good. Therefore if you want to have a faultless hairdress and thus not to do much harm to the hair, it makes sense to approach a paint choice very seriously. I know cases when after coloring by low-quality paint the woman remained without hair.

By the way, I don’t know why color rubio which, first, not all approaches, and, secondly, is so popular with women very much often such coloring significantly spoils hair — I observe it very often. And one more council: don’t forget in vanity of everyday life about timely coloring of roots and refreshings of a hair color on all their length. It will give you confidence in the appeal and feeling of an ukhozhennost.

In assortment 22 shades: from black (a product code by the catalog Oriflame 25415) to a golden blond (code 25436). As a rule, the price is offered with a good discount. If you want to buy even cheaper (for 18%), it is possible to be registered in the company.

It isn’t necessary to forget about preservation of health of hair, about their protection at procedures with them, after all if hair as tow, no most beautiful hair color does rectify situation and tow remains tow.




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