Learn effective recipes of masks from beer for treatment of hair!

By | 27.03.2018

2. 5 Mask with beer for growth of hair. At desire to increase properties of a mask, it is possible to add egg, honey or juice of an aloe. Plentifully to smear with mix hair weight and to rub it in skin on the head.

Beer is long since used as the strengthening hair preparation.

Its remarkable structure very effectively influences a condition of bulbs and hair in general.

Drink contains a rich complex of vitamins — practically all group B, ascorbic acid and pro-vitamin D, and also useful minerals — copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur.

The unique amino acids which are a part only strengthen beer value for a condition of hair.

How beer influences hair?

Beer is the universal remedy capable to help with treatment of any problem hair.

Learn effective recipes of masks from beer for treatment of hair! Beer strengthens bulbs, helps to get rid of an excessive hair loss, reduces fat content, helps hair to become obedient and silky, but thus elastic.

Microcells tone up follicles, improve collagen synthesis, as a result increasing elasticity of each hair.

Beer can be used as a component of masks or as a conditioner after washing. Applying a product, it is necessary to remember some rules:

  • Warm beer works more effectively as gives useful substances more actively, than cold. Before application drink is recommended to be warmed up.
  • It is easy to clean specific “aroma” if to add some droplets of any essential oil to a mask.
  • Not filtered dark beer has the most useful and rich structure.
  • Blondes shouldn’t use dark beer as it gives a dark shade to hair.
  • The most effective form of application — the mask for hair strengthened by the warming cap (the head is covered by a film from polyethylene or the hat for a shower, from above put on a terry towel).

Masks on the basis of beer

We will consider the simplest and effective masks on the basis of beer.

Beer mask with rye bread

Learn effective recipes of masks from beer for treatment of hair! Is suitable for any hair, possesses the strengthening property, increases density of a head of hear. For its preparation it is necessary to take 200-300 g of bread (not necessarily fresh) and half of liter of any beer.

To crumb and fill in bread with the warmed-up beer, to leave for insisting for a couple of hours. Then mix needs to be mixed carefully and plentifully to apply on head skin and hair weight.

The head to warm and leave alone for about 50 minutes. To wash away a mask warm flowing water, to wash up the head as always and to rinse with apple cider vinegar to clean a smell.

To receive good result, the mask is recommended to be used constantly to 3 times a week.

Kefirno — a beer mask

Instead of kefir it is possible to use any fermented milk products, for example, curdled milk or fermented baked milk.

It is better to use a mask for treatment of a brittle hair inclined to dryness. It strengthens follicles, restores normal structure, moistens hair and strengthens their growth.

100 ml of kefir mix from 100 g of beer (this volume is calculated for semi-long hair). At desire to increase properties of a mask, it is possible to add egg, honey or juice of an aloe.

Plentifully to smear with mix hair weight and to rub it in skin on the head. To hold of 30 minutes till 1,5 o’clock. To use constantly, few times in a week.

Mask for hair with beer, honey and egg

Learn effective recipes of masks from beer for treatment of hair! It is used for treatment of an oily hair. It eliminates structural violations and excessive gloss, feeds bulbs.

On 200 ml of beer it is necessary to take 1 dessertspoon of honey and a chicken yolk. Properly to mix components to a uniform state. To apply at first on skin, then hair weight.

To warm and hold not less than 30 minutes. To increase efficiency, drawing a mask is required to be repeated to 3 times a week.

Oil mask with beer

Such mask is used for dry hair and treatment of the splitting ends. It improves collagen synthesis, smoothes each hair, helps “to stick together” tips and to prevent their section. Feeds and moistens hair.

Prepares just before drawing. Add a dessertspoon of olive oil to a glass of warm beer, actively mix and at once rub in head skin, apply on all mass of hair.

In the course of drawing it is necessary to mix mix for uniform distribution of oil in drink. Hair to cover and leave alone for an hour.

Then to wash up usual shampoo. The course of treatment — long and N mi is more rare than 2 times in 7-8 suto to.

Mask with beer for growth of hair

Learn effective recipes of masks from beer for treatment of hair! This medicinal mix is used at a strong hair loss of any type. It awakens the “sleeping” bulbs, feeds and strengthens hair.

For production it is possible to take the dried-up or fresh vegetable raw materials in identical proportions (1-2 dessertspoons of each component).

To mix hop (cones), a burdock (backs), an acorus (root) in nonmetallic ware and to fill in with a glass of hot beer.

To set aside for an hour to be ready and be drawn. Then to filter, rub in roots, skin, to apply on hair weight.

To cover with the warming film, to sustain about an hour, to wash out water with apple cider vinegar. An application course 2-3 months, frequency — time in 3-4 days.

Krapivny mask

It is used for elimination of dandruff, strengthening of hair follicles and strengthening of growth. To mix the dried-up flowers and leaves of a sage, land parts of a nettle in ware from glass or ceramics.

For hair to shoulders undertakes on 2 dessertspoons of each plant, 500 ml of the warmed-up beer (it has to be hot) are ready and about half an hour is drawn (won’t cool down yet).

Mix should be filtered and rubbed in skin and roots of hair, plentifully to moisten all mass of hair and to cover with a cap for warming.

To leave on the head for the long period, it is better on all night long. To wash up the head since morning habitual shampoo.

If to complete a full course of treatment of a month, it is possible to get rid completely of dandruff and considerably to improve appearance and a condition of a head of hear. An interval between procedures — 4-5 days.

Fruit Exotic mask

Actively feeds hair and adds them natural dazzling gloss. It is applied to all hair types.

To make mashed potatoes of a half of banana and apple, to pour in 50 ml of juice of orange and 100 ml of beer, to hammer a chicken yolk.

Properly to mix mix to a uniform state and to apply on skin and mass of hair. To keep under the warming film till 40 minutes, to wash away. To use to 3 times a week.

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