Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

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Quite difficult unambiguously to answer a question: the fair-haired hair color is what color? Most often his owners carry to dark blondes though it isn’t absolutely right as fair-haired maybe very dark, almost chestnut.

In our country, and also in many countries of Europe a natural fair-haired hair color – the most widespread. It can be both very light, and rather dark, and in a palette of paints it takes a place between the blonde and the brown-haired person.

Thanks to fashion on naturalness, fair-haired today in a trend. It is rather whimsical and whimsical, goes to not all women, but the huge number of shades allows to pick up “the” tone.

Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

At this color there are a lot of shades

Shades of fair-haired color

Quite difficult unambiguously to answer a question: the fair-haired hair color is what color? Most often his owners carry to dark blondes though it isn’t absolutely right as fair-haired maybe very dark, almost chestnut.

Main shades

If not to speak about a set of possible options of this color, it is possible to allocate three of its the main of a shade: light, average and dark.

  • Light brown is not the blonde any more, he is a little more dark. On the sun such ringlets gain ashy gloss, and in the dark seem more dark, than is actually.
  • The average-fair-haired – the most widespread natural color. Often it happens inexpressive, faded therefore girls with a fair-haired hair color quite often resort to their coloring, toning and other shifts to make the appearance brighter.
  • The chestnut-colored can have a set of shades, both warm, and cold. In the dark such hair can seem absolutely black.

Fashionable tone

It is difficultly to describe all shades of a fair-haired hair color – the nature didn’t stint paints and artificial dyes allow to give to a head of hear the most different color nuances.

We will list a little the most popular and fashionable.

  • Ashy fair-haired maybe light, and rather dark. It is a cold shade, and there is it not all. Most harmoniously it is combined with light skin and gray or blue eyes.
Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

The ashy shade goes to girls of a cold tsvetotip

  • Nacreous fair-haired hair color – one more cold shade. In the nature it doesn’t meet, and the diamond gloss giving effect of nacre by means of artificial dyes is reached.
Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

Gloss and shine

  • Copper-fair-haired is chestnut with a cold shade. Such rare combination of cold and warm tones in the nature became very popular today.
Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

Model hair on a photo – copper-fair-haired

  • The chocolate-fair-haired. The most dark of all palette. Paint of such tone carries the name the Frosty chestnut or Gorky chocolate. The chocolate combination to cold fair-haired notes very effectively also draws to itself attention.
Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

Light patches of light give to a hairdress brightness and vivacity

Pay attention. A fair hair looks more interestingly, stylishly and is fresh if to apply to them different types of highlighting or a kolorirovaniye.

Features of coloring in fair-haired color and care of hair

Before making the decision to be recoloured in one of these fashionable tones, look who suits such color. Mainly cold silvery gloss which Winter or Summer goes to women of a tsvetotip is inherent in it. Spring and autumn girls should select especially carefully a shade, diluting it with warm colors.

It is important. If your natural hair color is far from chosen, color of eyebrows for a fair hair also should be changed to keep a harmony of an image.

How to dye a hair in fair-haired color

If your natural color dark or possesses “warm” pigmentation, to make it will be difficult. As well as at whom the head of hear was earlier painted in others of tone. It is simple to buy paint of desirable tone and to apply it on the head, observing recommendations of the producer, will be insufficiently.

Besides, the result can disappoint not simply, and horrify. For example, dark ringlets after such coloring often get greenish outflow. Therefore before to make of a black hair color fair-haired, they need to be decoloured and if they were painted, to subject to a remover.

Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

Change of a hair color after procedure of a remover

Pay attention. The remover is carried out by courses from several procedures which quantity depends on initial color. If it was red, there is enough two-three removers if black – them it can be demanded to ten.

It is possible to arrive more simply: to apply the French highlighting with use of paint with cold gloss. It will make hair visually is lighter and is closer to a desired shade.

In general in such difficult cases it is better not to undertake coloring by the hands, and to address to the expert. He will achieve the demanded result, having considered not only a basic hair color, but also their type, and a state at the time of coloring.

Professional masters often use for this purpose mikstona which neutralize natural warm pigments. For example, violet mezcla will muffle a yellow shade, and green – will extinguish the reddish.

Simplest to owners of a fair hair with a cold shade. They can safely use the corresponding paints. The main thing – the instruction of the producer concerning proportions of mixing of ingredients and hold time has to be observed strictly.

Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

It is simplest to blondes to become the mermaid, the brown-haired woman or even the brunette

If you want to clarify only a little the natural fair-haired color, try to rinse after each washing the head with infusion of a camomile, a sage or water with addition of lemon juice. These natural means don’t make harmful effects on structure of hair and head skin.

How to look after a dyed hair

Quite often both natural fair-haired, and artificially acquired quickly grows dull, loses the brightness and a saturation, or burns out on the sun, or it is gradually washed away from hair. Most often it happens to tinted ringlets as means for toning don’t get into structure of a hair, and envelop it outside and therefore are easily washed away.

What it is possible to make to keep a beautiful shade?

  • Regularly in time or after washing of the head to use the tinting means – shampoos or conditioners;
  • To use special tsvetosokhranyayushchy balms and shampoos;
  • To execute lamination after coloring. This procedure envelops hair a thin protective film, closing scales and without allowing paint to be washed away;
Fair-haired hair color (44 photos), its shades and features

After lamination a head of hear also look more healthy

Important! Lamination can be done not earlier than in two weeks after coloring.

  • To use only qualitative professional structures for coloring. The price of such paint is higher, but also color remains much more long.

Certain problems can arise at growth of hair when their roots differ on a kolor from the main. It is necessary to apply the same paint that tone coincided to their coloring.

It is very important to provide good leaving to previously clarified ringlets as procedures of decolouration or a remover very much weaken hair, do dry and dim. After coloring surely treat them with a course of the nutritious and strengthening masks.

Always to look brightly and stylishly, it is necessary to think and of what make-up and what color of clothes approaches a fair hair. Or rather, to their shade, color of eyes and skin. Use the help of the stylist to pick up for themselves the most suitable color scale.


Until recently literally all “mermaids” tried to get rid of the native tone, including it too ordinary and uninteresting. But there are many people, to a lump there is a fair-haired hair color especially as it has a huge number of tones and shades, and all become fashionable naturalness and naturalness more strongly.

It is enough to watch video in this article to be convinced that such color if it is picked correctly up, capable to hide defects of skin and to make the woman visually younger. Not without reason it is chosen by many well-known actresses and top models.

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