Mask with honey for hair in house conditions for growth and density

By | 27.03.2018

The cascade of hair falling on shoulders – dream of each woman of any age. However in connection with adverse weather conditions and influence of harmful factors of ecological character ringlets grow dull, become more rare day by day.

Mask with honey for hair in house conditions for growth and density The cascade of hair falling on shoulders – dream of each woman of any age. However in connection with adverse weather conditions and influence of harmful factors of ecological character ringlets grow dull, become more rare day by day.

There are two ways of correction of a situation: the expensive saloon procedures or natural masks prepared in house conditions. The second option is more preferable, after all natural components to growth, unlike synthetic, are capable to give density without causing the slightest harm to an organism.

Most often in house conditions for strengthening of hair use the following ingredients:

  • essential and fat oils;
  • honey (lime, buckwheat);
  • egg yolks;
  • yeast;
  • fermented milk products (kefir, fermented baked milk);
  • gelatin and agar;
  • white, blue clay;
  • coffee and tea;
  • beer, rum, cognac;
  • pepper and mustard.

The natural and environmentally friendly mask easily mixes up in house conditions. Thus considerable material investments aren’t necessary. It is necessary to consider that you shouldn’t hope for fast results. To achieve noticeable density and growth it is possible only after long and regular use. The notable effect is shown at least in a month, but influence lasts more long, and the mask is capable to help the even weakened hair of elderly women.

Variety of curative masks for hair

Vitamins, nonsaturated and saturated fatty acids, and also the proteins which are a part of mix are the active components allowing to look after in a complex ringlets without risk of their damage. Depending on an orientation, all means prepared in house conditions can be divided into five main influences:

  1. Against loss. In this case it is important to strengthen a hair bulb. Active ingredient has to get into skin therefore use blue clay rich with minerals and the yeast containing zinc.
  2. For density and growth. Such masks make the stimulating and irritating impact thanks to what to a surface of skin there is a rush of blood, bearing in itself nutritious components and oxygen. Mustard, onions, apple cider vinegar, pepper – mix from such components works wonders, and two weeks later you can already notice increase in volume.
  3. Against split ends. The mask covers each hair with a thin protective film that interferes with stratifying. The main ingredients of the means prepared in house conditions: egg yolks and gelatin.
  4. Moistening. Means allows to support water balance on all length. It is especially actual for the overdried hair after coloring or a chemical wave. Fermented milk products, black bread, bananas are a part.
  5. Nutritious structures are directed on a supply to a bulb of active agents. The mask contains in the basic vegetable oils (olive, burdock, kastorovy). Good food – guarantee of density and growth.

It is possible to use factory structures, but the means made individually works better. Generally components are perfectly combined and supplement each other. Exceptions – clay and vinegar, sour ingredients and eggs. The chemical reactions happening at mixture nullify useful qualities of a product.

National recipes

The mask with castor oil prepared independently in house conditions best of all promotes activization of growth and food of hair, adds them density. Preparation requires 20 g of castor oil and 5 g of any shampoo. Mix needs to be applied on moist hair, to put on a polyethylene hat and to wrap up the head with a towel. In an hour to wash away warm water. The lack of means consists in a specific smell. It can be corrected introduction of several drops of cedar or rosemary oil.

The mask on three oils with alcohol prepares so: mix 20 g of coconut oil, 20 g of oil jojoba, 10 g of burdock oil, 1-2 teaspoons of rum and 4 drops of menthol. Mix will give gloss and density to the ringlets injured by frequent coloring.

The honey and burdock mask in house conditions is effective for the prevention of loss. To mix components in a proportion 1:1, to add 1 crude yolk and to pound to a kremoobrazny state. Mix a thin layer needs to be distributed in the direction of growth of hair, paying special attention to a radical zone. Put on a warm cap on an hour and a half, and after diligently wash up the head. The optimum course makes 1 month with frequency three times a week.

The Indian mask for density and growth. In equal parts grind powder of a natural basma and henna to uniformity. Fill in with boiled water and leave for 10-15 minutes. In a separate plateau mix an egg yolk from 30 g of cocoa and 30 g of burdock oil. Apply part on head skin and distribute the rest on locks. Spend 60-90 minutes under the warming hat, wash away any shampoo. To avoid intensive coloring, at the end of procedure it is necessary to rinse hair with broth of the nettle or usual water acidified by lemon juice.

The honey mask makes miracle impact on faded and lifeless ringlets, giving them gloss and a luster. It is easy to prepare means in house conditions. For growth acceleration it is required to you: 1-2 heads of garlic of the average size, 1 tablespoon of lime honey, 1 teaspoon of juice of an aloe. Mix ingredients and apply weight on the fresh-washed head, it is important to wash away means without use of shampoo or cleaning broths. Don’t overdo a mask, differently emergence of dandruff will be a side effect. The maximum time of procedure doesn’t exceed half an hour.

Honey and dairy means for magnificent density. In 100 g of warmish milk to part 15-20 g of yeast. To give the mixes “have a rest” within half an hour, and after to add 75 g of honey, to mix, rub in a radical zone of hair and in an hour to wash away broth from birch kidneys. The additional effect consists in easy clarification of natural locks.

Mustard structure for growth stimulation: 20 g of yeast, 5 g of cane sugar, 10 g of mustard and 100 ml of water mix and densely smear the head with the received mix. Thanks to this means inflow of blood to hair bulbs is provided, and nutritious processes are activated.

Masks on the basis of an egg yolk become alternative saloon the kreatinovykh of procedures in house conditions. They not only restore structure, but also struggle with dandruff. For density and acceleration of growth it is necessary to take two yolks and evenly to pound them on hair. Only an hour two times a week, and your head of hear will look healthy and well-groomed. Having added 1-2 spoons of the crushed garlic and 10 g of juice of an aloe, it is possible to achieve influence strengthening.

Barmy structures recommend to apply time in three days for 2 months. Then it is necessary to make a break for 3 months. It will allow to involve as much as possible means potential without accustoming to an active phase. Rather effectively for growth and density to use the yeast refermenting on curative herbs decoction. For this purpose take a fresh nettle, fill in it with boiled water on half an hour, separate liquid, cool to room temperature. Part in water 20 g of sugar, 50 g of yeast and 1 yolk. Let’s wander 30 minutes, add 3-4 drops of rose attar and rub a mask in clean moist hair for 40 minutes. Then carefully wash away shampoo.

As you can see, the reliable and checked for years hair preparations can be made without effort in house conditions. Without excess capital investments each girl is capable to look stunningly. For this purpose it is necessary to look after regularly himself and to use gifts of the nature instead of synthetic cosmetics.

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