Masks for growth of hair to children

By | 27.03.2018

Indumentum from children demands full-fledged personal care at all not less, than from adults. It is worth understanding that around there are a lot of negative factors. Harmful mixes, not qualitative food and.

Indumentum from children demands full-fledged personal care at all not less, than from adults. It is worth understanding that around there are a lot of negative factors. Harmful mixes, not qualitative food and water has an adverse effect on children’s hairs. Leaving that at once it was succeeded to lay the foundation for growth of beautiful and healthy curls is necessary for them. For this purpose it is possible to use the most different means (conditioners, shampoos, masks for hair). For growth, strengthening and restoration of indumentum it will be required to make efforts.

Volosiki children I have features. They following:

  • Integument on a head at the child the thin. Respectively, the fat percent is too not high. For this reason for harmful substances it is easier to get, as well as to useful means.
  • It is less at children also that depth at which bulbs of locks lie.
  • Children’s hairs sputyvatsya easily.
  • Only by 7 years the head of hear is formed.

Recommendations about preparation of mixes

Children’s masks look after hair and an integument on the head. Means include only natural components. It is better to select such products which are characterized by medicinal properties. There is a large number of national recipes by means of which it will be possible to cope with huge number of shortcomings.

The prepared substances for hair should be rubbed in roots of locks. After drawing wrap up a head of hear with polyethylene and a warm polotenchik or put on a cap.

Care of selection of components is connected with that some elements are capable to contradict each other. And at the expense of it they can have an adverse effect on the kid.

Masks for children have to be prepared only from natural and qualitative products.

Many kids possess tendency to an allergy. Therefore not all substances are equally useful. It isn’t necessary in structure of the moistening means to include production of industrial production as it is characterized by existence of harmful substances of chemical character.

Classical recipes

Mix with each other the following components: a yolk of one egg, a spoon of the yogurt prepared in house conditions, a spoon of the warmed-up honey, some droplets of cognac and onions.
It is necessary to apply means on the damp and washed-up curls of the kid. It is necessary to wash away by means of water after 30 minutes.

Recipes from dandruff

With dandruff at the kid it is possible to cope with the help of rather simple recipe. Mix 10 drops of essence from a ylang-ylang with the same amount of oil of a tea tree. It will be required to add vegetable oil to the received mix (100gr.). You apply substance on indumentum of the child in 10 minutes prior to washing of the head.

Nettle broth

One more recipe of a mask means that it is necessary to fill in with a half of a glass of a nettle boiled water. To add 3 spoons of henna to solution. Mix as a result has to turn out kasheobrazny. Add a yolk to it at once as soon as weight cools down. The mask is applied on hair of the child on an hour and a half. It is necessary to wash away water.

Mask with kefir

Masks for hair of children are prepared and on the basis of kefir. For this purpose sour-milk production it is put for 2 minutes during bathing of the kid, washing away through the put time warm water. At the expense of it curls at the child will become soft and fluffy.

Recipes with egg

Children, to be exact to their ringlets, can be helped also by an egg yolk. Not necessarily care of a hairdress of the child will demand costs of money of cosmetics. Ringlets can add health, splendor, gloss and by means of a simple egg mask. What advantage recipes of similar character have:

  • make-shifts are used;
  • the mask possesses the checked structure;
  • eggs there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients;
  • gives gloss and strengthening of structure;
  • prevents fragility of hair;
  • growth of indumentum becomes more active;
  • struggles with dandruff.

Independently it isn’t difficult to do such masks.

  • For this purpose it is possible to use simply instead of shampoo a yolk. It foams, well clearing spin a hair. The amount of this substance will depend on length of ringlets. Mix with each other a yolk and water. The mask is applied on ringlets on all their length. It is necessary to wash away in 5 minutes. You shouldn’t use similar means more than 2 times a week.

Masks for growth of hair to children

Recipes are strongly widespread on care of children’s hair. It is necessary to carry to the most effective as a part of what there are eggs. They promote strengthening and a hair reconstruction. It is possible to use masks of this sort several times in a week. It is necessary to wash the head by means of shampoo. It is necessary to apply a mask from egg on clean ringlets, well rubbing it in an integument. It will be necessary to wash away it in a few minutes warm water. If it is hotter, protein will simply turn that will complicate washing off of substance.

  • To prepare the following means, oil, a yolk of one egg, vinegar, castor oil, glycerin will be required. Mix a yolk with 3 spoons it is buttered. It will be required to add a spoon of glycerin and 9% vinegar to mix. You apply the received weight on indumentum on half an hour. After it distributions on hair, the head it will be required to wrap up with a towel.

Use of infusions for rinsing of the head

For growth activization, for strengthening and giving of gloss to locks use conditioners. This means is used how the head will be washed up. It won’t be required to wash away a conditioner at the end.

  • It will be required to take hop cones, nettle leaves, flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical and burdock roots. Each of these substances should be taken on 1 spoon and to make by means of 1 glass of boiled water. It will be required to filter in half an hour.
  • For activization of growth of indumentum it is worth using willow bark and flowers of a calendula (or a burdock root). These products will be required to be taken on 2 spoons of everyone, to fill in with liter of water and to boil on weak fire. After that the conditioner is cooled and filtered. After rinsing the head shouldn’t be wiped. Locks have to dry.
  • For preparation of infusion it is necessary to use a peel of 4 lemons. It will be necessary to add waters of 1 liter to it. It is required to boil for 15 minutes. After cooling broth is ready to application.


  • For activization of growth of indumentum, strengthening and giving of beauty and health to ringlets of the kid, observe hygiene.
  • Also it is necessary to get a special hairbrush and a headdress. The attire shouldn’t be and close, complicating thus access of blood to skin.
  • It is required to use only children’s shampoos and warm, but not hot water.
  • Regularly you come with the kid for walks.
  • After dandruff is cured, it will be required to get rid of a hairbrush. Thus boil a headdress, having added detergents or solution of vinegar to water. If the cap can’t be processed, it simply will be required to be thrown out.

You shouldn’t forget about good nutrition and rest. It in a complex promotes health and excellent mood of the kid. And hair will be thus not less healthy, strong and beautiful.

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