Masks for growth of hair – recipes of house masks, professional tools

By | 27.03.2018

Recipes of natural house masks for stimulation of growth of hair. A professional solution for long hair. How to grow beautiful long hair? Masks for growth of hair can be enough.

How to grow beautiful long hair?


Masks for growth of hair can be quite various. Anyhow, after all our girls accumulated and improved recipes for centuries. In what their uniqueness consists? This question is especially actual, considering a level of development of science and modern development.


We will begin with the beginning, i.e. with a problem essence. Experts counted that on average hair grow by 1-1,2 cm a month. There are, of course, lucky women, at which growth a little quicker – about 1,5-2 cm. But such option is possible only on condition that hair have appropriate leaving, the organism is absolutely healthy moreover and heredity didn’t pump up.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


Many of us, perhaps, noticed that on reaching a certain length, our ringlets become unhealthy, dry, fragile and in general grow very slowly or even absolutely cease to grow. And so a problem of the masks intended for growth of hair – to put a situation in motion. They are based generally on the principle of warming up of hair bulbs and stimulation of their growth.


But don’t forget that, first of all, it is necessary to cure hair, and then to be engaged in strengthening of their growth. Otherwise it is necessary to wait for results very long. For this purpose it will be required to make a few efforts:


  • the correct leaving with the means suitable you;
  • the massage of the head in time each washing allowing to strengthen blood circulation and to improve a condition of roots of hair;
  • regular combing which will help to remove the died-off elements and will execute additional massage;
  • contrast shower for head skin.


Notice that presence of diseases like fungal or infectious, and also dandruff can neutralize completely action of nutritious elements, and even absolutely cause negative consequences.


Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools There is a lot of ways for restoration of structure and stimulation of growth of hair and bulbs under head skin. But there are checked effective methods, among which oils, vitamin complexes (folic acid, zinc, magnesium, beta carotene), good nutrition with obligatory existence of vegetables and fruit, the restoring means in the form of shampoos and balms long ago, and, of course, special masks of both house, and professional preparation.


At first sight can seem that the solution of so vital issue, can become very expensive. After all the long beautiful ringlets shining health is the real treasure. But actually, if it is too expensive for you saloon procedures, it is possible to manage easily house masks for acceleration of growth of hair. By the way, all components can be found easily in the kitchen. Especially as structures of natural means with success carry out the task, and also favorably influence a condition of hair and head skin, sating them with useful substances and vitamins.


It is possible to use, of course, ready structures which in a large number are presented in modern shops. However their structure is sated with chemical components which at the same time “both treat, and cripple”. Their use demands strictly implementation of instructions, in order to avoid harming. Here therefore, we can recommend to each woman to find a little time and to use the checked grandmother’s recipes. They possess a number of merits:


  • simplicity in preparation and use;
  • the advantage checked numerous by practical consideration;
  • economy;
  • efficiency.


Recipes of natural house masks for stimulation of growth of hair


The means from natural products intended for growth acceleration work on such mechanism:


  • blood circulation process activization;
  • blood circulation strengthening;
  • the strengthened food of roots;
  • stimulation of hair bulbs to high efficiency, i.e. active growth of hair.


Of course, it isn’t necessary to count on a miracle, especially if you have short hair – in a week you won’t get a braid to a belt. But if you stock up with patience and you will use a couple of our recipes, the result will surely please you, though in some months. Especially as even professionals consider folk remedies the most effective and effective.


The whole rating of house masks for acceleration of growth of your head of hear is offered to your attention, each of which gained trust long ago.


Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools

The leader in this list the mask from mustard therefore we will quite deservedly put it on the first place is considered. The principle of impact of mustard on head skin and hair bulbs is quite simple – it heats, thereby causing blood inflow.


Will be necessary for its production:


  • 2 tablespoons of powder of mustard in a dry form;
  • as much hot water;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 2 tablespoons of any oil (burdock or olive);
  • 2 h. l. sugar.


Accurately to apply this mix on roots of hair in hair partings, trying not to mention their tips. Densely to wrap up the head polyethylene and to warm a towel or a dense scarf is already proceeding from personal preferences. It is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes if we suffer heat enough, it is possible to be masked even 1 hour and then to wash out carefully warm flowing water and shampoo. It is possible to repeat procedure 1-2 times a week that depends on degree of fat content of hair. She will help to strengthen considerably them, will give volume and will solve somewhat a problem of an oily hair.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


The mask prepared on the basis of tincture of red burning pepper possesses similar action and can quite be applied as analog of a mustard mask. Therefore we send it to the second position.


Tincture pepper ready prepared can be bought in any drugstore or to make it independently. For this purpose it will be required to you:


  • one crushed pod of red pepper;
  • 100 ml of vodka.


To clean mix in a dark place and so to insist about two weeks. It is better to apply on head skin in the diluted look since means can cause strong irritation or even burns. Honey, an egg yolk or any vegetable oil in a proportion perfectly will be suitable for action mitigation 1:3 (tincture mitigation), apply such slightly warmed up mix, easily massaging skin, and you hold it on the head till 40 minutes. If burning very strong, it isn’t necessary to be zealous and it is simple to wash away everything. Categorically its use in the presence of dandruff and an itch isn’t recommended.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


If your skin is very sensitive, and the effect need to achieve, that is some softer options. One of them is the mask with ginger and cosmetic oil.


Ginger remarkably intensifies blood circulation, thereby activating growth of hair, and oil helps to protect from possible irritation. It is necessary for its preparation:


  • 1 tablespoons of sesame oil or jojoba;
  • 1 tablespoon of a polished root of ginger.


Accurately mix components in uniform mix and rub it in roots of hair the massage movements. It is necessary to do it vigorously, but it is the most careful. After half an hour it is necessary to rinse hair with warm water. It will be best of all to use such mask before washing of hair. The small note – it isn’t suitable for very oily hair.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


Still there is an opportunity to use very simple mask for the active growth of hair. It is based on useful qualities of onions and honey. Honey and onions, small polished, in a proportion 1:4 will be necessary for you.


Rub a mask in roots of hair and you hold about 45 minutes then wash out water. It is desirable not to apply thus shampoo in general, or to take the softest.


As we already spoke, all necessary for healthy beautiful, and the most important, long hair you will be able to find in the kitchen. Mix of eggs and oils can become one of options of such improving and nutritious mask. Try to mix such components:


  • 1 tablespoons of any cash oil in house (olive, sunflower or other);
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 1 h. l. cognac;
  • 1 h. l. honey;
  • 1 h. l. natural henna.


Mix all components before receiving a uniform consistence, apply them on hair, and especially carefully on roots, wrap up the head with a film and a towel. Procedure has to last not less than half an hour, and even it is more.


Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools It is also possible to use such, apparently, simple plant as an aloe or a century plant. It is traditional vegetation on our window sills, and many don’t even suspect, how useful its effect can be had. It is possible to apply structure of an aloe with honey and cognac to growth acceleration. And there is still a mask option for this purpose:


  • 1 part of fresh juice of a century plant;
  • 1 part of honey;
  • 1 part of lemon juice;
  • 1 crushed garlic head.


It is worth applying a medical mask on slightly moistened ringlets, and to hold it about 30-40 min. It is possible to strengthen considerably action by heating, having wrapped up hair in polyethylene and a terry towel. At the end of procedure well rinse a head of hear warm water, it is desirable without shampoo use. If you are frightened by a possible smell of garlic, during washing of the head try to add mustard powder which will absorb in itself all negative smells.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


To restoration and the healthy growth of hair it is possible to apply a mask from mix of three oils. For this purpose it is required to mix castor, olive and coconut oil in identical proportions and to warm up slightly on a water bath. Hair, thus, without forgetting to apply a mask on roots about massage. To cover the head a film and a warm towel. It is necessary to hold mix on the head within at least 40 minutes.


In such a way you will be able to improve considerably structure of hair and their general state, having created thereby, good base for the good growth of hair.


To treat and considerably you will be able to grow hair, using broths of medicative herbs. This way was the only thing available to our ancestors throughout many generations, and they were famous for long braids to a belt. The recipe demands existence of such components:


  • 1 tablespoon of mix of a camomile, yarrow, sage and chistotel;
  • 0,5 liters of boiled water.


To fill in grass composition with boiled water and to leave to be drawn about 40 minutes. If necessary cool the turned-out infusion and filter. During washing rub it in skin and roots of hair the massage movements or carefully caress hair to them. Such broth will be suitable for any type of hair.


Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools

Broths for dry hair are especially good, they won’t overdry their structure, but at the same time considerably will affect their state and acceleration of growth. For example, for a head of hear of this kind of the best there will be a mask which part the dried-up bark of an oak, willows and a thyme is.


For receiving optimum structure take portions on 20 grams of each of the dried-up components, carefully mix and gather 4 tablespoons of mix of herbs, fill in them with one liter of the cleared water and you boil about 15 minutes. Surely cool and filter structure and rub it quiet movements in head skin.


The most main and effective house recipes for acceleration of growth of hair are that. Using them, you will be able to achieve considerable results. But for the maximum effect we recommend to accept some moments for attention:


  • Regularity – one-time cosmetic procedure will give so small effect that you will practically not notice it. Therefore it is worth carrying out them with enviable constancy.
  • Identity – it is necessary to pick up the type of means suitable you. And it is possible to make it only having passed a way of tests and mistakes.
  • The method of application – exists some rules, adhering which you by all means will achieve necessary result. This performance of the terms specified in the recipe, accurate drawing hair, optimum volume of a mask and the desirable heating of hair promoting deeper penetration of useful elements.


Professional solution for long hair


Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools Today the market is sated with the means helping to find long ringlets. They and really are capable to make it quicker and more simply, than application of national recipes. If you decide to go on this way, you should face such procedures as a mesotherapy, application of complex treatment, as well as rather big accounts from good experts. The professional will be able to pick up the means necessary for your hair. Especially as system approach which at the same time strengthens hair is often applied and activates their growth, considering all features of structure, a damage rate, length and type. After all, you see, long, but lifeless hair look absolutely unattractively.


First of all, lotions, shampoos, masks for hair, and also polyvitaminic complexes – biotin belong to professional tools. Very well preparations help with ampoules in which release many known cosmetic brands are engaged. They not only revitalize, but also strengthen action of the main preparations urged to accelerate growth of hair.


To receive quickly long hair becomes possible by means of various physioprocedures in cosmetology salon. Are considered the most popular:



Don’t forget that during intensive growth especially need the careful and thought-over leaving since any slightest damage is capable to injure them strongly. During active application of the activating means very sparing mode with the minimum use of ways of thermolaying, the rigid hairpins and hard elastic bands breaking blood circulation is recommended.

Masks for growth of hair - recipes of house masks, professional tools


Professional tools approach only at their use in salon under supervision of the expert. Otherwise the result can become very negative. And use, so-called, mass means which can be got freely in any shop, can do much harm also strongly to your hair since know that is hidden behind a beautiful label, given the little.


As you noticed ways to receive long and beautiful ringlets quite a lot therefore dare, test. One of them will surely yield result necessary for you.

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