Man’s hair-dye: features of use and version

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Always there is a choice: to paint a gray hair or to be natural. The hair-dye for men and the description of color scale on a box differs. For example, the woman will understand at once what will be color as a result of use of paint with the name "frosty chestnut".

Modern men even more often start paying attention to the appearance therefore on a commodity market of man’s cosmetics becomes more increasing every year. One of popular means is the man’s hair-dye which isn’t something for a long time unimaginable as many men paint hair to hide the appeared gray hair.

Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Primary colors of the man’s painting means


  1. Major cosmetic companies mark production for men a special sign as their skin and hair significantly differ from the female.

Men need to use the painting means without ammonia (not to damage structure of a hair) and with the maintenance of the moistening components.

  1. At heart all men are impatient therefore long procedure of painting is unacceptable for them; developers especially for them create dyes which give the chance to turn man’s coloring of hair into five-minute procedure and to get rid of a gray hair in hair.
Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Always there is a choice: to paint a gray hair or to be natural

  1. The hair-dye for men and the description of color scale on a box differs. For example, the woman will understand at once what will be color as a result of use of paint with the name “frosty chestnut”, and for the man such inscriptions are difficult for perception therefore on a box everything is written simply – “chestnut-colored” or “a light chestnut”.
  2. To all painting means for women there is an instruction where it is specified as well as what to mix, the tinting means for men doesn’t demand mixing, all components are connected in one tube. In a set there is only an applicator by means of which dye is applied on hair.
Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Before coloring


Men’s dyes happen different types, but the main classification is considered division of dyes into two look:

  1. Resistant paints paint for a long time. They contain ammonia therefore the main advantage of such means is instantaneousness of coloring, and in the structure a shortcoming – harmful influence on structure of hair.
  2. Unstable paints are washed away through six-eight applications. Such means make soft impact on a lock as don’t contain ammonia.

For the men wishing to leave in secret coloring it is necessary to use dyes without ammonia because with their help of sharp transformation won’t be, hair will be painted gradually and not really considerably surrounding.

Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

The Bezammiachny painting means

How to pick up paint

Hair color at men have many shades therefore at a choice of paint it is necessary to pick up the necessary option most precisely. Producers offer a wide choice of shades of the painting means – for every taste and preference. Just before coloring it is necessary to hold testing for an allergy. For this purpose it is necessary to apply a little substance on the back of a palm or for an ear.

Experts recommend to carry out the test for an allergy one days prior to coloring as people have a different sensitivity on preparations and different terms of manifestation of allergic reactions to such tests.

If local reaction is absent, this dye can be used safely for designated purpose.

Release form

Today three kinds of dyes for men are issued:

  • paint with cream texture;
  • mousse;
  • gel-paint.
Release formFeatures
Cream-paintThe most widespread type of dye. For coloring by the hands in house conditions it is necessary to put a lot of effort as the substance has a dense consistence.
MousseSimple means for painting both in preparation, and in use, has a liquid consistence and gives the chance evenly to distribute a preparation on all hair.
GelRather new means for painting. The main feature is firmness of coloring, (maintains about 40 washings of the head). A lung in application — five minutes, and it it is possible to wash away. The price of gel is higher, than mousse and cream-paint.

At the first use of mousse it is necessary to be very accurate because the foamy liquid substance can sometimes flow on skin near roots, and protect it happens very difficult.


Many ask a question, what hair color is pleasant to men, after all, as well as women, men worry about the appearance. If to compare a palette of paints for women and men, men’s dyes are issued in much the reduced quantity of shades.

Natural colors

Dye which is urged to hide a gray hair, has no wide scale of shades because in the nature there are only some natural shades of hair. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to let out an extensive color palette of natural shades.

Producers of men’s paint offer a choice from six-eight basic flowers. Reading various forums and responses, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the most beautiful hair color according to men — is black which also treats natural shades.

Extreme shades

Using bright dyes, the main attention needs to be focused on volume, how chosen means will correspond to idea of new image. Well white hair at men give in to coloring by bright shades. Thus it is possible to paint all head of hear in one color or to use various shades, achieving the most extreme combinations.

Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Photo of an original hairstyle with extreme coloring

Fair hair at men also not bad gives in to painting both in natural shades, and in courageous colors.

Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Combination of flowers


Today in the market of decorative cosmetics for a strong half of mankind men’s dyes of such companies are presented:

  • Schwarzkopf;
  • American Crew;
  • Combe Inc;
  • L’oreal Professionnel and others.
Man's hair-dye: features of use and version

Last development of the Combe Inc company Just For Men Touch of Gray paint


Painting of hair to men is possible not only in beauty shops, but also in house conditions, the main thing — is correct to pick up the necessary dye and to know features of its use. To learn in detail how it is correct to dye hair to the man, it is possible, having seen the attached video in this article.

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