Mineral mask for hair

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Mineral mask for growth of hair. The mask from "the Planet of Organic chemistry" comprises not only minerals, but also thermal dirt, and also white volcanic clay. Dirt influences hair bulbs and doesn’t allow loss.

Mineral mask for hair


Mineral masks for hair are the remedies made on the basis of minerals of the Dead Sea. They possess a set of curative properties thanks to what with their help it is possible to fight against a number of problems successfully.

Unlike other means, house mineral masks for hair possess a special secret: at them there is a huge number of minerals of the Dead Sea, and they are made in most cases of curative dirt.

For hair it is possible to speak about advantage of mineral masks infinitely:

  • They effectively fight against loss, stimulate blood circulation and growth of ringlets;
  • At them most often there are extracts of seaweed, curative dirt, proteins and quitosano: all these substances promote strengthening and improvement of locks, and also normalization of activity of sebaceous glands.

Key feature of house mineral masks for hair is that in them it is possible to find more than 20 minerals, and each of them will have unique structure. Also these means are made for the most different types of ringlets that gives the chance to use them to all women without exception, having chosen the most suitable of them.

With what problems masks for hair quickly cope with minerals of the Dead Sea:

  • Loss and alopetion;
  • Not intensive or stopped growth;
  • Dandruff;
  • The plentiful grease raid appearing often on locks because of misoperation of grease secretions;
  • Section of tips, lack of gloss and volume.

Masks for hair from minerals in house conditions give tremendous effect: having conducted a medical course within 2-3 months, it is possible to notice positive changes though the first results happen after 3-4 applications.


Mineral mask for hair


Mineral mask for growth of hair

The mask from “the Planet of Organic chemistry” comprises not only minerals, but also thermal dirt, and also white volcanic clay. Dirt influences hair bulbs and doesn’t allow loss, and clay plays large role for stimulation of processes of growth, thus means can use all:

  • We take the necessary portion of structure from a jar, we distribute it on a head of hear after washing and we hold 15 minutes;
  • We wash away a warm water, we use twice a week.

Mineral mask against a hair loss

One more preparation from “The planet of organic chemistry” comprises a complex from 20 minerals which interfere with baldness, accelerate growth and smooth locks:

  • Having washed up the head, we process means ringlets;
  • After 10 minutes we wash away everything a water, we use twice a week.

The strengthening mineral mask for Daniel jouvance hair

As a part of means from the French producer there is an extract of seaweed which strengthens follicles and restores locks after coloring:

  • We make foam a small amount of a preparation on moist ringlets, we leave for 3 minutes;
  • We wash away, we put 2-3 times a week.

Mask for hair with minerals of the Dead Sea Belita-Viteks

This means of the Belarusian production includes seaweed, dirt and minerals thanks to what effectively influences the weakened bulbs, and also softens and restores locks:

  • We kill ringlets, we apply on them a mask with the massing movements, we leave for half an hour;
  • We delete by means of water;
  • We use no more than two times in 7 days.

Mineral mask for hair the Planet Organic chemistry (Planeta Organica)

The mask on the basis of organic components and 10 minerals of the Dead Sea perfectly restores the excised and dry locks, fills them with moisture and vital force, protects from harmful external effects:

  • We wash a head of hear, we process it in the small portion of structure;
  • We hold all 10 minutes then we are rinsed;
  • We apply twice a week.

Mineral mask for hair of Mon Platin DSM

The mask of the Israeli production effectively struggles with dandruff, reduces an itch, adds to ringlets softness and gloss as incorporates sea salt, extracts of an aloe and a camomile, and also oil jojoba: all these elements are quickly absorbed and well look after a head of hear.

Rules of application:

  • After washing of the head we apply means on a head of hear, we maintain from 5 to 10 minutes;
  • We wash away, we use no more than two times in 7 days.



Thanks to the high content of useful substances in structure, everything for some applications manage to achieve favorable results of use of mineral masks for hair in house conditions:

  • Locks stop dropping out, start growing more actively;
  • There is a saturated gloss and smoothness;
  • Rassechenny sites are restored;
  • Appearance of ringlets improves, there are dimensions.

Reviews of masks for hair from minerals:

Yana, 29 years:

“I bought “the Planet Organic chemistry” for dry ringlets, and is very happy: dryness already much more there was a live gloss, but the most important – hair after washing aren’t confused as it was earlier”

Evelina, 33 years:

“I very much liked a mask from Belita. She acts very softly, has a pleasant consistence and a smell, quickly strengthens bulbs of what I was convinced itself: before started it using, ringlets poured the whole bunches, and 3 weeks of application later the problem was solved”

Marine, 43 years:

“Earlier I had very dry hair but after I started using the Planet Organic Chemistry mask, everything cardinally changed: now they look live, were filled with necessary moisture, and also at last ceased to drop out”


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