The most effective masks for growth of hair in house conditions

By | 27.03.2018

For growth of hair a mask from clay – the thing absolutely irreplaceable as it effectively clears ringlets of dirt, improves blood circulation in the field of hair bulbs and gives to a head of hear additional volume.


Masks for growth of hair are one of numerous ways of maintenance of appearance of a head of hear up to standard. After all process of normal growth of ringlets depends as on the external factors making on them impact (for example, a way of life of the person, a food allowance, ecology), and that, the organism from within, and also heredities is how healthy. And if it is difficult to argue with the last factor, and health needs to be strengthened in the corresponding ways, to cope with the external influencing factors quite perhaps by means of special means – in particular, masks for the active growth of hair.

Alas, women often neglect the checked natural recipes of beauty, preferring to buy in shops ready cream. However you shouldn’t forget that the nature is able to provide to the person all necessary nutrients that will manage much cheaper, than purchase of the advertized branded means (and in certain cases at all won’t cost kopeks). After all quite often happens so that in house conditions it is possible to make the mask for growth of hair which absolutely isn’t conceding in efficiency to expensive analogs.

The most effective masks for growth of hair in house conditions


Some general councils

Before starting the description of recipes of masks for growth of hair in house conditions, useful will be to mention their different types and the main principles of care of them in brief.

Type of hairHow to look after
The normalThey don’t need any special care. All essence of leaving is reduced to maintenance of the characteristics given by the nature, at the same level.
The drySuch hair need to be washed the less often, the better (naturally, within limits – at all it isn’t necessary to go for weeks with the dirty head). It is better not to use the hair dryer and devices for thermal laying. The hairbrush has to be wooden. Such head of hear extremely needs nutritious masks for growth of hair and their strengthening.
The fatIt is necessary to wash the head daily or every other day. For washing it is impossible to use hot water by no means – hair will zhirnet even quicker. You shouldn’t abuse laying means and combing by a brush.
The mixed typeOften the problem of the mixed type pursues owners of long hair. In an ideal for care of them shampoo two types is used at once: the radical zone is washed with means for an oily hair, and length – shampoo for dry.
Curly and wavyIn most cases such hair have the mixed type therefore also leaving is necessary to them the corresponding. In addition, curls demand the extremely careful attitude therefore masks for growth of hair and their strengthening will bring invaluable benefit.
The thinThe main problem of such head of hear is that it gryaznitsya strongly, and together with it needs very sparing washing. It will be ideal to dry a fine hair in the natural way.
Painted, damagedPerhaps, the most difficult hair in leaving. Damage usually isn’t natural, and often in a deplorable state heads of hear the hostess is guilty. Such ringlets need careful moistening and the accuratest washing therefore the mask for growth of hair and their strengthening will come in handy.

The strengthening mask with mustard

The mask for growth of hair in house conditions made on the basis of mustard and added with seasonings is capable to restore completely structure of each hair, having returned them the lost gloss and elasticity. Components for preparation:

  • 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil (will be ideally suited burdock or olive);
  • 2 tablespoons of burning seasoning;
  • Yolk of one egg;
  • Mustard powder.

For preparation of this mask, at first on a water bath it is necessary to warm up oil a little. Then it is necessary to take egg, accurately to separate a yolk from protein, and, having slightly shaken up a yolk a fork or a nimbus, to pour in it in warm vegetable oil. After other ingredients are added, and future mask carefully mixes up to uniformity. The ready mask for growth of hair is rubbed in head skin, over it the hat for a shower is put on (or a simple polyethylene bag), and wrapped up with a towel. After 30-60 minutes the head is washed carefully in the usual way.

Honey mask with lemon juice

The masks for growth of hair in house conditions made on a honey basis possess the excellent restoring properties, enrich a head of hear with vitamins, feeding on their all length as result, interfering with loss of hair. Components for preparation:

  • 2-3 spoons of honey;
  • One egg;
  • Little lemon juice.

It is necessary to draw this mask for growth of hair not less than an hour. For the maximum effect it is possible to add pepper tincture to number of its components.

Mask from cinnamon and kefir

Masks for growth of hair on the basis of kefir have the pronounced strengthening and revitalizing effect. This means will allow to return to the shortest possible time to a head of hear vital force and to intensify its growth. Components for preparation:

  • half of a glass of kefir;
  • Yolk of one egg;
  • Dessert spoon of cinnamon.

All components need to be mixed carefully then evenly to apply on a head of hear on all its length. Hold means of 30 minutes till 1 o’clock, then wash away. For achievement of the best effect it is better to use house eggs and kefir.

Mask on the basis of natural clay

Clay it was used by beauties for care of hair, a face and a body still in the very ancient time. In particular, such well-known queens as Cleopatra and Nefertiti didn’t neglect it. For growth of hair a mask from clay – the thing absolutely irreplaceable as it effectively clears ringlets of dirt, improves blood circulation in the field of hair bulbs and gives to a head of hear additional volume. Curative properties of clay somewhat depend on its color – blue has property to nourish head skin with oxygen, yellow – helps to get rid of dandruff, green – influences roots of hair, reducing their fat content, and white promotes growth activization. Components for preparation:

  • 1 part of powder of clay;
  • 1 part of water.

Components of this mask mix, achieving a consistence are swept away then apply on a head of hear. It is necessary to take means 15 minutes then to wash up the head. In the course of washing off active loss of hairs often takes place. However you shouldn’t panic – the head, thus, leave obviously dead hair which, anyway, would drop out during couple of days. However it is necessary to know that the mask for growth of hair from clay is contraindicated to girls with too thin or injured hair, and also in that who has an allergy to clay or differs to it in hypersensibility.

Glyceric mask

Simply magic effect the mask for hair made on the basis of glycerin has. Note that such means is capable to turn into the shortest terms the pathetic, thinned bunch of hair in a magnificent, dense and brilliant head of hear. Components for preparation:

  • 2 tea spoons of glycerin;
  • 2 tea spoons of vinegar;
  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil;
  • One egg.

It is necessary to work with mix extremely quickly, constantly mixing it in the course of drawing on roots of hair. Having processed thus all head of hear, it is necessary to roll up the head a towel, and to stand in such look over steam. After this procedure the head of hear is washed away carefully.

Mask with henna

The mask for growth of hair of this type has colourless henna, and also mustard powder in the basis. Together these components considerably increase efficiency of each other, interfering with loss of hair and helping their healing. Components for preparation:

  • 50 grams of colourless henna;
  • 50 grams of powder of mustard.

For preparation of a mask, henna of the beginning needs to be made boiled water, achieving finding of the swept-away consistence by it, and then to pour mustard and carefully to mix all ingredients. It is necessary to rub with this mix carefully roots of hair, without allowing it to get at all length of ringlets. It is necessary to keep no more than an hour, and after to wash up the head in the way, habitual for you.

Mask on the basis of castor oil

Castor oil used glory of the curing means still from time immemorial, and masks for activization of growth of hair often became just on its basis. Use castor oil not simply as the making ingredient, but also as quite self-sufficient component on leaving. Components for preparation:

  • 1 part of castor oil;
  • 1 part of vodka;
  • 1 part of lemon juice.

For any manipulations with its castor oil at first it needs to be warmed up slightly. Then all specified ingredients mix up among themselves, and the ready mask for growth of hair is distributed on a head of hear at its roots. It is necessary to hold such mix for several hours. It must be kept in mind that the mask on the basis of castor oil is extremely hard washed away – to clean all traces of its presence, it will be required to wash up the head shampoo not less than two times. The notable effect will become swept up after its regular, two-week use. However, for a dyed hair this means is unsuitable.

Ginger mask

Ginger is very multipurpose spice – besides its habitual culinary mission, it will bring benefit and in creation of masks for growth of hair in the conditions of a house situation. Ginger has property to enrich hair bulbs necessary to them for full functioning with microcells, having provided them normal growth. Components for preparation:

  • 1 tablespoons of any vegetable oil;
  • Ginger root.

The root is rubbed on a small grater. The formed shaving mixes up with oil, and the received mix is distributed on hair. It is necessary to hold it approximately about half an hour. However because of the increased fat content, it will be washed away approximately as well as kastorovy. There is also one more way of production of a ginger mask: 1 h. l. ginger powder it is diluted on 2 tablespoons of oil. This mix, unlike previous, demands drawing only on roots.

Masks on the basis of Dimeksid

Despite that Dimeksid is a medicine for treatment of musculoskeletal system, national handymen fast learned to apply it and in the cosmetology purposes. It speaks quite simply – hair are healed by not a preparation, but its ability to stimulation of properties of nutritious components. In other words, Dimeksid is means for strengthening of useful effect of other ingredients. And now let’s consider some options of preparation of masks for hair from this preparation.

Components for preparation No. 1
  • 1 part of castor oil;
  • 1 part of Dimeksid.

Oil is warmed up then Dimeksid is added to it and all this mixes up. The mask for growth of hair is ready. It was necessary only to apply it to destination, to cover a plastic bag, to wind with a towel, and, having kept 1,5 hours, to wash away. The mask with burdock oil and Dimeksid is similarly applied, however in this case instead of 1 part of oil 5 parts will be required, and a medicine it will be necessary to take 1,5 parts.

Components for preparation No. 2
  • 10 ml of Dimeksid;
  • 10 ml of almond oil;
  • 1 tablespoons of cognac;
  • Yolk of one egg.

The mask in the same way, as well as all similar means is made. It is necessary to put and hold it on hair, as well as previous, however time procedure will take three times less – only half an hour.

Components for preparation No. 3
  • 3 parts of sea-buckthorn oil;
  • 1 part of Dimeksid.

At preparation this mix will demand, perhaps, the greatest diligence – as ingredients rather strongly differ on density, it will be necessary to make efforts to bring them to a uniform consistence. The mask is applied only on roots of hair, covered with a film, and atop reel up a towel. Hold 1,5 hours, then wash away.


The right choice of a mask and its regular use can become the real rescue for lifeless ringlets, having turned them into really magnificent head of hear. However the best effect can achieve only if internal therapy, a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and timely treatment of all diseases becomes addition to an external hair reconstruction.

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