Oil for growth of hair: what is better, effective essential oil for density

By | 04.04.2018

People found for cosmetic and essential oils application in care of beauty, health of hair and skin long ago. All of them are appreciated as the natural nutritious and restoring means. Receive them in the special way from various plants.

What hair oil is better

What oil of a plant will suit you, it is possible to learn, having only put various recipes into practice. A lot of things will depend on structure of hair, a condition of an organism, what problems you want to solve, or it is simple to carry out prevention.

Besides, it is necessary to observe a compounding, differently instead of advantage you can do much harm to the hair. Quality of the cosmetic oils sold in drugstores, too a miscellaneous is better to buy production of the checked producers not to face a fake.

In power to make some oils.

At diligent and reasonable use of oils hair will get stronger, will become stronger, more healthy, to stop their loss, dandruff will disappear and there will be a mirror gloss. Their density as they stimulate to awakening the sleeping hair follicles * will increase, growth will be accelerated.

* { A follicle – a special sack in which the hair root is strengthened. In it there are glands, vessels and a hair muscle }.

Types of hair oil

On structure and an origin of hair oil share on:

  • Cosmetic (basic). These are those oils which receive from seeds and pulp of fruits of many plants. In them there are many fats, vitamins and other active agents. It also caused their efficiency.
  • Essential oils. Differ from cosmetic in that receive them from green parts and roots of special plants – efironos. They contain very big percent of biologically active agents, namely éteres*.

* { Air – special volatile chemical compounds, a natural and artificial origin, possess causticity }.

Cosmetic (basic) oils

These cosmetic products are ready at once to the use, fat to the touch. Color, a smell and a consistence depend on structure.

  • Simple oils (derivatives of one plant). The most known, this burdock oil, linseed oil, olive oil. And also coconut, almond, sea-buckthorn, kastorovy. Lower we will consider some of them in detail. They force hair grow, revitalize, reduce their loss.
  • Difficult oils. Use cosmetic oils as independent means, and still mix with radio, t. mi, they become for them a basic basis. Then they are called as cosmetic oils of difficult structure. Get rather deeply and bring the stimulating substances to roots of hair.

Olive oil

It began to be used before others. At first it was used only in food, but then opened its valuable cosmetic properties. Receive from olive fruits. Oil contains many vitamins of various groups (especially And and E), microcells, fatty acids.

It has easy structure, doesn’t create a fat film. Hair, head skin don’t cease to be oxygenated. It is easily absorbed that is valuable when using with other oils which molecules are independently not capable to get of sufficient depth.

Besides strengthening of growth of hair, possesses disinfecting properties, relieves of dandruff, adds fine gloss. Tips soon cease to be stratified, the sechka disappears. It is necessary to apply regularly, combining with other means and oils.

Oil for growth of hair: what is better, effective essential oil for density

Coconut oil for density of hair

To make this oil, at first dry a fibrous core of coconuts.

It low-fat, doesn’t stick together hair. On hair there is only an easy protective film, it protects from a peresushivaniye and many other harmful factors. Each hair is smoothed and well reflects light, hair shine.

A peculiar effect of lamination which is so demanded in hairdresser’s salons is created. Besides, coconut oil, feeds them from within.

The strengthening burdock oil

This oil is known in Russia long ago, still our grandmothers used it instead of balms and masks.

It is no secret that they had dense long braids. In it considerable and his merit.

Receive oil from rhizomes of a burdock which grows everywhere. On the structure to it isn’t present equal, it makes complex impact, strengthens roots, restores on all length.

Mustard oil for growth of hair

It is known, as far as mustard burning. The same properties oil possesses. Thanks to it it causes a rush of blood, exchange processes are accelerated. Hair are actively sated with nutrients which are delivered by blood. Very well kills different types of bacteria.

Almond hair oil

Special oleic acid is a part. It possesses good penetration, on a surface doesn’t remain a fat film.

Hair after use soft, elastic, easily comb hair.

It is necessary to rub its small amount, then to distribute evenly. If you have normal or dry hair, don’t wash away. If fat, it is better to put before washing of hair.

Peach oil for gloss

Differs in a gentle pleasant smell. After a mask with it hair are electrified and puff up less. If on the head there is a rash and irritation, it will also come to the rescue. Will make a hairdress of more volume, your ringlets will begin to shine.

Nutritious castor oil

Well-known all oil, at the expense of the small cost and high efficiency, is demanded in house cosmetology. Receive it from a castor-bean tree.

Strengthens eyebrows and eyelashes. They become shortly more dark and more dense. Use separately, add to many house masks.

It is better to use it warm, as well as other oils and mixes. Time of influence shouldn’t be less than 30 minutes.

Essential oils for growth and density of hair.

Unlike cosmetic, essential oils don’t leave oil traces. They are colourless, have a pungent specific smell (if not so, before you a fake). Air has strong causticity therefore don’t apply them pure, surely parts in oil – a basis. Proportions depend on the concrete recipe.

Other method of application – to add couple of drops to shampoo or balm. Thanks to high concentration of active agents, are very effective in care of hair, you will see result at once.

The most known and effective oils are listed in the table, their main cosmetic properties are specified:

Rosemary oilStrengthens blood circulation thanks to what the sleeping hair bulbs wake up, growth of hair improves, loss stops. Considerably their density increases. Restores fragile and thinned.
Sage oilImproves the general condition of hair and head skin, well clears, relieves of dandruff, hair elastic and silky. It is recommended to use together with rosemary oil.
Cinnamon oilHas the warming effect. Too stimulates blood circulation, hair become stronger and grow.
Ylang-ylang oilRelieves of fat content, an itch, dandruff and other problems. The sechka stops, hair grow quicker.
Oil of black pepperVery effectively for giving of mirror gloss. Hair not empuja, become smooth and obedient, easily comb hair.
Oil of a tea treePossesses powerful antiseptic action. Will cope with any irritation, will clear and disinfects. Keeps hair the pure more long.
Melissa oilNormalizes activity of skin glands. Therefore equally favorably affects a dry and oily hair. Destroys dandruff, revitalizes.
Lavender oilThe real rescue at strong loss of hair and baldness. Considerably increases their density, growth becomes more active. Good antiseptics.
Oil jojobaIt is recommended for restoration of a limp and brittle hair. Well feeds, interferes with flaking of hair scales and treats the whipped tips.

The most effective recipes

Recipes for a long usage time the great variety collected, you for certain will be able to pick up what will help to solve your problems with hair. We will bring a little checked and available:

  • You mix a half-glass of warm olive oil with essential oils of rosemary, a sage, black pepper and jojoba (everyone on 1 drop). You apply on clean hair and head skin, you rub, then you comb and you wrap up the head with a towel. You hold 30 minutes, it is possible more long. You wash away, well you rinse the acidified water.

  • In the same proportions you take castor oil and oils of a tea tree, a lavender, a lemon. You use, as in the first recipe.

  • You add liquid vitamins A to the warmed-up burdock oil (200 ml) and E, air is washed, a ylang-ylang, cinnamon (all on 1 drop). You put a mask and you warm. It is possible to leave for the night. To rinse water with vinegar, won’t begin to creak yet.

  • In a tablespoon of peach oil to drip 1 drop of rosemary and a melissa. To apply a small amount on a hairbrush, carefully to distribute. Not to wash away. There will be a softness and gloss, hair won’t pushitsya and be electrified.

  • To add oils of an eucalyptus, orange, a tea tree to any basic oil (100 ml) (on 1 drop). To rub. Fat dandruff will be gone.

  • In the same proportions to take oils of a geranium, a lavender, a sage. To part in any basis suitable for you, to rub. Will help at dry dandruff.

  • To stop loss and to strengthen growth of new hair, cinnamon, a cedar, mustard, an eucalyptus perfectly will approach. It is necessary to choose two which are pleasant to you more, to add on a drop to burdock or castor basic oil, to heat mix. Diligently to rub in problem sites, not to wash away.

Oil for growth of hair: what is better, effective essential oil for density

Basic rule: at an oily hair to put a mask before washing with shampoo, and at dry after.

Hair were always ornament and pride of the woman, of course, if they beautiful, well-groomed, are poured by healthy gloss. Be sure that natural cosmetic oils will make them such, after all they are presented by the nature!

Whether you trust national cosmetology, did sometime masks for hair independently, or you use only ready means? Share opinions, councils, the checked recipes in comments!