Oils for density and growth of hair in house conditions: what to choose

By | 02.05.2018

Since ancient times dense and long ringlets were considered as a health sign. Today look for various ways for increase in density and growth of hair by means of national methods. Oils for growth and density of hair in house conditions enjoy wide popularity.

Since ancient times dense and long ringlets were considered as a health sign. Today look for various ways for increase in density and growth of hair by means of national methods. Oils for growth and density of hair in house conditions enjoy wide popularity.

Oils for density and growth of hair in house conditions: what to choose

Why these means?

Oils for growth of hair of a phytogenesis is a basis practically of all cosmetics. Oils by means of high-tech methods get from seeds of various plants and stones of nuts. Sunflower seeds of flowers and herbs, and also a core of nuts are sated with a large amount of various nutrients. These means possess a large amount of advantages in comparison with other types of cosmetic methods.

  • They approach all-type skin.
  • It is possible to use both in production, and in the house purposes.
  • Natural means has bigger amount of useful properties, than ready-made products of various brands.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • In their structure only vegetable components, aren’t present artificial additives, chemicals.
  • They can be used everywhere, and they are simple in application.

That enjoys bigger popularity

So, what means for growth and density of ringlets enjoy bigger popularity at their application in house conditions? All of them influence biochemical reactions in cells of head skin and, respectively, in hair bulbs, thus having positive effect.

Burdock is the means, most widespread in house conditions, for increase in growth rate and density of a head of hear. Advantage of this means is existence of a huge amount of the polyvitamins useful to skin of acids, minerals and a protein. Substances give to ringlets elasticity and supply a hair bulb or a hair follicle with necessary substances that does ringlets much more strongly and more densely. Also, softening skin, remove an itch and irritation.

It is possible to find in house conditions also olive oil which is used for growth and density of hair everywhere. It is vitamin-rich groups A, D and E, and also polyphenols. These substances strengthen hair, add them gloss on all length and do them dense. Thus olive oil doesn’t clog up skin pores that does it to even more effective.

Oils for density and growth of hair in house conditions: what to choose

Kastorovoye also possesses properties thanks to which ringlets grow quicker and become more dense. It moistens skin and can serve as prevention of dandruff. However it is used often only as an additive to the main structure of masks as it contains ritsinolenovy acid which can cause irritation of head skin. It is recommended to use not especially in house conditions for increase in density and growth of hair.

Linseed oil is got and processed by various methods therefore it has some types which are used in various areas. The advantage of means is availability of vitamins practically of all groups, but the bulk is occupied by groups A, B, E, F. These groups of vitamins normalize reactions in cells of head skin, and also at the use in food, improve the general health. Cells of head skin under the influence of factors of environment lose the opportunities, at saturation by their vitamins they restore balance that leads to acceleration of growth of hair and does them healthy, dense and smooth. Besides, the use of seeds of flax in house conditions with food increases its nutritious qualities repeatedly.

The coconut – gains popularity steam as its structure protects hair from an ultraviolet, humidifies them and head skin. You will find it not in each house, but as means in house conditions it quite is suitable for use. It is added usually to various shampoos and conditioners. Also it is enough to be applied on tips of hair for prevention of emergence of split ends.

The sea-buckthorn moistens hair, does them more dense and forms a protective film. The sea-buckthorn is an additive to many shampoos and other cosmetics. As a part of sea-buckthorn oil vitamins of groups C, B1, B2, folic acid, PP, K, P and E, and also carotene, flavonoids, iron, pine forest, manganese contain. Means has bactericidal property, is capable to heal small wounds, damages mucous, kills pain. Besides, it regulates a metabolism in skin.

Oils for density and growth of hair in house conditions: what to choose

It can be applied also inside that leads to improvement of an exchange of fats. It increases protein content in a liver and stimulates restoration in the damaged fabrics, in particular promotes restoration of cells of a liver after alcoholic intoxication that often is the reason of a hair loss.

Oil jojoba differs in the high content of amino acids. The structure of substance reminds a structure of collagen which is responsible for elasticity of skin. Oil jojoba contains also a protein which is a necessary remedy for the dry, inflamed and flabby skin. Such composition of oil promotes treatment of acne rash, small injuries and cracks on skin. Curing head skin, substances promote strengthening of growth and density of hair.

Butter also at the correct application in house conditions leads to strengthening of growth and density of ringlets. The main structure is fatty acids which provide to hair silkiness, gloss and elasticity. In addition, fatty acids protect hair from negative factors of environment, such as temperature drops, an ultraviolet.

Besides acids, as a part of butter there are vitamins of groups A, E, B, PP, D and K. All of them normalize exchange processes and stabilize local immunity of head skin that promotes prevention of a hair loss, and also accelerates their growth.

In drugstores of the city primrose oil which is often used in beauty shops is on sale. Its structure is unique that it contains linolenovy acid. Its organism can’t synthesize itself therefore has to receive from food. In addition, oil of a primrose contains tocopherol. Primrose oil for density and growth of hair possesses a large amount of curative properties.

  1. Restores cages.
  2. Removes an itch and irritation.
  3. Moistens skin.
  4. Strengthens hair.
  5. Stops a hair loss.

About such means as amaranth oil, very often forget as it is widespread insufficiently widely. However being in its structure escualeno promotes protection of head skin and bulbs of hair against fungal infections and bacteria.

Oils for density and growth of hair in house conditions: what to choose

Besides, oil of an amaranth contains fatty acids, vitamins of groups E and B, amino acids and other useful substances. All of them moisten head skin, normalize to a traffic of bulbs especially in cases after chemical waves and negative influence of the nature.

It is simple and effective

Upon purchase of oils in a drugstore quite simple description is attached to them, application in house conditions doesn’t cause difficulties at their drawing. Apply oils in pure form or with any additives, it is honey, red pepper and other nutrients for strengthening of effect.

First of all before application it is necessary to wash up and dry up hair then it is possible to put means. Oils are applied as on roots and on all length of hair. Before use of oil it needs to be warmed for strengthening of useful properties, for this purpose oil in a bottle is located on a water bath and heats up within 15 minutes. After drawing the head needs to be rolled up a towel.

In the absence of problems with head skin, for example fat skin, oil leave of 30 minutes till 1 o’clock. If skin of the increased fat content, no more than 30 minutes as oil can form a film and clog up head skin pores.

Through the allowed time the head needs to be washed up carefully, it is desirable with use of any shampoo and the conditioner. After that accurately to comb. Oils apply for a long time, from 1 to 3 months. Frequency rate of reception – 1-2 times a week. At emergence of any rash or deterioration of a state in the form of emergence of an itch, reddenings it is necessary to address to the doctor immediately.

It is impossible to forget, what even when using the most expensive and effective oil care of hair in house conditions has to be special. Hair need to be washed only in warm water, without sharp temperature differences. It is desirable for washing of hair in house conditions to use the boiled or filtered water. Hair need to be combed a wooden hairbrush. To dry the head needs to give independently without use of hair dryers.

Besides, preservation of beauty of hair is promoted by the correct way of life, absence of sharp stresses, healthy nutrition, vitamin-rich and minerals. Thus, oils for density and growth of hair a huge set. Before application of any of them it is desirable to consult at the trichologist.

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