Oils for a hair reconstruction in house conditions. The best hair oil

By | 04.04.2018

Main About a problem the Hair reconstruction, the correct leaving and stimulation of growth of Dara of the nature: the best hair oil. Unique components of vegetable oils perfectly feed the dry and weakened ringlets, sate a hair core with useful substances.

At all times the female beauty was considered as a symbol of health and internal energy. On a legend, secrets of unearthly appeal of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra were covered in her ability skillfully to use natural riches. Comprehending secrets of the Universe, making improbable discoveries, the mankind learned to use gifts of the nature to itself in the benefit. So, natural vegetable oils were used for care of skin and hair still by our far ancestors.

These gifts of the nature are capable to change significantly hair, to restore their structure, to rescue lifeless tips from a premature demise in the hairdresser’s hands. Unique components of vegetable oils perfectly feed the dry and weakened ringlets, sate a hair core with the useful substances necessary for normal activity, stimulate a metabolism in a bulb, strengthen a hair root.

Oils for a hair reconstruction in house conditions. The best hair oil

Hair oil

As raw materials for production of oils so-called Pancake week plants serve:

  • sunflower seeds;
  • cereals;
  • nuts;
  • herbs, flowers;
  • kostochkovy fruit;
  • spices.

All oils divide into two categories: basic (main) and radio. Essential oils rather “strong” therefore can be used only in mix with the basic.

Cosmetic oils can be liquid, dense and firm. The majority of oils has a liquid consistence, dense are considered kastorovy, avocado and oil of a walnut. Firm which are also known as “butter” — this coconut, palm, you reproach, oils of coffee and cocoa.

Vegetable natural oils are extremely effective at an intensive hair loss. They stimulate the accelerated metabolism in bulbs and activate food of roots thanks to what ringlets are revitalized, and rate of their growth considerably increases.

Oils and are necessary for tips of hair, especially if ringlets rather long. Hair bulbs don’t cope with moistening of a hair core on all length therefore the ends are exhausted, become fragile and lifeless. Therefore support from the outside is necessary for them. Vegetable oils deeply feed dry hair, restore their structure and prevent section.

Advantages of vegetable oils

  1. Efficiency. Natural elixirs of beauty in literal sense will reanimate even the hair which are burned most through by paint, well influence a condition of head skin.
  2. Naturalness. Oils are hypoallergenic, perfectly are suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Rich structure. Saturated fatty acids participate in creation of cellular membranes, transfer and digestion of nutrients. The high content of vitamins covers their lack of an organism.
  4. Moistening of deep layers of skin. The special molecular composition of oils allows them to get into deep layers of a hair.

Main basic oils

Burdock oil – the undisputed leader of a rating of house hair oil. It is received by extraction from a burdock root. Burdock oil is present at the majority of national recipes against a hair loss. Its regular application strengthens microblood circulation in head skin, provides intensive food of bulbs, stops a hair loss.

Burdock oil excellently struggles with dandruff, eliminates a peeling and an itch of head skin, helps to normalize microflora.

Olive oil – natural “expert” as regards a hair reconstruction. Olive oil perfectly neutralizes an imbalance in production of skin fat and intensively feeds a hair core. This irreplaceable means for the fragile, dim and strongly injured hair inclined to loss.

As well as burdock, olive oil favorably influences head skin and helps to struggle with a painful itch and dandruff.

Coconut oil is “reanimator” of a hair core. The oil received from pulp of coconuts creates a thin protective layer on each hair and interferes with loss of a keratin which is the basic construction element of a hair. Besides, coconut oil possesses antimicrobic and antifungal properties and helps to struggle with the hair loss caused by defeat of hairy part of the head.

However advantages of incredibly fragrant oil on it don’t come to an end: its structure contains the kaprilovy and laurinovy acids having the regenerating and calming effect soften and revitalize head skin. The structure, rich in vitamins and microcells, sates a bulb and a core of a hair.

Castor oil – is made by an extraction of seeds of a castor-bean tree ordinary, applied to treatment of the weakened and strongly injured hair inclined to slow growth. In the majority of national recipes for increase in density and force of ringlets “castor oil” acts as chief “doctor”: regular application promotes consolidation and a thickening of a hair core.

Castor oil is irreplaceable for fragile tips of hair, allows to prevent their section and excessive dryness.

Linseed oil – the oil rich with nonsaturated fatty acids which is wrung out from flax seeds makes active a cellular metabolism, normalizes work of sebaceous glands, restores and softens the angry skin, deeply feeds a hair core. Linseed oil – a well of vitamins A, B and E, it well influences quality of ringlets, increases their gloss and does silky.

Almond oil – was widely used in cosmetology thanks to excellent impact on skin and hair. Oil of sweet almonds strengthens bulbs, increases elasticity of a hair core, prevents intensive loss, stimulates growth of hair.

Argon oil – one of the most expensive oils in the world. This invaluable gift of the nature deserved respect of beauties thanks to the unique medical and restoring properties. Oil argon intensively feeds the injured and weakened ringlets, restores their structure, rescues dry tips, moistens head skin. Besides, it is the natural defender from UV beams that is necessary during holiday in tropical countries.

Shi’s oil you (reproach) is one of secrets of a charm of Cleopatra who generously umaslivat them the ringlets. Thanks to the improbable moistening properties Shi’s oil became one of the most popular components of cosmetic products of the leading brands. In its structure a huge amount of vitamins (A, E, D, F), nonsaturated fatty acids, microcells and a protein. Oil to the carriage gets deep into a hair, restores its structure, normalizes exchange processes, well influences head skin.

Main essential oils

Essential oils serve as an auxiliary component in house masks for hair. The concentrated oils should be added in small amounts as they are rather active. They are rich with nutrients, intensify blood circulation in head skin, strengthen a hair core.

Essential oils, as well as basic, exists quite a lot. It is worth choosing this or that natural elixir, being guided by the type of hair. Don’t forget also that “air” has saturated and rather persistent smell therefore select aromas, which to you to taste.

Essential oils for dry hair

Myrrha’s oil, sandal-wood tree, tangerine, rosemary and lavender perfectly moisten dry and lifeless ringlets, do them elastic and elastic, prevent fragility and section.

Perfectly ylang-ylang oil which by right deserves a rank of “a royal elixir of beauty” changes hair. After all it was widely demanded at court of English Queen Victoria. Court ladies indulged the ringlets balm with oil of a tropical plant Kananga. Its flowers of which oil is made, can have a yellow, blue or pink color. It is considered that the best oil turns out from yellow flowers.

Essential oil of a jasmine calms the dry angry skin, helps to cope with an itch and dandruff.

Essential oils for an oily hair

The hair inclined to fat content deliver an array of problems: they are quickly soiled, look carelessly by the evening. Therefore the main goal of masks for hair of this kind – to reduce intensity of release of skin fat and to provide freshness of ringlets for the whole day.

Perfectly fight against fat content of oil of a pine, camomile, tea tree. They favorably influence skin, remove irritation, normalize work of sebaceous glands, interfere with a blockage of a time.

Fragrant essential oil of grapefruit restores structure of a hair core, helps to keep ringlets the fresh. And the leader among “air” for an oily hair is verbena oil – the well-known aroma of Scarlett O’Hara. It is considered that this smell is associated with success therefore such aromatherapy will help not only to restore hair, but also to be adjusted on a positive.

Essential oils from a hair loss

Oil patchoulis will fill your hair with vital force, will strengthen bulbs and intensifies growth of the injured ringlets. Come to us from east countries, it possesses bright spicy aroma, allows to get rid of dandruff.

The all-strengthening effect oils of a citrus have: orange, tangerine, lemon. These are irreplaceable assistants at loss and dimness of ringlets. And here almond oil perfectly proved in care of the dehydrated tips of hair and of head skin: thanks to the unique moistening and regenerating properties it prevents loss and stimulates growth of new hair.

Masks with addition of essential oil of cinnamon intensify blood circulation in head skin, promote intensive food of roots, stop loss, accelerate growth of ringlets.

Poredeniye can be called heads of hear not only loss, but also fragility of hair. The best oils against this misfortune – oil of a cypress, pink tree and a cedar. These “wonder-workers” are capable to rescue the tired and burned-through by the sun and paints head of hear, to add it natural gloss.

How to use hair oil?

Vitamin-rich and microcells natural oils use as a part of nutritious masks, and also as sun-protection means.

House hair oil is prepared from mix basic and radio (the second should be selected according to your type of hair). Mix is warmed up and applied on hair on all length, including roots. From above put on a polyethylene hat and wrap up with the towel which is warmed up on the battery. It is some kind of “sauna” for hair: under the influence of heat of a scale of a hair open, and useful substances most deeply get inside.

Alternative to house hair oil – means of ALERANA®

Folk remedies for restoration of the injured and weakened hair, undoubtedly, are effective and effective. However not all women manage to allocate time on full house the SPA procedure. Therefore the professional cosmetics of ALERANA® comes to the rescue. Serum for growth of hair of ALERANA ® on the basis of natural components is intended for improvement and stimulation of growth of hair.

The unique formula developed by experts of the pharmacological company allows to influence at the same time a bulb and a core of a hair, restoring structure and making active a metabolism in hair follicles.