Pepper tincture for growth of hair – improbable effect

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But pepper tincture for growth of hair enjoys special popularity. Hold time. First of all, be reasonable and don’t abuse a mask with pepper tincture.

Red pepper is quite often used for fight against various cosmetic shortcomings. With its help it is possible to eliminate manifestations of cellulitis, to make on its basis massage mixes and structures for vtiraniye. But pepper tincture for growth of hair enjoys special popularity. She effectively struggles with baldness, does ringlets obedient and gives to a hairdress magnificent volume.

Pepper tincture for growth of hair – improbable effect

Burning pepper is the real rescue at problems with hair

In what look pepper is used?

Of course, if to put pods of red pepper on the head, any effect won’t follow.

This product is used in the form of spirit infusion which can be got in any drugstore. Pepper tincture is on sale in bottles of various capacity – from 25 ml to 100 ml. The preparation contains the crushed pods of red pepper and alcohol, components mix up in the ratio 1:5 or 1: 10.

This means quickly “awakens” hair bulbs, strengthens them and promotes intensive growth. Apparently, the preparation contains only two components that allows to prepare easily it independently in house conditions. Procedure quite simple will also not demand a big investment of labor or financial expenses.

Principle of action

In what the advantage of tincture of red pepper for hair and how it works consists? The effect is reached by a head skin warming up by means components – alcohol and siliculose pepper. They get deeply into covers and promote inflow of blood to each “sleeping” lukovichka. Thus, their activity many times increases that leads to acceleration of growth of hair.

If to apply means on the basis of this preparation regularly, it is possible to achieve tremendous effect. Appearance of locks will become much better, they will become strong and will begin to shine health. Bald spots will disappear, and for a short period you will become the owner of magnificent long hair.

Pepper tincture for growth of hair – improbable effect

Pepper tincture “will wake” your hair

House means for growth of hair

As it was told earlier, rather simply to prepare pepper tincture in house conditions. For this purpose to be necessary strong alcohol and actually siliculose pepper. The recipe of preparation looks as follows:

  • to wash out one average pod under flowing water, to crush;
  • to put it in glasswares and to fill in 100 ml of vodka;
  • densely to close a cover and to clean in a dark cool place.
  • to draw means for two weeks.

Attention! Be careful, working with this burning product, and by no means in the course of preparation don’t rub eyes. Having got on mucous, pepper will cause the strongest irritation.

Basic rules

  1. Choosing vodka for production of house tincture of pepper, give preference to a classical 40% product without content of any impurity.
  2. If it wasn’t succeeded to find red siliculose pepper, it is possible to use the ground.
  3. At an urgent need hold time of a preparation can be reduced about seven days.
  4. The place for insisting has to be obligatory cool and shaded, but the camera of the refrigerator won’t approach.

Recipes of masks

We suggest to consider some masks which can be made on the basis of the prepared means.

  • Pepper tincture with kefir from a hair loss. To connect components in identical proportions and slightly to warm. The mask should be rubbed in head skin, to put on a polyethylene hat, from above a terry towel. Through a couple of hours to wash away warm water.

    Council! Completely fat-free kefir best of all will be suitable for this mask.

  • Mask for an oily hair with mustard. To prepare it as follows. To connect 30 ml of tincture, 45 ml of kefir and 5 g of mustard powder. To mix and apply on roots of hair. To cover the head with a towel and to wash away means in 30-40 minutes.
  • Tincture pepper with honey — the vitamin recipe. To mix components in an equal ratio and to apply on dry head skin. 2 hours later the mask is washed away by warm water.

    Attention! This it is bitter – sweet nectar perfectly nourishes head skin. It effectively opens a time and sates hypodermics with vitamins.

Pepper tincture for growth of hair – improbable effect

Any of these masks will improve a blood-groove and intensifies growth of hair

Rules of use

Masks on the basis of tincture of siliculose pepper yield quite fast result. The main thing to apply means it is regular, and for this purpose it is necessary to overcome the laziness only. And already through a short period the result will be visible – ingredients will begin to feed and moisten actively your hair, doing them healthy and shining.

  1. Before using means, it should be warmed up a little on a water bath. The warm mask will work much more effectively, easily getting into bulbs.
  2. The preparation needs to be applied only on head skin only on hair partings and to avoid hit of its large number on hair as it is possible to overdry them strongly.
  3. It is necessary to rub pepper tincture soft roundabouts, applying it in the small portions.
  4. After drawing a preparation put on a polyethylene or rubber hat the head, and from above cover with a towel.
  5. Later hold time the mask is washed away warm water, then use usual shampoo.

It is important! Remember that at first it is necessary to carry out trial procedure. It will help you to define an optimum ratio of components of means as one above described masks can give an inconvenience in the form of strong burning, and others won’t feel any discomfort at all.

Use of pepper tincture for hair and in pure form is allowed. It is expedient in the presence of noticeable bald spots. In this case it is necessary to use a wadded tampon or a disk which is moistened in infusion and put to problem sites.

Pepper tincture for growth of hair – improbable effect

Pepper tincture will restore the grown bald sites and will present health to your hair

If baldness has mass character, means needs to be parted with water and to spray on head skin by means of a spray. The ratio of water and a remedy is selected individually – at strong burning concentration of solution decreases, at insignificant, on the contrary, increases.

Hold time

First of all, be reasonable and don’t abuse a mask with pepper tincture. This means has quite strong effect and if to overdo it, it is possible to do harm to head skin and hair. The recommended hold time – no more than 2 hours. If you put a preparation after washing, the mask should be washed away in 40 minutes.

Important! You remember if you start feeling strong burning before the expiration of the specified period, means needs to be washed away immediately.

And for the rest, listen to the feelings. If you decided to make pepper tincture of weak concentration, and it doesn’t bring you special discomfort, time of action can be increased for an hour. After application hair should be rinsed warm water and to wash up soft shampoo.

Frequency of carrying out procedure

Here too everything will depend on individual shipping. If your skin quietly transfers these procedures, it is possible to use pepper tincture for hair each three days. Otherwise the session of restoration is recommended to be carried out once a week.

Persons interested to reach fast effect can try to put means every other day, but thus constantly to watch a condition of head skin. And if frequent treatment is maintained normally, similar use is allowed.

Side effect

Before applying a mask to hair with pepper tincture it is necessary to exclude emergence of allergic reaction – too concentrated means can cause quemar head skin. For this purpose the drop of a ready preparation needs to be applied on the back of a wrist or an elbow bend. At emergence of strong burning the mask should be parted with water.

Also it is necessary to remember that:

  • it is impossible to use too often infusion in pure form – optimum time between procedures two weeks;
  • it isn’t allowed drawings this preparation in the presence of wounds and other damages on head skin;
  • blondes should use such masks with extra care as tincture can give to a fair hair slightly red shade.

Conforming to all above described rules, you will be able to recover health to the hair, to increase the speed of their growth and it is fine to strengthen follicles. Apply pepper tincture correctly, and your hair with guarantee will cease to drop out.

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