Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

By | 02.05.2018

Snake hair oil – traditional means in east cosmetology. Zafayer Snake Oil – cosmetics is made in the United Arab Emirates. Helps to look after on all length, adds gloss and elasticity, the checked growth activator.

Holodnokrovny reptiles and one look inspire today fear on people around. But thanks to these creations it was possible to stop the whole epidemics, saving thousands of lives. Snake hair oil – traditional means in east cosmetology. Curative components allow to restore quickly damaged locks. Unique properties of a product give a ringlet force and gloss.

Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

Advantage of oil of a snake for hair

Medicinal properties:

  1. Strengthens root system;
  2. Stops loss;
  3. Stimulates growth;
  4. Restores structure;
  5. Protects from an ultraviolet and action of low temperatures;
  6. Against dandruff and seborrhea.

The structure contains:

  • vitamins A, With, groups B, D;
  • nonsaturated fatty acids;
  • antiseptics.

Contraindications – individual intolerance. Harm is possible if there is a poison at structure therefore it is obligatory to check before application for allergic reaction.

Producers and where to buy oil of a snake

Began to use snake oil in cosmetology in our country recently. Traditional east product gradually wins the domestic market. Therefore it is still possible to get only on the Internet or in the shops specializing on goods from the East.

  1. Hemani – a known Pakistani brand of organic cosmetics. As a part of oil are present except snake oil also – olive, mustard, sesame and air of a sandal-wood tree. It is possible to buy 120 ml for 23 USD
  2. Zafayer Snake Oil – cosmetics is made in the United Arab Emirates. Helps to look after on all length, adds gloss and elasticity, the checked growth activator. It is possible to find in online store of 120 ml at the price of 15 USD
  3. Tala Snake Oil – the Turkish brand lets out the natural looking after and medical cosmetics. Oil helps to solve a problem of baldness and to accelerate growth. It is possible to get 20 ml for 14 USD

Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

Methods of application of snake oil

It is useful to apply hair oil of a snake as in pure form, and creating effective cosmetic products on its basis. For treatment of dandruff it is possible to enrich shampoos, for gloss and elasticity to add oil to balm and masks. To ringlets, after clarification, it is recommended to carry out oil wrappings for prevention of weakening of roots.

For hair dressingMassage of head skin
To make ringlets more obedient and shining for laying it is possible to use a natural product. After washing of the head some drops are pounded in palms, after are evenly distributed on damp locks.It is applied to strengthening of root system and prevention of dandruff. A small amount of oil to warm up and distribute on radical area. Intensively massing head skin for five/ten minutes, after to wash away with shampoo.

House recipes of masks for hair with snake oil

Traditional ingredient of east cosmetics didn’t gain in our latitudes still so mass distribution. And, after all use of snake oil is incredibly useful for hair. Antiseptic properties help to get rid of dandruff and seborrhea, unique active elements restore stem structure to the tips.

Mask for growth and strengthening

Effectively snake oil for growth of hair, and also strengthening a follicle. It is possible to stimulate with the hands processes in bulbs, to make active a blood-groove, to sate with useful elements. It is recommended to use after coloring, and also during off-season when immune indicators sharply decrease.

  • tablespoon of snake oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of a nettle;
  • cinnamon teaspoon.

Properly to knead a dry nettle in a mortar, to fill in with boiled water before receiving dense gruel. Then to enter into curative oil, and spice. Ready weight to process damp roots, to hide under polyethylene for twenty minutes. To finish in the habitual way care of hair, to carry out cosmetic procedure two times a week.

Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

Mask against loss

This mask prepared in house conditions will help with treatment of hair. Has the stimulating effect on follicles, provides root system with the vital substances. East medicine used oil not only for strengthening of root system, the product at all stages of baldness is effective.

  • teaspoon of oil of a snake;
  • 3 tablespoons of oil of a burdock;
  • yolk.

To connect all components, and to shake up a nimbus. To distribute ready weight on radical area of dirty locks, carefully to process, wrap up polyethylene and a towel, to leave to work for the night. After awakening to wash away with shampoo. To apply means a course in seven/ten sessions with a break every other day.

Mask against split ends

For food of the stratified cuticle, restoration of integrity and elasticity it is useful to use house recipes. Especially for the long, fine hair inclined to a sputyvaniye, section, formation of koltun. Will protect natural means from mechanical damages and aggressive chemical elements.

  • teaspoon of snake oil;
  • 3 drops of air of a bergamot.

On a water bath to warm up nutritious oil, then to add air drops. To distribute ready mix on cuts after washing, to hold about half an hour, after to wash out water and to get wet with a towel. To repeat the restoring procedure of times a week.

Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

Mask for dry hair

Will provide deep moisturizing to the tips an oil mask. The unique product sates with nutritious components, adds gloss and elasticity. It is useful to use during the winter period when ringlets need protection against low temperatures.

  • 1 teaspoon of oil of a snake;
  • 7 tablespoons of kefir;
  • 1 ampoule of B12 vitamin.

In warm sour milk to dissolve oil and vitamin solution. To distribute mix after washing on the main zone of growth and tips. Having wrapped up, to leave for 2 hours, to wash away, as usual. It is enough to apply five times a month to receive the magnificent shining ringlets.

Mask against fat content of hair

The natural cosmetics helps to look after head skin, regulates secretion of sebaceous glands. Thanks to the soft sparing action the blood-groove improves, growth in addition becomes more active. Hair look magnificent and volume.


To pound flowers in a mortar, to fill in with green tea, to add clay and snake oil to ready gruel. To distribute mix on dirty roots, to hide under a shower hat on half an hour. After end to leave ringlets to dry in the natural way. It is possible to address to a medical question three times a month.

Snake hair oil: 7 masks and reviews of application

Mask for a dim and brittle hair

For restoration of the weak, injured hair it is worth addressing to natural masks, created at home. Effective recipes provide shine and elasticity to thin trunks, filling with gloss to the tips. Thanks to sufficient moistening ringlets become strong, don’t break when combing and laying by nippers.

  • teaspoon of oil of a snake;
  • 3 tablespoons of honey;
  • tablespoon of rye flour.

To mix honey with cereal flour and nutritious oil. To process cosmetic mix moist ringlets on all length of growth, having warmed, to take about an hour. To wash away in the habitual way, to repeat a mask to three times a month.

The recipe against dandruff

Will cope with irritation of head skin, dandruff and seborrhea will help a natural product. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties do oil by the real panacea from fungal educations.

  • teaspoon of snake oil;
  • plantain grass tablespoon;
  • soda tablespoon.

To crush a plantain in the coffee grinder, to mix with soda, to add oil to a basis. To distribute the prepared mix on hair part of the head, intensively massing, to leave for half an hour. To apply medical procedure by courses in five/seven sessions with an interval every other day.

Interesting video: Snake oil for growth and a hair reconstruction in house conditions

Reviews of use

Lera, 22nd ode

I am often painted therefore periodically I receive loss. For hair with snake oil especially I didn’t hope for a mask, the next advertizing thought. But already on the second time ringlets literally recovered, became stronger, new hairs are seen.

Olga, 39

For gloss of the ringlets I use only qualitative cosmetics. I put some drops of snake oil, and you won’t have on a head of hear eyes glued. Hair well-groomed, hold volume, began to be confused even on tips less.

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