Simple masks for growth and strengthening of hair

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21 Mar 3387 you are: The main Beauty and health Simple masks for growth and strengthening of hair. We wrap up the head with a plastic bag, for strengthening of effect it is possible to cover the head with a towel in addition.

Beautiful hair easily create an attractive image of the well-groomed woman. The popular belief what it is possible to achieve tremendous effect of silky and brilliant ringlets only thanks to special expensive procedures in beauty shop, is completely disproved by numerous recipes of simple, but very useful masks for hair. The five of masks leading on a combination of ease of preparation and efficiency looks so.


Simple masks for growth and strengthening of hair

Surprisingly simple recipe for tremendous gloss

Wonderful transformation of your ringlets will require inexpensive means which always are in the house of any woman, namely:

  • yolks – 2 pieces.
  • vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon.

Preparation of an elixir for hair will take only some minutes: liquid yolks carefully mix up with vegetable oil (the given ratio of ingredients is calculated on a short hairstyle), the turned-out mix is rubbed in head skin and distributed on all length of ringlets. We wrap up the head with a plastic bag, for strengthening of effect it is possible to cover the head with a towel in addition. The mask sticks to about half an hour, after hair are washed out by shampoo.

  • gloss
  • silkiness
  • strengthening
  • stimulates growth of hair



Mask for growth of hair "by leaps and bounds"

Ingredients of this mask are available to possess long and dense ringlets for all comers:

  • dry yeast – 20 g
  • kefir – ½ glasses
  • honey – 1 h. l.

From components uniform mix which is located in a warm place prepares. It is necessary to wait when the mask starts foaming (it occurs approximately in half an hour), and carefully to rub it in head skin, and at the same time to process curative structure all hair. The head turns back a plastic bag and a towel, and you can in 40 minutes which will be required on food of your hair by magic structure, to arrange tea drinking or to be engaged in another pleasant matters.

The result from regular application of a mask completely justifies popular wisdom about wonderful abilities of yeast on which everything quickly grows. Your ringlets will become:

  • the long
  • the dense
  • the strong
  • the healthy


Simple gelatinous mask with effect of lamination

Ultrafashionable procedure with success can be tested in house conditions, thus it will manage many times cheaper as its preparation will require simple ingredients:

  • gelatin – 1 tablespoon.
  • water – 3 tablespoons.
  • yolk – 1 piece.

The way of preparation differs in the maximum ease. Gelatin is dissolved in water before swelling. For acceleration of this process it is possible to warm up mix on a water bath, without allowing it to begin to boil. The crude egg yolk is added to viscous gelatinous mix, everything mixes up and applied on hair. The effect from procedure is reached in 50 minutes and consists in the following:

  • soft ringlets
  • well-groomed tips
  • restoration of the weakened hair
  • hair aren’t electrified


The fruit moistening mask

That fact that simple masks for hair are very effective, and procedure of their drawing turns into pleasant ritual, the fragrant apple mask confirms.

Tasty ingredients:

  • apple – one, but big
  • olive or burdock oil – 1 tbsp.
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp.
  • apple cider vinegar (at will) – 1 tablespoon.
  • water – 1 tablespoon.

The peeled apple is cut on slices and is located together with other ingredients in the blender. It is possible to shake up all ingredients mechanically. The mask is put on all length of ringlets and rubbed in head skin. This wonderful fragrant balm will saturate your ringlets with vital energy in 1 hour, after application of a mask you will notice that they became:

  • the brilliant
  • the humidified
  • without split ends


Easy mask for intensive food of ringlets

The simple mask for hair from banana is pleasant to many women striving for possession of magnificent ringlets. Its preparation will require a little time and available ingredients:

  • banana – 2 pieces.
  • lemon juice – 2 tsps.
  • vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.

Slices of banana are filled in with juice of a lemon and shaken up in the blender. Appetizing mix is applied on all length of hair, and in the tips oil is accurately rubbed. For creation of thermal effect the head is wrapped up with a film and a towel. The fine effect will be reached everything in 30 minutes. Ringlets will become your treasure and will look:

  • the humidified
  • radiating energy
  • the strong

All these recipes of masks are successfully applied by women in house conditions, proving in practice efficiency of means simple and available to all. Check action of these masks on yourself, and you will become the owner of the wonderful ringlets attracting views the gloss and by force.

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