Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice

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So, we will consider, what tonic will be suitable for a fair hair. What a fair hair is. Use for darkly — a fair hair of chocolate tonic will make a hair color deep and beautiful.

Hair toner — this cosmetic which changes natural initial color to one-two tones and has the soft sparing action.

It is the coloring shampoo intended not sharply to change a hair color, and to recover and shade often imperceptible and not striking beauty of fair-haired ringlets.

A fair hair toner is applied for the purpose of minor change or refreshing of the color. The girl remains in fair-haired color, only its shade will change.

The color palette of tonics is extensive and rich, it allows to choose the, necessary color and to update the image. Tonics for coloring is a wide color gamut and possibility of safe easy transition from one shade of color to another. So, we will consider, what tonic will be suitable for a fair hair.

What a fair hair is

Ringlets of this shade differ in that feature that they are inherent in women of the European type of appearance: they often have a fair hair, light eyes and skin. Sometimes ringlets of such color consider gray, inexpressive and try to change their color since early youth. Fair-haired color can be very different.

The light brown

The lightest shade for a tsvetotip “summer” and “spring”. It is natural to owners of light porcelain skin and blue or gray to eyes. It is simple to owners of chestnut-colored and ashy-fair-haired color to pass in light brown by means of a line of tones for a fair hair. It is the lightest ruler after gray-haired scale.

Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice

Light brown hair color

The golden-fair-haired

Very popular color, plays on the sun golden and honey and amber scale. “Spring” and “fall” is suitable for all tones of skin of a tsvetotip. The golden shade will give intensity to light brown hair and will enrich the chestnut-colored. This tone will make an image is lighter and is softer, can rejuvenate the woman after 40 years.

If you have dark hair and you want to make them even more darkly, try black hair toner. You watch the review of the main brands of the tinting means.

Why it is important to tint hair after clarification, you learn here.

In summertime you often like to change style? To change a hair color, it is necessary to wash away old tonic. Here we will consider ways of fast removal of tonic from hair: house and professional tools.

The ashy-fair-haired

This color is beautiful, but isn’t bright. Women with opaque skin and light or green eyes will suit stylish toning of ringlets in a cold ashy shade. And here at problem skin it is better to choose brighter tone – the effect of a gray mouse can be gained.

Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice

Ashy-fair-haired shade

The chestnut-colored

It is widespread attractive color, it corresponds to a tsvetotip “winter”, goes to white women with any color of eyes therefore at desire it is worth being painted and update an image.

Color palette

We will consider colors of tonic on the example of ottenochny balm of “Tonic”. To give to a fair-haired hair color more saturated and rich tone, the line of flowers offers not less than 10 shades.

After use of tonic a fair hair will become more brilliant and silky, the dimness and plainness often inherent in natural fair-haired color will disappear. Ringlets for a long time will take a well-groomed and natural form. Each shade has special number, it is specified on packing.

Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice

Palette of shades of Tonic

The color palette usually shares on 4 parts – colors for a gray hair, for light, reddish and copper scale and dark scale.

It is a rich line of attractive shades which approach on a fair hair:

  • 3.0 — the chestnut-colored – is suitable for giving to a fair hair of more dark shade.
  • 3.1 — wild plum. Will help to create unusual images and to eliminate some stereotypes. Is suitable for toning of ashy-fair-haired and chestnut-colored ringlets.
  • 4.0 — chocolate. Will create a shade in style of a tsvetotip “winter”. It is recommended to owners of a fair-haired and chestnut-colored head of hear.
  • 4.6 — the Bordeaux – will give a special reddish shade, will be suitable for chestnut-colored hair.
  • 4.25 — the iris, is suitable for fair-haired and chestnut-colored ringlets.
  • 5.0 — fair-haired color, this shade will make an image natural and harmonious, color of light brown hair will become deeper and richer.
  • 5. 35 — red amber — for all types of a fair hair. The shade turns out bright reddish, sticks to about a month.
  • 5.43 — Mocha – refined coffee tone, is suitable for ashy-fair-haired and chestnut-colored hair, especially if eyes light-brown.
  • 6.0 — light brown hair toner, will give effect of soft clarification of fair-haired color.
  • 7.3 — milk chocolate – for clarified light brown and an ashy fair hair.

Tonic selection

Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice How to pick up a fair hair toner?

After all the tonic use purpose — to recover natural tone of ringlets for some time, to experiment.

Beautiful fair-haired color — this decoration of any appearance.

Therefore at a choice of tonic it is necessary to choose especially carefully shades from a color palette to improve, but not to simplify the image.

In recent years the palette of fair-haired shades became much richer and about a third of women tints hair in its shades.

One of the most favourite shades of the Hollywood celebrities is ashy-fair-haired color. Known models come to podiums also with fair-haired color as it is ideally combined with all extravagant dresses and won’t create disharmony.

Before making a choice, it is necessary to analyse skin color and an eye on compliance to one of four main tsvetotip of women and to choose the direction for temporary, and it is possible, subsequently and continuous change of the natural tsvetotip.

Councils for a tone choice

The shade of the chosen tonic in an ideal has to be close to natural color and colors of the painted ringlets are one tone higher.

Fair hair very often has representatives of a tsvetotip “spring” and “summer”. Tsvetotip “spring” – light brown color, “summer” – ashy-fair-haired and chestnut-colored.

By means of a color palette of tonics it is possible to give to ringlets practically any shade — from light-platinum to dark and coffee and chocolate.

Fair hair toner: councils for a shade choice

Hair of chestnut-colored ashy color

At a choice of color of tonic for coloring of light brown color it is worth avoiding too bright, with the intensive red painting pigment of tones, and also paints of the dark brown line. They will look unnaturally and quickly to wash away such tone it will be difficult.

Use for darkly — a fair hair of chocolate tonic will make a hair color deep and beautiful. Coloring shampoo of chocolate tones will add to chestnut-colored hair depth, gloss and charm.

For obtaining beautiful light brown color it is expedient to choose golden tone.

Light-and so-so a fair hair can be shaded reddish and copper shades. More saturated tone will give to ringlets reddish color.

Councils and recommendations for the best result

  • Not to apply tonic after ammoniac clarification or a chemical wave. The result will be worse expected, and can even do noticeable harm to a hairdress. It depends as well on number of the tonings which are carried out earlier.
  • At a choice of tonic you shouldn’t hurry to pick up a shade. If two shades very much were pleasant – it is worth trying both. It is enough to paint two locks, and then it is easy to compare result.
  • If it is difficult to pick up suitable tone nevertheless — it is necessary to make trial coloring. Presentation will dispel doubts and will help to make a good choice.

A fair hair toner — a popular universal remedy for coloring. New style and beauty – here the main result of coloring of a fair hair tonic.

By means of modern the ottenochnykh of means it is possible to give to hair any shade. The main thing — is correct to pick up scale for your type of hair. Colors of tonic for hair — a color palette and shades and feature of a choice of ottenochny means, read attentively.

You can read rules of toning of hair in house conditions in this subject.

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