Various shades of hair (36 photos)

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Besides, such shades of a hair color give to a female image softness, pensiveness, a certain lightness. And one more moment. To have hair of light color – expensive pleasure.

It is unlikely in the world there will be two persons with an identical head of hear. Different color, dark and light shades of hair – each person is in own way unique.

Various shades of hair (36 photos)

All of us different. And it is fine!

Hair color

It is considered that in the nature there are five flowers.

Their owners are called:

  • Blondes;
  • The fair-haired;
  • The red;
  • Brown-haired persons;
  • Brunettes.

Owners of a gray hair carry to blondes. Thus each color has a set of the most different options.

What shades and as it is correct to choose that will suit you happen

Experts allocate four main types:

  • The light;
  • The dark;
  • The red;
  • Brown-haired persons.
Various shades of hair (36 photos)

On this photo it is possible to see primary colors of hair

Tone of a fair hair

Light ringlets look at natural blondes, and also those ladies better, whose curls easily burn out. These tone will suit also at whom with age initially white ringlets darkened on some tones.

Are most popular:

  • The apricot;
  • The ashy;
  • The caramel;
  • The golden;
  • The wheat.

Blondes have a choice more.

They can try to organize:

  • The pearl;
  • Flax;
  • The silvery;
  • The ashy;
  • The honey.

Ladies who want to become blondes, need to be ready to constant attention from men: this type most attracted at all times “powers that be”. Besides, such shades of a hair color give to a female image softness, pensiveness, a certain lightness.

And one more moment. To have hair of light color – expensive pleasure. They should be tinted constantly. To receive beautiful ringlets, it is necessary to use when coloring not peroxide of hydrogen, but qualitative paint, which price rather high.

Council. If you want to become a blonde, don’t try to be painted with the hands.
The slightest mistake – and curls will get bluish, violet or greenish outflow which is very difficult for eliminating.

Various shades of hair (36 photos)

The blonde — it is fine!

Tone of dark hair

There are so many kinds of dark tones what it is simply impossible to list all of them.

The most fashionable:

  • Baklazhanny;
  • Fialkovy;
  • Graphite;
  • The cherry;
  • The plum;
  • The chestnut.

“Pale” women are suited better dark brown (chocolate) tone. Dark-complexioned girls will be suited by all shades of a black hair color.

Dark tone perfectly are in harmony:

  • To ladies, at which natural coloring of a hairdress the inexpressive;
  • To women who have no time and opportunity constantly to watch coloring maintenance;
  • To dark-complexioned girls;
  • To women with the thin, rare and injured ringlets of hair (the dark color visually increases hairdress volume);
  • That who likes a courageous, bright make-up.

You remember: dark curls create favorable contrast with snow-white teeth and effectively allocate eyes.

Various shades of hair (36 photos)

Harmonious image, isn’t it!

Red tone

Natural red hair can be met at only 3% of women. It is clear that such coloring of ringlets around the world is considered unusual, extravagant. Now those ladies whom the nature awarded with a head of hear of other coloring also can be painted in this color.

For chestnut curls:

  • Burgund;
  • The cherry;
  • The copper-brown;
  • The copper.

For light-red curls:

  • The strawberry;
  • The ginger;
  • The golden;
  • The light-copper.

That, wishes to turn into the red-haired seductress, it is necessary to remember some moments.

  1. Red ringlets fix eyes. Be going to be the focus of attention.
  2. This color has such variations which are very far from natural (for example, bright red curls with violet outflow). It can be beautiful, but anyway looks unnaturally. You shouldn’t forget also that artificial bright paints visually age. Who wants to look more senior than the years!
  3. Red and red a color quickly lose a saturation and brightness. The head of hear should be tinted often.
  4. You shouldn’t become red and at whom on a face there are a lot of freckles. On such background they will be more noticeable.
Various shades of hair (36 photos)

This shade unambiguously won’t remain unaddressed!

Brown-haired person

The concept “brown-haired person” includes all shades, beginning from chestnut-colored, and finishing deep chestnut outflow of hair. In it there are so much most different tones that the most modern structures for professional coloring of ringlets can’t recreate them even.

Note. If you want to make clarification the hands, choose a neutral or cold shade.
Warm colors are very whimsical, only the expert can cope with them.

Skin shades

Various shades of hair (36 photos)

What tone to you is more to the person?

  • To look beautiful and attractive, it is necessary to be painted according to tone of skin. If the choice is made incorrectly, skin can look dim, yellowish or pale. In case of successful coloring of ringlets, they will hide all shortcomings and is underlined the most expressive features.
  • With pinkish or bluish skin best of all will be suitable for women light, red or dark brown tone. Ashy, honey or golden shades will create interesting contrast.
  • At whom skin reddish, it is necessary to use for coloring of ringlets red tone. You shouldn’t choose considerably absolutely light or very dark shades of a hair-dye. Optimum option – golden or honey-brown outflow.
  • To women, with yellowish skin it is necessary to avoid golden and yellow tones. As the main tone the mahogany or a chocolate shade of hair will approach auburn, chestnut.
Various shades of hair (36 photos)

Different types of skin

Skin type

Correctly to choose color of the head of hear, it is necessary to consider skin type. There are two main types – cold and warm.

How it is correct to choose coloring of the hairdress?

  • Will be suitable for cold shades bluish-red tone: pomegranate, cherry, ruby, Burgundy;
  • Ladies with “cool” skin should choose light brown tone, the platinum blonde or options of the white. To give to an image of ease, it is possible to place emphases is lighter than the main tone;
  • Skin of averages or deep cold shades will be perfectly shaded by coffee or black tone. Plum outflow will add to an image a piquancy, will recover it;
  • For “warm” skin red color with a shade “ginger”, “cinnamon” or with henna-red outflow will be good option. It is possible to try and light, warm colors, for example, light brown with golden outflow.
Various shades of hair (36 photos)

“Cold” and “warm” skin

You remember: bright and bright ringlets look unnaturally. Such palette can be advised only young girls, to mature ladies quieter is better to pay attention to something.


To change the hairdress – now, not a problem, it is necessary to pick up only correctly the necessary tone and competently to paint the ringlets. For coloring it is necessary to use qualitative dyes. To them the instruction on use which needs to be studied is given.

Various shades of hair (36 photos)

Hair can give any shade. A choice for you!

Answers to some questions can be found, having watched video in this article. Dark, light, fair-haired shades of hair … All of us different and what will be preferred by you?

If you want to thank, add specification or objection, to ask a question to the author – add the comment!

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