Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

By | 27.03.2018

Vitamins for growth and health of hair. The vitamin mask for hair will allow to solve a cosmetic problem if once magnificent locks became dim, lifeless.

Ringlets, as well as all organic resource, constantly demand feed to keep and support a presentable look. Vitamins for strengthening and growth of hair are especially necessary in the period of seasonal avitaminosis. Therefore it is very important to use house recipes of beauty, to choose only the natural looking after cosmetics, to watch over health.

Vitamins for growth and health of hair

Food of the weakened ringlets is a pledge of an external ukhozhennost and internal self-confidence. The vitamin mask for hair will allow to solve a cosmetic problem if once magnificent locks became dim, lifeless. That really effective remedy as a result turned out, it is very important to pick up components correctly.

  1. A and E vitamins are necessary for strengthening, food of dry, lifeless ringlets.
  2. B5 vitamins restore structure of follicles.
  3. B6 vitamins prevent loss of locks, work against an itch and a peeling of head skin.
  4. B12 vitamins stimulate rapid growth of ringlets.
  5. Vitamins C provide healthy gloss of locks.
  6. Vitamins F are prevention of a focal alopetion, dandruff.
  7. D3 vitamins – effective treatment of dermatological diseases of skin.

It is desirable that all these components were concentrated in one cosmetic for high-quality leaving, prevention of an alopetion. Modern trichologists recommend strongly additional use of these organic compounds orally, i.e. inside. Such intensive complex accelerates desirable result, it is considered useful to an organic resource, has no by-effects.

Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

Vitamins B ampoules

Important not only to scoop elements, valuable to an organism, from natural food. The necessary components in a large number contain in special ampoules from a drugstore. In this case it is about preparations where demanded vitamins of group B for hair are presented. Besides, are necessary:

  • ascorbic acid – for improvement of system blood circulation, good nutrition of follicles;
  • tiamina – for activation of prompt growth of ringlets;
  • Retinolum acetate – for strengthening of roots, ensuring density of locks;
  • the pyridoxine for hair – provides disinfecting and anti-inflammatory action, is prevention of seborrhea;
  • tocopherol – for transportation of oxygen to hair bulbs, food of fabrics, formation of beautiful ringlets;
  • cyanocobalamine – for growth and the volume of hair.

Mask for hair with vitamins

To accelerate the natural growth of ringlets, to return them a healthy look and faultless structure, on sale special cosmetics prevail. Not always only expensive preparations differ in high efficiency – also recipes of alternative cosmetology are demanded. Simple components, which part always near at hand are necessary for preparation.

Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

For strengthening

In one capacity it is required to connect on an ampoule of vitamins C, B6, B1 and an aloe, to add a yolk and 1 tablespoon of liquid honey. To mix structure then to apply it on previously washed up hair evenly on all length, not to wash away for 1 hour. Long procedure, but will be enough one session in a week to notice sweeping changes in appearance of once faded ringlets. Means is ideally suited for a dry and oily hair, well influences a condition of head skin. It is authorized to repeat sessions to 1-2 times in a week.

Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

For growth of hair

For preparation of an oil basis in one capacity to connect on an ampoule of vitamins A, E, D, B1 and B6 then to pour on 1 tablespoon almond, olive and castor oil, to add 1 h. l. liquid honey, as much lemon concentrate. To mix mix, to distribute on all length of hair, not to wash away for 2 hours. This good means from an alopetion, for growth of ringlets provided that in a week will be executed not less than 2 sessions.

Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

For density of hair

To receive a magnificent shock on the head, there are some effective recipes. It is considered the most reliable means with addition burdock and castor oil.

It is required:

  • oil burdock – a big spoon;
  • castor oil – a big spoon;
  • onions concentrate – a big spoon;
  • pepper tincture – a big spoon;
  • yolk chicken – piece;
  • vitamin A in capsules – 7 drops.

Way of preparation:

  1. To connect all ingredients in one capacity.
  2. Qualitatively to mix all components, to create homogeneous mass.
  3. To put on all length of hair, to cover with polyethylene.
  4. Not to wash away 40 minutes.
  5. To wash the head with use of the vitaminized shampoo.

Such activator of growth of hair can be used to 2-3 times in a week without harm for health. Previously won’t prevent to find out existence of allergic reaction to the components specified in the recipe. In the presence of by-effects to choose other structure, to avoid addition of chlorides.

Vitamin mask for hair in house conditions: recipes for growth and strengthening

Vitamin cocktail

To recover ringlets on the head, to change their structure a little and to make saturated a shade, the mask for hair with vitamin C is recommended. It is possible to use it several times a week, thus it is necessary to wash out qualitatively hair, not to violate instructions of the recipe. Otherwise the result will be mediocre, and appearance of a hairdress will still leave much to be desired.

Will be necessary:

  • vitamins A, With, E (in the liquid state) – on a big spoon;
  • burdock and castor oil – on a big spoon;
  • dimetóxido – half of spoons tea.

It is the most real vitamin bomb for hair which will allow to forget about the increased fragility and dryness of ringlets, the thinned locks and adverse effect of provocative factors of environment, low-quality water. Way of preparation the classical:

  1. To connect all ingredients.
  2. To mix structure, forming uniform mix.
  3. To apply on all length of hair with an even layer.
  4. Not to wash away within 1 hour.

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Masha, 26For strengthening of ringlets I regularly use infusion with an aloe. 2 procedures a week that hair looked healthy and well-groomed are enough for me. To prepare such vitamin mask for hair as easy as shelling pears, having filled in with vodka the plant which is previously cleared of a peel. I rub in the head, I wrap up with a towel and I wait for 10-15 minutes.

Ilona, 33To accelerate growth of hair, I use burdock oil which before procedure slightly I warm up on moderate fire. I apply an oil basis in a warm view on ringlets, I can add a honey spoon, and then by means of a towel I create so-called thermoeffect on the head. I am enough for 2 sessions a week, but in an ideal 3-4 procedures are required.

Marine, 36 yearsThe condition of hair after the delivery shocked, health to them was recovered by a liquid pyridoxine in ampoules. It is useful vitamin which added to all cosmetic masks and never I regretted. In addition I accepted this organic compound in capsules therefore my hairdress took a healthy form soon.

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