What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

By | 12.05.2018

Thus, black color, nevertheless, remains undecided. Not to make the wrong choice, try to try on a wig of black color. According to natural data the following shades of a hair color approach gray-green eyes

The nature is never mistaken, giving to the person this or that hair color, an eye and tone of skin. This that combination which looks if it isn’t ideal, then is most approached to it. Probably, the aspiration of women who were tired of experiments with the appearance, to return to initial data is also explained by it.

But at the beginning of a course of life, women, as a rule, try to bring in the image something new, unexpected. This thirst for experiments is explained by that women, in the majority, aren’t happy with the appearance. The benefit, for search of perfection in our world exists the mass of adaptations, means of cosmetics and traditional medicine. The choice is so extensive that is limited only to a flight of fancy of the lady, and knowledge of the basic principles of selection of color scale.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

Gray eyes and advantages of this color

Rare, mysterious and surprisingly clear color with which the human nature – gray allocates. In the majority, they have opportunity to be transformed to different shades gray and gray-blue. Therefore the choice of color scale of hair to gray eyes is rather extensive. As a rule, girls with gray eyes by nature of the blonde or have fair-haired ringlets. It is possible to meet red-haired beauties with gray eyes less often. The unique combination causing delight – gray-eyed girls since chestnut color a head of hear. In the last option of change in color of hair will be pernicious for image.

Initial (natural) color has to become the main reference point for change of a hair color. The second indicator – tipo de color to which you belong:

  • The cold. Girls of this tsvetotip differ in skin of a pinkish-white shade;
  • The warm. At what natural skin color is close to beige, golden (warm) tones belong to number of these ladies.

According to skin type, select shades for hair. Cold shades ashy, platinum, pearls, and even black, perfectly look in combination with gray eyes. Thus, black color, nevertheless, remains undecided. Not to make the wrong choice, try to try on a wig of black color. And best of all address to the stylist for consultation. You risk to turn the unique color of an iris of the eye of an eye in fish, with glass senseless expression.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

For ladies of the second tsvetotip (warm) use of all warm colors of paint is recommended, respectively. To them treat rubio with golden outflow, chestnut, warm chocolate, nut, honey. As well as in the first case, it is better not to use black color. You will make old yourself for some years.

Especially a hot topic of a choice of the correct hair color under gray eyes for women for forty. At this age, as a rule, quantity of a gray hair already such when it can’t be hidden without special means, and it is visible an unaided look. Therefore color of paint which you choose, has to be most approached to a natural hair color. However even it sometimes doesn’t rescue from a large number of a gray hair. The growing old ringlets lose a pigment, but together with it the structure of a hair and its perception to dye suffers. Therefore with a cold tsvetotip it is better for women to select platinum shades of light flowers. Small highlighting at any length of hair will hide a gray hair. It will be interesting to look the unique gray-haired ringlet which remained unpainted in the lump of hair.

Of course, it is considered one of criteria of expressive appearance of the woman correctly picked up combination of color of eyes, skin and a hair. However who told, what “correctly” is as all do? Experiment shades, tones and half tones, select that color which goes to you, and in combination with skin color also an eye harmoniously looks.

Hair color under gray eyes: what to choose?

Depending on shades gray, choose the corresponding hair color.

  1. Natural gray color.

Bright rubio in combination with a pure color gray eyes looks, how option with a doll. And, up to vulgarity. The same discrepancy is caused dark tone of hair according to this color of eyes. However at early age it is possible to afford a similar combination, with the purpose to give to solidity of appearance. After 30 years dark colors will only make old you for some years.

Interestingly these eyes and a warm shade of skin with ringlets of color of gold, honey, a thin tree, a nut, mahogany look.

Pale beauties with cold type of skin shouldn’t use warm, solar tone at all. Their prerogative ice beauty – ashy, pearl, nacreous, light brown.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

In a combination to swarty face skin win bright colors. It will only emphasize expressiveness and brightness of image. These are such colors as a chestnut, cherry, pomegranate, cognac shades.

  1. Gray color of eyes with impregnations of other flowers.

Easy, apparently, insignificant derogations from truly gray color of eyes in the form of small specks, dictate already absolutely other rules in a hair color choice.

Not to get into difficulties with a choice of color, follow advice of stylists:

  • Impregnations of a brown, light coffee, honey or chocolate shade. To them it is desirable to select hair-dyes of warm shades;
  • Green fringing round a gray raduzhka. Use dyes with cold, winter shades – ashy, platinum, nacreous, pearl or light brown;
  • For exclusive option with eyes chameleons it is better to select paint with cold shades. In this combination the image looks, how a picture, finished, unique on the beauty;
  • Try to make a kolorirovaniye or an ombra. Only use the correct combination of shades for achievement of the best results.
  1. Hair color for gray-blue eyes.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

It is the most widespread option of gray eyes. The surprising combination of two flowers in one very much is pleasant to girls. Perfectly it is in harmony color with a shade of an ashy blond which is very popular today. Besides, girls both with a warm shade of skin, and with light, can try this style. It equally goes all. Besides, the next colors approached to natural are offered:

  • The fair-haired;
  • The gentle-beige;
  • Blond of all tones and shades;
  • Color of ripe wheat;
  • Black (only to young girls with the permission of the stylist).

Remarkably gray color looks in combination with chestnut ringlets. Highlighting or a kolorirovaniye perfectly approaches gray-blue eyes. The image will be finished and interesting.

  1. Gray-brown eyes: we select a hair color.

This one of the most widespread combinations of the gray eyes which are found in the nature. As a rule, to them it is recommended to select warm shades of any color. The following concerns to them:

  • Chocolate;
  • Milk chocolate;
  • Gorky chocolate;
  • Cocoa;
  • The chestnut;
  • The honey and wheat;
  • Blond is closer to the natural.

Interesting option of one of lines of chocolate color – dark chocolate. It is one of trends of a season which was tried on themselves by already many beauties.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

  1. Hair color for gray-green eyes.

As a rule, the girls allocated with such type of eyes by nature have porcelain, snow-white skin and ringlets with reddish outflow. According to natural data the following shades of a hair color approach gray-green eyes:

  • The red;
  • The caramel;
  • The wheat;
  • The chestnut;
  • The reddish;
  • Black (to use only according to the recommendation of the stylist).

Stylists fairly claim that gray color of eyes – universal for selection of a hair-dye. Won’t make the slightest work to create unique image to representatives of gray-eyed beauties. Adhering to recommendations, you will be able independently to pick up a necessary hair color under gray eyes and type of skin.

Decorative cosmetics for gray-eyed beauties

Shadows of that color which is pleasant to you more as dominating approach gray eyes. If you want that eyes looked green, use the corresponding scale of shadows. The same concerns desire to shade an eye iris of the eye in the gray color. Together with it it is possible to use honey, golden, copper, brown, beige shades.

Ink and pencil in this case traditional black and brown tones. That who wishes to mark out color of the eyes, lead round on a contour of an eyelid a pencil of steel or gray color. You seek to avoid accurate lines and borders in a make-up. Use as experiment of a shadow and pencils of grayish, brown, greenish tones.

What hair color to choose under gray eyes?

Lipstick it is desirable to select under tipo de color skin. To gray-eyed beauties such colors of lipstick, as gentle-pink, beige, terracotta, lilac (is closer to lavandovy), a fuchsia, claret, scarlet, etc. will go. Everything depends on what aim you pursue in drawing a make-up – a campaign on a youth party or you hurry for work in office.

Nobody claims that these councils – only the right and correct decision which can be accepted. You have the right to make experiments with the appearance. Only take one advice – don’t paint hair the first time some tones lighter or is more dark than natural color. There is enough difference in 1-2 tones. After you visually see result, it will be easier for you to decide on further experiments with own appearance. Also you remember while you change a hair color, it is necessary to select means of decorative cosmetics carefully.

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