What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

By | 12.05.2018

The statistics on the basis of polls of men gives detailed answers. All parameters, including a hair color, an eye, nails, growth, growth, breast volume, the sizes of hips, feet, the description were considered. To the account that are pleasant to guys of the blonde more, than brunettes it agrees completely.


Each girl, since teenage age, dreams of beauty and sexuality to draw attention of an opposite sex. Standing at a mirror, any critically examines herself, studying appearance, a figure, features. If there are excess kilograms on waists, chubby cheeks, thoughts begin, whether guys fall in love with the full. If growth too high or feet seem short, in the head thoughts of appearance shortcomings turn.

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

What girls are pleasant to guys – the facts on the basis of statistics

Experts in the field of psychology conducted a set of surveys. And then systematized answers of men to questions, to what women they give preference. All parameters, including a hair color, an eye, nails, growth, growth, breast volume, the sizes of hips, feet, the description of a smile and laughter were considered. Statistical data allowed to study information and to draw conclusions.

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

Now it isn’t necessary to guess At whom guys look: brunettes or blondes, swarty or pale. The statistics gives answers to all these questions.

Preferences on appearance

It is known that men at acquaintance or communication first of all look at appearance of the girl, estimating all her data. On statistical data, the majority of them has preferences and stereotypes.

Preferences in a figure

  • Sports constitution of the girl are pleasant more, than fatties, but many love some cambers, smooth lines of a body
  • The majority prefers a breast of the second or third size, but too nobody objects to the fourth
  • Too angular figures not too are pleasant to men, almost all declare that a breast with a bottom have to be noticeable
  • High beauties it is more attractive, but many want to have the girlfriend of average height, not above themselves in any way
  • Curve feet push away, especially, if they very thin, as sticks
  • The emaciated ladies mad about diets push away men the look

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

Requirements to appearance

  • Blondes attract more, than brunettes and red-haired girls, it is the known fact
  • Long-haired beauties with curled ringlets, ringlets attract more strongly, than ladies with a short straight hair
  • Are important well-groomed appearance, shaved feet, armpits, a hairdress, a dress – everything has to be tidy
  • Guys of the fatties who aren’t keeping a figure dislike – extra kilos are capable to push away any
  • The majority don’t notice a perfume aroma, but look at clean white teeth, equal nails
  • Tall thin girls with a magnificent breast, a slender waist and sports hips – here dream of many men
  • Everything is universal declared that most of all love long harmonous legs

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics


Requirements to clothes and make-up

  • Men love high spike heels, stockings, short skirts, a make-up minimum
  • Ink with lipstick without brightness and stains
  • You shouldn’t use too fragrant tart spirits, it is much it isn’t pleasant
  • The clothes in usual situations are obliged to be pure, fashionable, too frank dresses cause condemnation
  • You shouldn’t dye hair in bright unusual shades, to shave napes with temples is will precisely push away the partner
  • In everyday life and on walks males prefer on girlfriends jeans with sneakers or skirts with convenient shoes – high heels and mini outdoors, rest at the river they consider as nonsense
  • Too long sharp nails, defiant make-up don’t love the man

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

What character is important for the girlfriend

If some men sometimes look at appearance a little, they study character very captiously. Guys want that the girlfriend was:

  • The kind
  • The gentle
  • The tender
  • The quiet
  • The benevolent
  • The easily appeased
  • The cheerful

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

What traits of character, features of behavior they don’t love, too is found out:

  • Impudence
  • Rage
  • Envy
  • Grief
  • Sensitivity
  • Ukoriznennost

Not important, the thin girlfriend, full, low or high – if she is a troublemaker, the lover to be capricious, order, zhuzhchina prefer to leave it, than to suffer such behavior further.

What demands guys make to future wife

Future wife, unlike temporary girlfriends, men idealize. What wishes they reported in polls and questionnaires, now it is known:

  • Silent, quiet, smiling, cheerful, tender
  • With a beautiful face, long hair, a sports figure
  • Available magnificent breast, elastic hips, but slender waist

What girls are pleasant to guys. Statistics

Actually men aren’t especially exacting to appearance of future wife – the love forces them to close eyes to many shortcomings of the girlfriend. No matter, high it or full, thin or not suntanned – if feelings appeared, also all the rest will be pleasant. You shouldn’t worry in vain – on each type of a figure surely there will be the judge, it is worth wanting it only.

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